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  1. Regarding the Shot-Kaal, as is a isralei vehicle wondering If we will get some Med/Middle East trees like Olive trees (olea Europaea) or Cupresus sempervirens.
  2. Thanks guys thanks!! Love that M60 interior!!
  3. Can't wait to start seeing a new playable vehicles list!!
  4. Rgr, thanks!
  5. The 6x6 vehicle at the end of the video is a Pandur I? At first I tought it was a BMR600. BTW Nicegunner on that M113, thanks for including in the video!
  6. I like verything from terrain improvements, to new weather effects, the 3d crew and the TAM, If we can get some more crewable T-72, then even better!!
  7. Ssnake can I see pics of the M-113 and the Hummer with the 3d gunners pretty please?? Can't wait to see If we will get crewable M60 and T55, that will makw my whole year lol
  8. Please tell me the M113 and the Humvees will get the 3d gunner!!
  9. I like what I see, please keep the info coming.
  10. This puppy as crewable...
  11. Yes please, It will be a way to retunr to SB after all my time is limited so limited span scenarios will be ideal for me.
  12. Seems those Saudi M1A2 were hit by Iranian copies of the Konkurs anti tank missile. Impressive at 0:23 hot the Abrams blow up.
  13. Nice report available here: http://nikitskij.livejournal.com/591470.html
  14. I hope for 3d crew for the M113 and the Humvees.
  15. Thanks a lot for the info guys! Thats what I wanted to hear, looking forward to June 2016. BTW, loved this...