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  1. will be there, a "not so easy mission"? sounds good
  2. oh righto gotcha, yeah the dual mirrors in the SEPs GPS make a big difference
  3. Never heard about these last four, what are they?
  4. Form my understanding the M1A1 uses a analogue FCS where the newer M1A2sep as well as the leo2A4 i think? use a digital FCS, What are the benefits of digital vs analog and are they relevant to steel beasts? Thanks in advance!
  5. That was a really good doco, thanks mark!
  6. Leopard 2a6 - Looks coolest L: the best mix of fire power, protection and mobility imo, tho the GPS thermals could be better. CV9040C - Also looks pretty cool, well protected, good sights and the 40mm gives the vehicle unmatched flexibility imo. However the stabilizers lack of cant correction can make firing on the move impractical, the GAS is sub par. Tunguska - In the presence of enemy air, long range SAMs and fast reacting, accurate auto cannon fire goes a long way in reducing casualties
  7. oh i did, but who knows maybe one day when my brain is off ill put the pw back. I can be pretty good at doing dumb things lol