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  1. We love photos

    Austerlitz !
  2. We love photos

    Hungary, Hortobagy, not that far from Debrecen
  3. Credits Slideshow Music

    Tx for informing about this
  4. ETA on terrain patch?

    Still it’s good news. Tx
  5. We love photos

    En route in Hungary, near Szolnok
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    This command can help ? T: Identified! Tells the TC that you have located a target and that you are going to engage it. Essentially it tells the AI TC to leave you alone while you engage and forbids the AI from overriding you to another target. Use at your own risk.
  7. We love photos

    Travelling through Steel Beasts-heartland ! And the landscape really looks like in-game !! Or vice versa ;-)
  8. Tx all ! Is a rarely covered period indeed.
  9. Hi, Would you know any board-or videogame covering Belgium 1940, esp. the crossing of the Meuse near Dinant or tank battles near Flavion & Gembloux ? I don’t know any, except maybe MilOps (which is still in development): https://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2018/05/military-operations-early-peek-at.html?m=1 Thx !
  10. An interesting tactical note by JC on finding a good SBF for T-72’s: https://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2018/04/steel-beasts-prope-obj-leninade-russian.html?m=1
  11. We love videos

    Great last comment in the video ! And great that SB is being used more and more (I guess). Congrats to the team !
  12. Wargames

    Interesting thread, thank you
  13. ITEC 2018

    Thx for the update. And a bit curious for “nice new features”. Just a bit ;-)
  14. We love photos

    Urban camo for cars. Cool (if you’re mentally 16 y old, which you may or may not be if you play SB).
  15. We love screenshots

    Looks AWESOME !