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  1. Welcome back to SB. Always good to see returning Treadheads get addicted to this marvelous game!
  2. Things have definitely changed over the years. During my service in the US Army (1989-1992), the vehicles were designated as such: 16, platoon leader 15, platoon sergeant 11, wing man 12, wing man 13, dismount squad leader 14, dismount squad leader Our platoon CO's (LT) NEVER dismounted with the grunts unless something was up and never during combat. Wasn't always that way. But this was SOP with the 24th Infantry Division back in those days. I heard that stateside Army was far different from overseas Army.
  3. M1 series. Followed by my mobile home for three years: the M2 series.
  4. Played the Rolling Thunder RT Mission 1 (GE) 2017 mission today. We were overrun by a beehive of HINDs which inflicted considerable problems upon us. We only had 2 ADA's for defense. So, I wonder if SB can install Stingers and other man-portable surface-to-air unites. Sure could have used them today, and any other day for that matter. Indeed, tanks do have some rounds designed to take down air units. Some PC's have chain guns for this as well. But the effective chances of shooting down a moving, flying unit is slim to none. Missiles are much better, particularly the Stingers and whatever else is out there. They are a part of modern warfare just as the air units are.
  5. I hated those Hinds. Must have been about ten of them in all. Wish we had some SAM teams or something better. Tough mission, but fun playing. I want to play this on my own, but the password prevents me from cutting out those Hinds. Heheh. I'll just have to deal with 'em. In any case, we destroyed a good supply of the early entry numbers of T-90s. Should be a bit easier from here on against T-80s and T-72s.
  6. Has our OOB been finalized? Also, there is currently an imbalance of tank-to-mech players. If needed, you can switch me to a Leo.
  7. If this timeline is set for 1991, the the 12 Guards Tank Division must be the best of the best to receive the first batch of T-90s. Without any initial US forces for support. Now THIS is a challenge worthy of my talents!
  8. Now that I have spare time, have some catching up to do. Is this a head-to-head similar to TGIF?
  9. I'm out, my commo is down again. Not sure of the headset is just too old for all the updates or my system is just being a jerk. I can hear, but cannot chat. It's not the first time this has happened. Therefore, someone must take Blue command.
  10. @12Alfa: South America is NOT a place to find yourself unless you are looking for an ancient Mayan sage. South America is place to get LOST! In any case, please have fun and carry plenty of bottled water
  11. Only had four people show up, three of us played a small mission, "Centurions in the Nam." Got our heads handed to us. Worse yet, my comms was acting up again. All I could do was communicate by text. I could hear everything, just couldn't speak. We were outnumbered, outgunned. I lost about 80% of my infantry to the largest NVA artillery unit in fictional history! In addition, they had T-55 tanks which chewed up the rest of my infantry. All we had were 81mm mortars for support, clearly ineffective. We lost and lost in total embarassment. Played at 3:30am EST in the US, 4:00pm Aussie time. Upset. Stumbles. Massacre. Hoping for a better game next time!
  12. Before launching the mission, go to map mode. Click on the mech platoon to conduct a MARCH or SCOUT move to where you think is best to dismount. Next is to set up a HOLD or DEFEND tactic where you want the platoon to stop and order TROOPS, then DISMOUNT command. From there, you have to play out the game in order to command the dismounts to advance and so on. Use the ALT BREAK to pause the game in order to DIVIDE the platoon vehicles after you dismount the troops. To have the tracks move and cover the troops, now that is something I am uncertain as to scripting. Hope this helps.
  13. I usually halt my platoon, dismount the troops, then have them march/scout up ahead. About four or five minutes later, I have the vehicles follow up about 200 meters behind the infantry. For detailed movement, divide the units up and move them individually in F8 mode. It's a lot of work, as a full sized platoon with boots on the ground equals 14 units to deal with (if the PLT LDR and PLT SGT is included). A lesser workload is to work by sections. One section is on overwatch, while the other dismounts and moves forward.