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  1. until

    Have a nice summer vacation Duke MD
  2. until
    Hi There will be no game on the 25th of June by Kanium Looks like we will be 17 people meeting. MD
  3. Hi All There will be a break as most of the Danish and part of the swedish Kanium crew visit Åben hede 2017 on the 24-25 June. So no organised Kanium game that weekend. MD
  4. No zip you misunderstood its not for the PLT its the FO duty i have noone there yet so thanks for volunteering awesome zip good job MD
  5. Thank you for volunteering Zip MD
  6. Manninglist BTN Commandpost: H66 M1A2SEP: Mirzayev (Kanium,US) H65 M1A2SEP: P8 M113 FO: A Coy Command Section "Weekenders" A66 Leopard 2A5DKA2: sNs/Short & Sweet (Kanium,UK) A65 Leopard 2A5DKA2 P7 M113 FO: Zaphod (Kanium/1CAD,CAN) A1 TANK PLT "Swedes" A11 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Cimetar (Kanium,SE) A12 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Smiley (Kanium,SE) A13 Leopard 2A5DKA2: A14 Leopard 2A5DKA2: pzman (Kanium,SE) A2 TANK PLT "Saints" A21 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Saint Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) A22 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Connaugh (DOW,US) A23 Leopard 2A5DKA2: A24 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Gunslinger668 (Kanium/1CAD,CAN) A3 TANK PLT "Vikings" A31 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Major Duck (Kanium,DK) A32 Leopard 2A5DKA2: A33 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Red 2112 (DOW,ESP) A34 Leopard 2A5DKA2: Nike Ajax (Kanium,DK) A5 MECH INF PLT "Pellets" A51 CV9035DK: Deekay (Kanium,DK) A52 CV9035DK: A53 CV9035DK: A54 CV9035DK: Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) A7 CSS PLT A71 HEMTT cargo: A72 Vicent ARV: A73 AMBU: A74 HEMTT cargo: B Coy Command Section "Wulfs" B66 M1A2 SEP: Assassin 7 (Kanium/1CAD,US) B65 M1A2 SEP: P9 M113 FO: B1 TANK PLT "Talkers" B11 M1A2 SEP: Staneth (?,US) B12 M1A2 SEP: B13 M1A2 SEP: B14 M1A2 SEP: Durham (?,UK) B2 TANK PLT "Beefs" B21 M1A2 SEP: Cavgunner (Kanium,US) B22 M1A2 SEP: B23 M1A2 SEP: B24 M1A2 SEP: Roerbaek (Kanium,DK) B3 TANK PLT "Avengers" B31 M1A2 SEP: Grenny/Ronin (Kanium/911,DE) B32 M1A2 SEP: B33 M1A2 SEP: B34 M1A2 SEP: Furia (3Reg Tizoma,ESP) B4 MECH INF PLT "Cookies" B41 M2A2 Bradley: 2-pies (Kanium/1CAD,UK) B42 M2A2 Bradley: DBoy (Kanium,UK) 50/50 if he make it B43 M2A2 Bradley: B44 M2A2 Bradley: Wiglif (Kanium,US) B6 CSS PLT B61 HEMTT cargo: B62 Vicent ARV: B63 AMBU: B64 HEMTT cargo: 1D AH64 Apache: Cant make it: Swordsmandk (Kanium,DK) Duke (Kanium,DE) Rambler (Kanium,US) Apocalypse31 (Kanium,US) Christensen (?,DK) Grimlokk (Kanium,SE) #24
  7. Sunday 18th of June "Operation Downport" By Assassin 7 When: Sunday 18th of June 1800 UTC Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ) World Clock: World Clock 1800 UTC Intel: The enemy Opfor have taken over the Objective. The enemy have been killing the towns people and the enemy force are growing stronger. We have been call to plan an assault east to gain control of the Objective and to elimination the enemy leader which is in a TTB simulated as a T-14. The enemy have modern t-models tanks, PC, and Arty. Due to possible enemy counter attacks we need to provide 360 degrees security when we are moving towards the Objective. Mission: Task Force Kanium are to assault east to gain control of the Objective, destroy all enemy forces that are encountered and find the enemy commander (TTB) and kill him. enemy: Modern T-models tanks, PC, with arty support own: Alpha: 3 Platoons of Leopard2A5DKA2 1 Platoon of CV90/35 DK's Bravo: 3 platoons M1A2 SEP's 1 platoons of M2A2's Support 4 HEMTT cargo 2 Recovery Vehicles 2 Medic Vehicles Arty support: 36 tubes HE, Smoke,ICM with 5 of Airstrikes on stand-by
  8. I think it will be on our normal server as far as I know MD
  9. You can always bring them on a Sunday if that fits better 2-4 Spanish speaking guys that's a platoon or section MD
  10. Guys remember to setup your comms for tonight in good time they are slightly more complicated then usual Signals Channels Frq 61000 Frq 26000 Frq 46000 Frq 58500 Frq 43500 BTN Command A COY B Coy CSS Requests Arty H66 A66 B66 H4 P1 P1 P2 P3 A4 P2 A66 A1 B1 B4 P3 B66 A2 B2 A14 P2 B3 A3 A24 P3 A4 B4 A34 H4 B14 B24 B34 Link to setup guide https://goo.gl/hvNVRA So if your required to be on 2 nets you have to find 2 keys you don't use in SB beside your normal push to talk button and you have to assign yourself to those nets you need to listen too via rightclicking your name and "set server group" and choose your Frq MD
  11. Then freeze the snow No you know our guidelines we only want to se you when you feel like it and have the time (and family comes first) So have a nice sunday down there in Canada MD