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  1. So from the time of this post is in 30 mins or in 1h 30 mins?
  2. 1-The fire key, space or joy button 1 by default. 2-You can't, you order a breach route and AI fires the rocket
  3. I will co red, if we find a host.
  4. Having the option to manually fire RPGs would be very fun to play, but i think is a bad idea. AI infantry and human controlled should have similar abilities, if not you are going to break and unbalance all made scenarios. Current infantry, with the manual grenade launcher is tremendously effective at killing enemy infantry if micromanaged,if you add a manual option to fire RPGs that would leave AI infantry without utility. Giving infantry the ability to fire RPGs while lying down will solve most of the problems and is something that AI inf can also use, so you keep the balance.
  5. When i click on the secondary button in map view (F5) the mouse pointer jumps to middle of the screen, and the menu options is deployed there. It happens only while playing,not during the planning phase. I have tried 2 diferent mouses and same result, i also tried reinstalling the drivers and nothing.Any ideas?
  6. Is working, seems the email took too long to arrive.
  7. Put me in A23 with Assassin. I have been trying to register in the forums but im not reciving the confirmation mail. Can someone tell the admins?
  8. Put me in a tank or the AT platoon. Im not sure if i can arrive in time this Sunday, so if someone wants my unit give to him.
  9. The mission has been canceled, but i will be on TS if someone wants to play some SB.
  10. If in the end you are going to play put me in one of those leos.
  11. There is a bug in the last TGIF mission, we were holding enemy HQ and yet they recived reinforcements.
  12. That key should work for both, leo and m1. In spanish the key is called "Eco laser:primero/último". But it works in a different way, on the leo you immediately lase using that key,on the m1 you change the laser switch to the opposite position,and then you need to press the standard lase key again
  13. Gradual damage model for the sights, not the 100% working/ total back model we have now.Sometimes i think is too easy jump to mg team and blind a tank. And semi transparent grass for thermal sight too,not only daysight, this is a big problem for the milan.
  14. Is using an old saved plan allowed?. Because i have meticulous plan, with units being positioned in precise places for almost all TGIF missions.