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  1. Hi Duke, Nice picture Thanks for the feedback. I will see if I can pass it through. And I agree completely, It would be cool to hear some crew communications during the live fire.
  2. Here's a video from our leo during the live fire demo. Åben Hede 2016 Leopard 1 A5DK-1 Live Fire
  3. Here's some more from the event. http://youtu.be/nt7M40p3-xs
  4. Awesome Pictures. Thanks for sharing. See you next year
  5. From above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpgUGTSCOY8
  7. Hi Duke. We're currently working hard to get the leos in shape. See you there
  8. No not that often. I would suspect that is caused due to lack of maintenance.
  9. Here's a little more taken from different angles, and from the leopard to the right of ours aJ4bn4QBooU
  10. I say take your time. and release when its all new and shiny
  11. Normally we have APDS in the back and HESH in the front. But since this is only demonstration. we leave it up to the loaders preferences.
  12. Thanks This is an edited video. so yes all safety procedures was followed. I'm not sure you want to see the 5 minutes of boredom while making sure all other vehicles reports back that the maingun is unloaded and laser turned off ect... So these parts are edited out
  13. Good to hear! Here's a video of the live fire demo recorded from our leopard. WIqN2PSZP0A Enjoy!
  14. Very nice pictures!
  15. Nice Pictures. looks like you had fun Sorry we couldn't make the barbeque and beer. We will try to make time for it next year