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    Tanks,planes,scifi, 日本, making the world a Happier place
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  1. Hey guys ill be their but will be about 15 min late sorry
  2. Good to have you with is sparky! don't worry, you end up running a tank maybe two and if we lose its all your fault 0_o
  3. you can put me down for red co
  4. until

    Hey guys sorry I didn't make it yesterday, I was absorbed in some new games and steel beasts totally slipped my mind Will def be here next Thursday!
  5. steel fury!! countless hours of my high school days playing steel fury ^ _ ^ had heaps of fun driving king tigers and t34s around
  6. Thank you eSim Games for making the very awesome steel beasts. afternoons of commanding armored forces from a leopards cupola would not be possible with out the hard work and effort you guys put in to making this sim!
  7. Welcome to the land of steel beasts ^^
  8. suspension! + all the cool new vehicles and particle effects ^^
  9. Hey id like to come along to tonight's meeting what is your team speak address? i tried to make an account but the mandatory "frontend language" field can not be filed
  10. Ah oh well, thanks for the quick reply !