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  1. Manninglist: BTN Command Sect HQ66 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): Apocalypse31 (Kanium,US) HQ51 (FSO w/ 4x Mortar tracks) (Stryker TACP): Duke (Kanium,DE) A COY Command Sect A66 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): Grenny/Ronin (Kanium/911,DE) A65 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): Mirzayev (Kanium,US) A51 (FSO w/ 2x Mortar tracks) (Stryker TACP): A1 (Stryker Rifle) PLT A11 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) A12 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): A13 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): A14 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): Wiglif (Kanium,US) A2 (Stryker Rifle) PLT A21 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): A22 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): Short & Sweet (Kanium,UK) A23 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): 2-pies (Kanium/1CAD,UK) A24 (Stryker + Javelin + M240/GPMG): DBoy (Kanium,UK) A3 (MGS [Centauro]) A31 (Stryker MGS): Cavgunner (Kanium,US) A32 (Stryker MGS): A34 (Stryker MGS): B COY Command Sect B66 CO (Leo 2A5DK1): B65 XO (Leo 2A5DK1): B51 (FSO) (Stryker TACP): B1 (Leo2A5A1) PLT B11 (Leo 2A5DK1): Saint Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) B12 (Leo 2A5DK1): Connaugh (DOW,US) B14 (Leo 2A5DK1): B2 (Leo2A5A1) PLT B21 (Leo 2A5DK1): B22 (Leo 2A5DK1): B24 (Leo 2A5DK1): Staneth (?,US) Engineer PLT (Fuchs Sapper & AEV) E11 (Fuchs ENG): E14 (Fuchs ENG): No Show: Zaphod (Kanium/1CAD,CAN) Roerbaek (Kanium,DK)
  2. Sunday 26th of March "Operation Tomahawk Resolve" By Apocalypse31 When: Sunday 26th of March 1800 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock OPS Daylight saving Change so 1800 UTC OPS TASK FORCE TOMAHAWK 2-23 INFANTRY (STRYKER) OPORD 24-01 OPERATION TOMAHAWK RESOLVE1. SITUATIONa. General Situation.A foreign armed, anti-government militia has seized the territory around the village of Luba. Recent reports indicate that they have total control over the local population, and are committing acts of genocide in support of a campaign to ethnically cleanse the region.Simultaneously, the 40th BTG (who is supporting the militia) has postured forces along our western border and is ready to attack to seize the provincial capital of Okyo. The enemy believes that this province is theirs, and they see their attack as "Gods will", and a way to "take back the ground that God gave them".Task Force Tomahawk, a United States Stryker Rifle Battalion, reinforced with a Danish Tank Company has been deployed to the province to bring stability to the area and defeat elements of the 40th BTG, should they attack across the international boundary.Host nation security forces have been defeated in the province, but still maintain a limited presence at security checkpoints in the AO. They uniform consits of a dark camouflage with red berets. Their forces are demoralized and have taken high casualties, but their total annihilation was avoided and they are still a significant factor in this fight.b. Enemyi - El'Kaim Militia (EKM). EKM is an illegally armed militia group, that is supported by foreign forces to destabilize the country. They are armed with small arms and RPGs, but also have access to recoiless rifles, IEDs, mines, and mortars. EKM currently controls the area around Luba and will fight to retain their control.ii - 40 BTG. The 40th BTG is a subordinate of the 4th Division and is staged near the border, preparing for a cross-border attack. They are equipped with T-72M1 tanks, BMP-2's, and also have access to limited Mi-8 sorties to support their movement. We anticipate that the 40th will launch their attack across the border once we commit forces to clear the area around Luba. The BTG strength is unknown, but we know from recent Human Intelligence reporting that they are somewhere around 50% strength.2. MISSION2-23 IN attacks to clear Luba from EKM fighters, to bring stability to the region. On order, 2-23 IN defends the border area against 40 BTG attacks.3. EXECUTIONa. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is to bring stability to the province by eliminating the threat of illegal militia groups and external aggression.b. Key Tasks1. Clear Luba of EKM2. Block the 40th BTG from capturing OKYO3. Do not cross the International Borderc. End Statei. Terrain. Luba seized and Okyo is retained.ii. Friendly: Friendly forces have seized OBJ ADAMS and are postured for future operationsii. Enemy: EKM have been cleared from Luba and the 40th BTG has been defeated, unable to seize Okyo.iii. Civilian: No disruption to the civilian way of life.d. FiresBN Mortar Platoon (4x 120mm tubes)Direct Support Artillery (2x 155mm Howitzers)A Co. Mortars (2x 120mm tubes)Notes-The Fire Support Vehicles have a Mini UAV-The 2x Stryker Rifle Platoons are equipped with LMGs/Javelins - this is so that they are playable.- Do not cross the international boundary - that's gamey and your vehicles will die (penalty zone)
  3. until
  4. Use Kaniums TS most of you come there regularly anyway MD
  5. There are 2 BGs/COYs and a Recon Coy in the BDE at present and your it Is it possible for you to be online for verbal briefing Tuesday or wednesday evening around or little later then our normal game time ? MD
  6. I need a BG CO ASAP who will then have a verbal brief from the BDE CO on TS MD
  7. Manninglist: KGW 2 BG Command SEC B66 CO (Leo 2 A4): Mirzayev (Kanium,US) B65 XO (Leo 2 A4): Apocalypse31 (Kanium,US) B8 FO (M113): Duke (Kanium,DE) 1st Tank PLT B11 (Leo 2 A4): Cavgunner (Kanium,US) B12 (Leo 2 A4): Roerbaek (Kanium,DK) B13 (Leo 2 A4): B14 (Leo 2 A4): Staneth (?,US) 2nd Tank PLT B21 (Leo 2 A4): Saint Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) B22 (Leo 2 A4): Connaugh (DOW,US) B23 (Leo 2 A4): B24 (Leo 2 A4): Zaphod (Kanium/1CAD,CAN) 3rd Tank PLT B31 (Leo 2 A4): Abaddon (Kanium,FIN) B32 (Leo 2 A4): Kapylemha (Kanium,FIN) B33 (Leo 2 A4): Rhyfel (?,US) B34 (Leo 2 A4): Major Duck (Kanium,DK) 4th Mech INF PLT B41 (Marder + Milan + PZG3): Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) B42 (Marder + Milan + PZG3): Rambler (Kanium,US) B44 (Marder + Milan + PZG3): peXmo (Kanium,SE) Gunners: Wiglif (Kanium,US) i will let you guys decide but KT has always wanted more people in his PLTs so you guys find out how it works best INF: 5th Mech INF PLT B51 (Marder + Milan + PZG3): Grenny/Ronin (Kanium/911,DE) B52 (Marder + Milan + PZG3): DBoy (Kanium,UK) B54 (Marder + Milan + PZG3): 2-pies (Kanium/1CAD,UK) Gunners: INF: 7th CSS PLT B71 (ARV): B72 (AMBU): B73 (AMMO): B74 (AMMO): Attack Helo on call 2 x AH1: ARTY 4 x 3 M109 Campaign Opfor: Short & Sweet (Kanium,UK) Swordsmandk (Kanium,DK)
  8. Sunday 19th of March "Disruption" By Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet & Major Duck When: Sunday 19th of March 1900 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock Designer notes: Made by: Major Duck, Swordsmandk, Short and Sweet COY Size mini campaign with OPFOR control. Every 14 days on the Sunday starting March 5th 2017. Damage, fuel and ammunition expenditure will be transferred to nxt mission. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TASK ORG. Kampfgruppe Wölf: (See ORBAT BELOW) 1x COY Leopard 2A4 from 361st PZ BTN (75%) 1x COY Marders from 361st PZ BTN (80%) 2x BTY M109 from 369th PZ ART BTN 2 X AH1 AT FLT (4 AC) 1x ARM RECON COY (-) 126th Jäger BTN (Reserve)(60%) (Not on map but Eastern flank security) CSS units 360th Supply COY ARM ENG COY from 360th with Skorpion minelayers (Not on map but working on defensive measures behind PL GUSTAV KGW MISSION. KGW IS TO DELAY 21 MRB MAIN ATTACK FOR 10 HOURS IN ORDER TO ALLOW FURTHER NATO REINFORCEMENT OF 36 PZ BDE. KEY TASKS for KGW 2. AGGRESSIVELY DISRUPT 21 MRB ATTACK ON AA2 FOR 2 HOURS; DESTROY 1 COMBINED ARMS COMPANY FROM 21 MRB COMBAT POWER; ON ORDERS BE PREPARED TO BLOCK 21 MRB ATTACK NORTH OF PL GUSTAV. ENDSTATE 21 MRB ATTACK DELAYED FOR 10 HOURS; KGW IN BLOCKING POSITION NORTH PL GUSTAV PREPARED FOR FUTURE OPERATIONS. Map The Sovjet have taken the high ground in the back ! Recon fotos of the highgrounds, small village, hill and woods excellent ambush terrain !
  9. I hope peXmo and 2-3 friends show up as they have hinted MD
  10. That fine speckfire its ok AS we have only there rulles 1 we want you to want to play With us 2 If you sign up you show up or like you Tell US preferrebly in good time 3 and familie is more importen Then gaming even SB and Then we like people to behave and act like they want to be treated themselves ! So see you next time MD
  11. No fence we have changed it to the unfenced version MD Manninglist updated still plenty of room and we will multi crew and certainly if we can lure 2-3 new swedish guys in Muahhh ha ha