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  1. AI Problem

    When you put your vehicle in a defensive position seems the AI is acting differently depending if you are looking or not. If you are in another vehicle the AI advance too much exposing the vehicle, when you jump into the vehicle starts moving back (just by jumping to F8 view, without giving any order or adjusting the BP). This only happens in MP, in SP seems is working ok.
  2. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Is working now?
  3. Noob Lead STRV122/Leopard and language

    Yes, you can see when dy. lead is activated if you play in medium or low realism settings. You should see a red box on the top of the gps.
  4. I also had problems remembering the keys and shooting procedure for the ulan. Volcano,why dont you post the vehicles we are going to use a few days before?. So we can refresh the tutorials or go into the shooting range for some practice.
  5. so using terrain to cover your tanks and the trees and bushes to hide destroys the tactical concepts? Its the first time i hear about " tank sniper tactics",if it is not what is written above feel free to enlighten me.
  6. Yes, if you have only 1 vehicle per player. But this has big problems :1- You need to know in advance the number of players joining,2- when you die you are out of the game( you also can multicrew, but usually is a bad idea) I like this kind of missions, it is in fact how we play in kanium, we could even go further and play with blind tanks(no magical TC identifying targets at 4km) like in TTP,but i think the majority prefer the current mission style. Maybe we should do a poll?
  7. Gibsonm and Paladin, the reason players focus on a single vehicle and keep the others behind is because AI is too bad compared to a human player, so i dont think reducing the number of units or playing with enemy map contacts is going to solve this. Unrealistic?, yes, but also is very unrealistic loose all your AI plt in seconds because they cant take a proper hull down position. Having said that, i have not problem playing smaller missions or with eny map contacts on, is a bit diferent mission style but i enjoy the same.
  8. Mission is posted 10-5 min before the game.
  9. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    When you are in the VIS in the video options,in the GPSe (i dont know how its called), when you move the turret the view also changes, that makes very difficult to aim and shoot. Seems a random thing, is not happening always, so you may nedd to try several times until it happens.
  10. It was a good mission, lots of shooting and no crashes. I didnt save the aar.
  11. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    Video is up, is something related with the joystick, when i use the mouse works. In the video first you see the problem and at the end starts working, seems somethign random, or at least i cant figure the cause. Link to ts video:Release 02.10.2018 -
  12. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    DK, gunners pos, when using the VIS to shoot.
  13. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    Video is uploading, should be ready in 1h, its in ts sb lobby, called :release 02.10.2018
  14. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    I will make a video.
  15. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    Maybe you can see it better in this other 2 screens As you move the turret you also move the view out of the VIS,like if you were moving your head
  16. CV-90/35 VIS bug

  17. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    Im making some screenshots, 1 min
  18. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    No, is not that, the problem is that then you move the turret, your view moves,like if youwere moving your head
  19. DCS 2.5 Released

    The armor model in CA has been improved? or is still a hitpoint system?
  20. Several problems seen during last nights TGIF

    More problems seen in that TGIF: Revived M60 in the repair area could not move the turret. The weird thing is that another destroyed M60,this one with the turret blown off, was repaired and was working perfectly.