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  1. another reason why is that many of the things requested are just a given, like lists of playable vehicles: just assume that everyone wants as all vehicles playable; even if you don't prefer certain vehicles, that would still guarantee that your selected vehicle gets in there. given an infinite amount of time and resources, or a magic wand, that would be the easiest wish to fulfill without thinking about it- unless someone really believes they've found a particular vehicle probably outside most people's awareness for this reason or that, requesting playable playable vehicles is like requesting better graphics. not that i mind it so much, but it does make the list longer when everyone fully is aware already they all want, ideally, all playable vehicles.
  2. wouldn't it also be a practical compromise to script targets in the planning phase for the computer the same way artillery can be scripted with set bombardment if context sensitive boxes? as far as i can tell, even though there is the option to select available mortars, the computer ignores pre-selected targets as well with on map mortar teams. with off-board mortars, it drops something of large caliber artillery shells, though.
  3. i don't want to spoil all the surpries; the btrs at this point represent security vehicles for shiite militias, (which will also include mraps), and of course the hmmwvs are in there; a few t-55s provide infantry support. the taliban figure will be removed, for now it's just a place holder while i am testing.
  4. good to know. that component can easily be removed.
  5. my focus lately is creating a scenario with mixed vehicle and infantry interaction less so high intensity combat between mechanized forces; using current events in iraq as the backdrop, this was mainly to experiment with the more complex infantry behavior that has developed, which has also led me to experiment with some mature themes, and which may encroach on certain sensitivities for obvious reasons, for instance, rescuing hostages before time expires, or in a another version of the scenario playing the role of enemy terrorists for interesting tactical decisions (which wasn't the original intent until i was scripting behavior in the scenario editor); i may not offer this for upload if the community or esim finds this objectionable, but some screenshots below of a map and scenario in progress:
  6. Certainly, I will get to that tonight.
  7. I will add that I think turning it off gets rid of more good than the bad; at this state, the things I mentioned are not show stoppers, the gain is certainly worth it. Look at the difference in thermal sights now, it's a nice effect- can't go back. The eSim team has done a great job.
  8. Sounds good.
  9. Taken with 4.019
  10. Comparison of what 0700 looks like with the sun on the horizon (1st image 4.019) compared to before (4.010). I think it looked much more natural before. This band of white across the horizon doesn't look like anything I've ever seen on Earth; this looks like another planet in a different solar system with a star about to do something like go nova or something. It's blinding.
  11. i've attached two images of ground clutter popping into view using magnified sights. what i see is the ground clutter popping in and out of view when traversing the turret just a few degrees. I have an older AMD Radeon 5800 HD graphics card, updated to the latest drivers.
  12. my impression is that tracers and fire graphics are more intense. they look better. objects which are further aware are better lit. this seems to come at a price: objects up close look more vibrant than seems natural. in particular, the textures used for desert environments look a bit saturated, desert themes look more surreal than seems intuitive. vehicles with a light or tan desert pattern in against the backdrop of desert scenario look lit up like were like low luminosity light bulbs viewed up close. it doesn't destroy the fidelity of the simulation, but it is noticeable; it's also possible we all perceive this differently as to what looks more natural and we might not all agree on that.
  13. Frankie, you might really want to consider that you're not doing something never attempted before. Years ago in the Steel Beasts legacy era, users did attempt to spread news and get more people aware of Steel Beasts. While no doubt it brought in some, that is to say, people already interested in the subject matter would likely tend to gravitate anyway, in no way did was this effort going to attract a mass market. And now you want go backwards, pull people over to an obsolete product in the age of modern graphics and production values. We simply recognize that the interests of the mass market is more likely in tuned with products like World of Tanks, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and so on. I wouldn't compare this to the phenomenon of retro gaming and this sort of thing, I don't think comparison is really on the mark in this case. Really, the behavior is in plain sight- the irony is how much human behavior is actually in plain sight and how much people presume that it isn't or don't see it or something. If Steel Beasts was going to have really mass market appeal like those other products, it would be doing it. There's already videos and content out there, word of mouth, great reviews out there in all kinds of publications, if that's not doing it, you might want to consider taking this all at face value, therefore, you're not going to be the messiah to bring people into the promised land. So consider 'if you build it, they will come'- the structure is built, the people coming are the ones attracted to it, the ones who aren't, are the ones who are not. Look at how people are actually behaving, and that should give you an idea of what you're selling, this is like selling a Rembrandt at a McDonald's, it's just not the audience. Remember that a product can be awesome, but if the market isn't interested or ready for it, that's just the way it is. Lots of things have went that way. There are lots of great films, books, music and so on were made that never generated huge interest in their own times like the blockbusters or the popular hits, which in my view are often not so great or the formula has worn thin along time ago- but that's what people want, so you can't argue with that even if you aren't affected the same way. Of course you're free to try, but really consider how much time you think can invest in something in light of all this.
  14. Your belief would seem incorrect: logically, Steel Beasts Pro models more complex behavior (not to get into every single dimension of how Steel Beasts improves and adds more simulation elements to Steel Beasts legacy), so downgrading in complexity to improve skills with more complex software doesn't make sense. Since Steel Beasts Pro is more challenging than Steel Beasts legacy, your plan should be more practice with SB Pro Pe. Maybe you have some sentimental attachment to Steel Beasts, but if you want a downgraded Steel Beasts Pro experience, simply reduce the graphics options way down to lower resolutions, turn the details down, and so on, and it will look more primitive, although still not as flat looking as Steel Beasts legacy. This is why your mods are curious to me, because back then we really wanted to make Steel Beasts legacy look better and more varied, we saw the potential in a great piece of software as a starting point, we wanted more functionality, you're going the opposite route. I'll admit I'm not a nostalgic person, for one thing by definition it's always looking backwards with rose colored glasses and remembering things perhaps better than you remember then- because it's impossible to have nostalgia for the present, obviously. Therefore a great cure for nostalgia is to realize it's a trick our brains play on us and realize why it happens. You may have remembered all the other things going on in your life during that time, and that's also the nostalgic effect- you were younger then, so that tends to do that, things seemed newer. Still, Steel Beasts Pro is just so much better, I just don't get it. Nostalgia just doesn't work on me here.
  15. dice rolling is also a mini game onto itself: rolling dice has an inherent tension that a simulation doesn't have, whether it's monopoly, or dungeons and dragons or whatever, rolling to see if you hit or miss a critical number has something to it to psychology draw people in, precisely because it's abstract and random; the same can also be said for drawing cards, i think it's the tension of the unknown. this isn't to say realistic simulations don't have tension, but it's different, it's not the same as rolling dice or these kinds of gamey mechanics.