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  1. Autonomous civvies and cars

    Thank you Gibsonm,it all works perfectly.God save the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.
  2. Autonomous civvies and cars

    Thanks Rotareneg for help,but still not working.I have to upgrade my comp,but dont worry,many options and fun with the game anyway.
  3. Autonomous civvies and cars

    Well Rotareneg,I do not wanna look like a total stupid,but how exactly do you work with the CONFIGURE DROP BOX,I mean what preciously to click.I have tried several times,but there are still armed girls.
  4. Autonomous civvies and cars

    Well fellas nothing works,not even discard weapon if...Most probably Tacbat is right,there is something on my computer.Anyway thank you all for awesome work and better and better game each year.As you know there are not so many TANK PORN ENTHUSIASTS in this world,but you are the best.BTW I have read many posts from the wishlist,how about HIGHTOP SHOE-M 577,and the whole M-35 deuce n half,eventually BIGFOOT familly...well,you know I have to mention it
  5. Autonomous civvies and cars

    Thanks for your help guys,my deepest apologies for reaction after two days,but as you know,and I am sure you do,our wifes got always something very very important,much more important than SB.Now,I am back,everything works just fine,but my civvies still appear with AKs and RPGs.I tried everything from the top right menu,blue red,neutrals,blue if....they still carry weapons.Any ideas or help.
  6. Hi guys, I was trying to put civvies into scenario,and let them walk autonomously on sidewalk,but I could not find out how to do it. I choose a map, create navmesh, then I put couple of civvies into the map, than put source region ( the yellow one) on them and then what? Don´t you have any tutorial or even better step by step "how to"? :confused: Thanks in advance Simi
  7. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Omg I DID IT! well at the end.. this is realy bad guys. Thank for your advices and patience.
  8. 3.0 License Update step by step

    You are right! Ticket number was there. But, still if i write it on that esim page i can´t get WibuCmRaU file, they only write "All licenses are activated".... so iam in the end of my patience after three days trying and i will breake my PC now. I still cant play SB... I have no WibuCmRaU file, i have only WibuCmRaC file which i cant restore because that link in my email sending me to eSimgames, where i cant... Yea i know this: It depends on the URL that you are using. RogueSnake received one with the old style which is https://lc.codemeter.us/esim/ticket/XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (where the XXXs denote the ticket number). Our web shop is now sending out urls in the format https://lc.codemeter.us/esim/webdepot/get.php?id=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Both formats will work, it's just that the look & feel of the target page is different. The first is going straight to a page with Wibu Systems' web design, the other has been adapted to match the look of our own website (eSimGames.com). Also, there are fewer things on the web depot page with which you can break stuff for yourself, like rebooking a license to a different (non-existing) ticket. We are just trying to make it more reliable for you... Iam very confused by now.
  9. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Where i can find "TICKET NUMBER" from my codemeter? I have to write it there: Get Licenses Choose LanguageEnglishEnglish Get your licenses Welcome to the esimGames license depot. Please enter your ticket and click "Search". Notice! In order to activate your ticket, the following conditions must be met: *The Codemeter stick must be plugged in locally. *Firmware on the codemeter stick is greater than or equal to 1.15. *Codemeter runtime drivers greater than or equal to 4.x. *For Internet Explorer, be sure to allow the activex applet to download and run. *For Chrome, Firefox, and others, Java must be installed. Allow the java applet to install and run. Some users have reported that the java applet has a invalid signature, this is being looked into by Wibu Systems. For users with more than one license installed, there is a tutorial available to help set up license sharing. Ticket: WHICH TICKET?! I have no idea where get it..
  10. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Well iam realy frustrated by changing my WibuCmRaC file to WibuCmRaU file because i have no link to "codemeter license central" page! I tied to find it 3 hours by now... I did not recieve that in email after my purchase the update.... Can you please help me and sent me that link? Thank you so mutch!
  11. version 3.0

    So, I have a version 2.640 and a new license, could you please tell me step by step what to do to get version 3.002 workable. Do we have to pay for torrent to download all four parts of version 3.002?
  12. version 3.0

    Hi guys, license succesfully updated, but now - I do have version 2.640, should I have to download version 3.0? and if there is my problem, I could not download 2nd part? thanks in advance for your answer
  13. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Hi guys, yesterday the licence was sent to my email email, but there is still error by offline activation - internal errot code 0x18080001, is this problém solved, I still can´t play thanks SIMI