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  1. How was the TGIF?, Did you finish the mission without crashing?
  2. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    No. Concealment is modeled in SB using the bumpiness value in the map editor. This is a test mission with 0 bumpiness, so there is no grass or rocks and terrain is totally flat, with no irregularities where inf can hide. In this situation the detection distance should only depend on the sight magnification, and the resolution if you are using a thermal sight. If you say that that spotting distance is wrong, then the problem is with the sight modelling, or the magnification is wrong, or the resolution is wrong. Spotting a soldier in totally open ground at 4000m with a x24 magnication sight with very good resolution seems very possible to me,but it's just a personal impression. Anyone who has used a similar sight can deny or confirm it?. If you increase the bumpiness value infantry becomes invisible, for the Ai and the player, and AI only spots them after they fire.
  3. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    We are going to play in Kanium TS ,in 30 min .
  4. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    We are going to play in 20 mins.
  5. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    The problem is also for HE, and also for autocannons like bradley 25mm or cv 90 30mm(they have a lot of ammunition and should be less conservative, especially fighing atgms). So doesnt matter if is HE,HEAT,HESH or smoke, AI only will fire at infantry(including atgms) at 1200 m. Test mission: test-HE.sce
  6. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    One spike team and one enemy tank platoon, at 4km, advancing towards the atgm. The tanks and spike spot each other inmediately. Spike starts firing at the start but tanks only fire coax at 1000 or 1200m, usualley all 3-4 tanks are destroyed. This problem was in the old version too. If the enemy is equiped with lots of atgms you need to jump into the tanks and make the shot yourself, because AI is going to shoot only at coax range, and thats usually to close to survive. test-1.sce
  7. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    I have been testing the challenger and everything is working, so yes ,must be i was shooting at low magnification. The problem with the AI not shooting infantry at long range is still here, im ok with tanks not wasting HE/HEAT on infantry but for ATGMS its a big problem, making AI uselss in some missions.
  8. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    Im pretty sure i was in high mag at shooting, maybe was my joystick, i changed some configuration before tgif. Also the AI was overriding me to something i never spotted, when i have the t-72 20 meters in front of me.
  9. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    We are starting a mission in few minutes.We are on Kanium discord and Simhq TS
  10. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    Yes, it works for t-80, t-90, so i think all misisle bugs are gone,good job!
  11. Ho-Ho-Ho! Release Notes are up.

    "computer controlled infantry may now be less reluctant to fire RPG" Is this fixing the problem with infantry not firing rpgs in forests? or is it related to something else? The problem with t-90,t-80 missiles is fixed?, i dont see it on RN , maybe i was reading too fast.
  12. You also can put me in the blackhawks if no one wants them