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  1. oh i did, but who knows maybe one day when my brain is off ill put the pw back. I can be pretty good at doing dumb things lol
  2. Actually in one last attempt to guess the pw i got it right lol but thanks anyway Rotar! ill keep this noted just in case there is a next time haha
  3. Awesome given you guys are working on a new terrain engine this must be pretty minor so, thank you
  4. in SB 4.019 the mantlet of the leopard 1a5 DK clips with a piece of the hull (out lined in red in the first picture) when the turret is pointing at 3/9 o'clock, i have posted some screenshots to show what iv found
  5. In 4.019 I've noticed the Skot Kal tracks are not totally aliened with the tanks road wheels etc, i've posted some screenshots to show what i'm talking about
  6. Unfortunately i didn't find anything in the help files or on the site :\ Ah well ill try talking to the code meter guys and see what happens fingers crossed Thanks for the reply! ^^
  7. ah no worries, ill try asking the code meter people in a day or so if the guys here don't have any suggestions
  8. for some reason i set a authentication password for Code Meter WebAdmin, but i have since forgot the password and WebAdmin asks for this password when ever i go to make changes
  9. I have forgotten my Code Meter WebAdmin Authentication Password, as a result i cannot make any changes to the WebAdmin settings, do you guys know if there is a way to remove the password? i have tried: uninstalling, running Ccleaner's registry cleaner, reinstalling but no luck : / any help will be greatly appreciated ^^ (the menu where i set the password)
  10. 0_0 omg this is amazing....
  11. Will have my replacement router installed tomorrow, am planing to be there
  12. and my net is playing up once more sorry guys : ( , im on the phone to Telstra if i can get it fixed ill jump on ts