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  1. Scimitar WIP

    give credit where credit is due: very good base to start. you difd well aligning the pattern across the different parts. adding weathering definitely improves the color depth and makes it look less surreal and cartoonish. as with anything, this is a practice opportunity, and over time your technique gets better with less effort. here is a base noise and dirt layer i tried which took less than four minutes. if spent more time i could add things like more dirt, oil and water stains. i would aslo break up and fade the unit numbers (fade the borders where they overlap the other colors, and overall more faded generally) as they appear a bit too stark. keep going-
  2. T-55 CN (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    T-55 for Chinese forces (CN). This skin prevents Steel Beasts from rendering the fording tube, an alternative version with the tube is included.
  3. T-55 KP (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    T-55 for North Korean forces (KP). This skin prevents Steel Beasts from rendering the fording tube, an alternative version with the tube is included.
  4. We love screenshots

  5. Just a few questions on the Fulda Gap and 11th ACR/8th Guards Army

  6. We love videos

    there is a japanese youtube channel with steel beasts- the narrator is stereotypically what you think it would be. i don't remember the fan actually working in the t-72 though.
  7. Superbowl 2018 riot

    well this is the point i was making earlier- youth is usually the time people do impulsive things, irrational, many times destructive, because it's fun. you'll notice the older people get, the less likely they tend to do things like that. this is not a coincidence that young men especially tend to experience high mortality rates aside from the very old. testosterone levels are elevated, they tend to be energetic, life experiences (and in many cases socialization) have not caught up to them yet to teach them that you're very mortal, even if they understand this rationally, it's not yet sinking in. it's also no coincidence that this seems to be nature's design- youth is the time when all that energy could be used for creative or destructive pursuits. when people invoke darwin award winners, they're not terribly far off, if we apply the natural selection process to ourselves, you see how it plays out. many young people full of life but less sense will get culled out as a result of this, they are 'disposable' as far as the nature and sometimes society are concerned. in contrast, a few of them may go on to do things that are very profound or useful for society. finally, it's not a coincidence that society tends to recruit from the population of young males for dangerous duties and military service for all these reasons. this behavior is not all that different in function from young animals play fighting and practicing and honing their skills for later in life. when you look at young animals, they tend to play a lot more- if you have dogs you'll notice how much more playful and obnoxious they can be as pups, as they get older, that tends to slow down unless they are poorly socialized and firm rules weren't established.
  8. Mi24v version 2 (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    A second version of a Russian Hind.
  9. Superbowl 2018 riot

    it has more to do with how easily triggered you are- really emo it seems. even in other topics it's noticeable you fly off the handle for people making comments
  10. Superbowl 2018 riot

    well it's alright, he's one of my fans apparently.
  11. Superbowl 2018 riot

    the trouble with youth is that it's wasted on the young i understand why people behave in such a way that seems like the animals- because we are animals. specifically, evolved primates, but animals nonetheless that a few thousand years of civilization hasn't altogether selected for more civilized behavior our of hundreds of thousands of years of hominid evolution (and extending back further, millions and millions of years of vertebrate evolution, and going back further, hundreds of millions of years of animal evolution- before grasses and trees ever existed). this may sound overly philosophical to explain, but it's all true, and once you see the world for what it is, our own minds, and life itself, it can't be unseen. the very fact is this- we are born mortal, we are dying from the moment we are conceived. then out of a fraction of our lifespans, relatively few years are optimal for mate selection and working, gathering resources, even fighting (tribalism is in our dna- hence why people get all excited when their sports teams win). this is the period of our lives when we are most likely full of piss n' vinegar and feel immortal. people can spend these years in idle pursuits or investing their futures (neither one is necessarily 'better' in the grand scheme of things), but the fact remains the clock is ticking and the race is on when we are born to go out and do something, we have a limited window, notwithstanding late bloomers like some individuals who come into some bit of luck or profound discovery relatively late in life, but as the pareto principle (80/20) predicts, most people won't- even if they aren't acting out in a riot, most people will just 'waste' their time away in average pursuits, anonymous and this sort of thing working for other people. someone like ssnake is different, in his genetic line culminating up the here and now, in his dna there was something seeded differently to select for him to be involved with and create a product and achieve some fame. most people won't, but as i get older, i really don't get caught up too much in what other people are doing or not doing, i tend to realize in retrospect this is all fleeting and will pass anyway. most of us even if we have children will be forgotten in three generations anyway, and given a long enough time span, nobody will remember some riot in philadelphia over the eagles winning a superbowl.
  12. TC buttoned and unbuttoned states

    m113 however does align properly
  13. TC buttoned and unbuttoned states

    you can confirm this for yourself. simply go to the external view and compare the default position with what you see when you move to the TC's position.
  14. TC buttoned and unbuttoned states

    example with the m1a1- external view, the commander's head is exposed and the commander appears to be scanning from outside the vehicle. when moving to the commander's position, the viewpoint is actually from underneath the armor at roughly between the commander's eyepiece or sight for the .50 cal. this appears to be the case with all vehicles. the only time when the internal and external views actually agree iare when the commander is already buttoned up.