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  1. Sunday 30 SEP 18 game - 1800GMT

    Hey Mark, I'm sorry if I offended you. I just wanted to draw attention to factual mistakes. It's not a criticism of your scenario, it was meant to help. If I am criticised for this in this way, I will no longer express myself in this forum in future.
  2. Sunday 30 SEP 18 game - 1800GMT

    Hi Gibsonm, Three remarks: 1. Where is the 11th Marder, the "nicht gebundene Gruppe" ? in 1991 we had still the Bundeswehr Heeresstruktur 4 (army structur 4)! 2. In 1991 there were no T-90 only T-80! T-90 vs. Leo2A4: no chance for Leo2A4 due of armament, protection and ammunition! 3. The BN-Cdr has two Leo2A4!
  3. JERXHEIM hasty defense reinforced platoon M1-M2

    Sounds great! Thanks for your feedback. So it works! An AAR or even a video of your fight would be great.
  4. Schwarmstedt-Bergen-Munster_summer.ter

    Hi Gibsonm, YES!
  5. Steel Beast Team Speak server version outdated

    It was the same by PzBtl 911 TS3-Server (www.steelbeasts.org). After update by the administrator of this server (simple start update) everything is ok: it works! All clients have to start the update too, if it's necessary!
  6. While USSR existed, the GSTD was equipped with tanks made by the Ukraine: T-62, T-64A and T-64B ( all are awailable in Steel Beasts V4!). After the Ukraine became independent, the T-80s came from Russia! The GSTD and the Russian forces in other satillite states had never T-72!
  7. Excuses that I interfere! The Sowjet Troops in Gemany (GSTD) were equipped with T-64 B and later mostly with T-80 in the 80th! Here the overviews (Source: Soldat und Technik 11/86):
  8. Bundeswehr Unit Callsigns and Titles

    Sources: Heeresaufklärung Schild und Schwert - Die Panzertruppe der Bundeswehr Fahrzeug Profile 7 - "Auge und Ohr des Heeres" Die Panzeraufklärer der Bundeswehr Fahrzeug Profile 38 - Die Panzeraufklärungstruppe der Bundeswehr 1956 - 2008
  9. Bundeswehr Unit Callsigns and Titles

    Here an info from 911:
  10. Bundeswehr Unit Callsigns and Titles

    Hi Sunken, Correct! Between platoon leader and his tanks you can use: "ALPHA2 this is ALPHA". Normally: "2 this is ALPHA", because it's shorter!
  11. German M113 San

    Version 1


    German M113 medic
  12. Hi, tankies, Congratulation, good job! How do you find my scenario? Greeting Abraxas
  13. Current Finnish and German ToE/ORBAT info

    Hi ChrisWerb You can find some info and structures on https://www.steelbeasts.org/forumdisplay.php?14-Szenarienerstellung Deutschland, USA and UdSSR!
  14. The number of tanks per platoon in 1981 or 1987 is 4 MBT per platoon and a GE tank coy has no XO (Heeresstruktur 4 / army structure 4)!
  15. Now I've understood! In your Anglo-Saxon manuals the passage of lines means: attacking/passage across own position/lines (for example infantry) and continue attack for example with armoured units. In German: "Angriff über eigene Stellungen/Kräfte". Hence, it's absolutely necessary to co-ordinate this by "Annäherungswegen" and lines to open fire or stop it.