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  1. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Okay, thanks. I was afraid that would be the answer. The change to and from scaling is cumbersome. Is there a road map that suggests that UHD scaling will enter into the product development queue?
  2. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Thank you. I'll await developments.
  3. UI Scaling for UHD?

    I return a year later, contemplating whether I should return to the SB Pro PE dance and ask this question: what is the status of 4K (UHD) support? The last I heard was "I would not recommend it, plain and simple," is this still the case? Thank you.
  4. I fire up SB Gold once in a blue moon to recess into pixel heaven and to bask in the glow of the sprites. Halcyon days those were.
  5. I got it, but is that because the client side is using UPnP now?
  6. Did the thread get a retirement watch or pen? I am so out of touch with the game now. How does it resolve these issues? Is it UPnP?
  7. UI Scaling for UHD?

    David, any perspectives on what you do to use the resolution? Full screen? Fullscreen windowed?
  8. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Thanks again for the replies. I experienced the mouse pointer disappearance as well. I will set to HD for now. Things are a little fuzzy, but its not terrible. Happy Holidays.
  9. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Thank you for the reply. So, something in the range of 1920 by 1080 (HD) is the recommended max?
  10. UI Scaling for UHD?

    Is 3460 by 2160 supported? The UI has several issues at this resolution, so I am wondering if there are any tricks. Or, is this just too high of a resolution for SBProPE? Thanks.
  11. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    2-ply or 1-ply?

    Seems like the removal of map updates is always great for reinforcing platoon tactics. Just let the platoon commander worry about where you are on the map. If you get lost, it is his fault. In any case, map study is good and it looks like this map from the ever artful manteuffel is tops. Are all of his creations in the download library?

    So much of the combat footage you can watch from the last decade or so on the web looks just like this. Take contact, hunker down, throw masses of ammo downrange, and then call in arty/air.

    I will try to get in and control a Ural or something one night. I can be the wa-wa-waterboy. Looks like the quality is on the rise with this installment.