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  1. I have family coming this weekend too, count me as 50% chance.
  2. Did you find out what was happening? Are we going to play this mission again today?
  3. I will arrive 20-30 mins late, put me where needed.
  4. AI Problem

    Did you get this? Do you know what I'm talking about or do you want a video? Well, I only have seen this online, so seems like bug to me.
  5. We love videos

    Good video, as always. Who needs laser and thermal when you can shoot in auxiliary
  6. Shot' Kal ammo indexing?

    AI engage 2000m tanks with HESH because they exceed the maximum effective range for KE (1800m).
  7. UGV nitpicks

    But the most important thing, can you crush enemy inf rolling over them?. Have you tested that?
  8. Mission 2 will start at the fixed time?, or if mission 1 ends early mission 2 will start early?
  9. AI Problem

    When you put your vehicle in a defensive position seems the AI is acting differently depending if you are looking or not. If you are in another vehicle the AI advance too much exposing the vehicle, when you jump into the vehicle starts moving back (just by jumping to F8 view, without giving any order or adjusting the BP). This only happens in MP, in SP seems is working ok.
  10. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Is working now?