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  1. Manninglist: http://www.kanium.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=4166#p13270
  2. Kanium Sunday 27th of AUG 1800 UTC "Team Kanium Movement to Contact" Where: Kanium TS World clock 1800 UTC Everybody is velcome , though we recommend that new players contact Major Duck, Swordsmandk to get an intro to our use of TS and get setup and get a small get familiar session sometime before the scen as it can be a very very steep learning curve to play multiplayer compared to single player. Its our experience that most new players hang around much longer with that approach and most learn something new that way. We have no requirement for participants to be a member of our VU(Virtual Unit) and you can be a member of other VU's and still play with us or to participate on any number of games etc..., we have a rule that says that your only velcome when you want to play and remember family is more important then the game. SITUATION Enemy: A reinforced enemy mechanized infantry company has established a defense-in-depth at two bridge crossing sites at the river. They are composed of 4x PLT of BMP2's and infantry armed with AK74s and RPG-27s. They have been supplemented with tank support, consisting of 3x Platoons of T-80 tanks. Additionally, the enemy we are facing has been given priority of engineer support - expect dug-in positions with at least one protective mine belt. Friendly: 1st Division is preparing for a massive assault within the built-up areas north, across the river. However, Team Kanium must first seize two vital bridge crossing sites to support the follow-on attack. MISSION: SEIZE OBJ ANACONDA TO PASS FRIENDLY FORCES TO THE NORTH. EXECUTION: Player driven Fires: 6x tubes of 120mm (organic) Support: 1x Suppot Platoon (Repair/Resupply) Info Friendly map updates only Friendly ID is on No penalty zones (honor system - please don't go outside of our boundaries)
  3. until
    Signup thread
  4. No its not i still have a mark on my profile The first i got for trying to restrict Zaphod with a joke which some apparently didn't find funny and could be found interpreted as sexist. But was merely a joke about zaphods way of commenting with annoying stuff on every second and third post for 5 or 6 pages for no other reason then being annoying and get peoples reaction or goat or whatever its called. so he succeeded. and he think its hilariously funny that he did it and i got banned for 1 day for it for trying to stop him without making a case out off it with a joke and i still have restrictions MD
  5. Here is a link for you: http://www.armyvehicles.dk/lr88half.htm They where used in pairs 1 had the launcher and 1 reload, the other had 5 or 6 reloads and the long range radio. Normally 2 pairs and 2 M113TOW made a platoon with 2 vehicle for scouts The landrover family which was used where these http://www.armyvehicles.dk/landroverfamily.htm The reason we used LARO88 was the the bottom of the GD240 couldn't take the TOW launcher so we used the LARO in this role much longer then in any others, in 1998 the LARO88 where superseded by the first Hummers to be implemented in the Danish army, all others LAROs where superseded by GDs. http://www.armyvehicles.dk/hmmwvm1045a2.htm MD
  6. Unless it's a high value target the smallest target you fire on with arty is PLT as it is an area weapon, unless you use one of the golden rounds like copperhead and others off that type and an area weapon is waste on single vehicles and then comes the million dollar question how is that implemented in SB if at all ? MD
  7. M3 Grant tank T24193 belongs to Carl Brown and was recovered from Pirbright. It was the first Grant received by Britain and was used extensively for trials both during and after the war - from 1942 onwards as an ammunition target to secretly test captured German ammunition and allow the Allied forces to improve armoured protection on their vehicles. The majority of the damage was caused by Panzerfaust and Panzershreck weapons captured at the end of the war. Its last duty was for the testing of armoured ammo bins and was stripped of paint for that trial so as not to obscure the observation of the hits with burning paint. Amazingly it still runs, and has been affectionately compared to a piece of Swiss cheese! :-) MD
  8. Merc 240 GD with crew that can dismount (Both RECCE and FO and Command) M41DK1 Piranha 5 EAGLE 5 CAESAR 8×8 MD
  9. The Piranha 5 and cesar 8x8 was missing
  10. Year we even started to grow TCs in some small greenhouses We put a gunner and a TC into them and was told that in 2018 a new TC would emerge as in 2 TCs By the way the Tank on the banner is Abaddons
  11. A few small pics from this years live fire demo and Open house of the Combat school. Our 2 x 3 m banner Very windy so we use the banner a cover. A giant KT making pics of a Leo 2 KT trying real tankers webbing Dr. Hat trying to the helmet thank god that he was able to fold the empty part of his head into the helm DeeKay (DK) loving his precious (we couldn't get him to let go) This is how close we where packed out at the fireing range just before the live firing and thats how close we where They even shoot with a one of these a Scammelturion More will be added as people get home and get it uploaded
  12. That happend to me a week or two ago exact same thing i was editing the briefing and suddenly i couldn't get on to SB at all from home i could from work so it is IP related which most likely means it is something at SB.com end because computers dont lock themselves out from a website all of a sudden. I also tried everything from browser to other pcs but nothing worked from home but it did as soon as i got to work thats why i am fairly sure its something IP related And when using VPN you have a diffrent ip MD
  13. yes i think we have already used that one for it both with and without weapons, but all that squinting all vehicles upto and including tanks should be able to dismount people at least the crew but in wheeled vehicles also what ever other persons that are in there. MD