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  1. I had a lot of fun as single player with this scenario, thank you!
  2. That's it, that fixed it!!! Thanks a lot Rotareneg!
  3. yes I did click, thanks for the suggestion anyways
  4. Hi All, Its been a 1+ year since I played SB PRo PE, I have just installed 4.019 and I tried Tank Range with any of the Leos and my mouse doesn't rotate the turret. In the Controls window, I have joystick disabled - I'm using Logitech G502 mouse. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!
  5. Thank you guys!
  6. Hi All, I have bought the full 3.06 version of SB PRo PE and the Unlimited License CodeMeter USB Stick in the past. I would like to get the 4.0 version, do I need to buy again the full version 4.0 or do I just buy Upgrade License for $40? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I will take a look...
  8. I noticed that in an off-line mission, in the AAR I can't really see how many Kills I have - meaning there is no detailed stats for the human player. The AAR screen only shows info Blue vs Red kills/loses. The only way I know how to get this detailed AAR information for the player is to play the same mission in multiplayer mode (to host). Is there a config that I can change to get this detail information for the player in the off-line play? If not, can this feature be added in the future ? Thanks!
  9. Well, this was my first experience playing Long Night of Tanks and I have to say it was a lot of fun!!! I finished the first mission and almost stayed until the end of the second mission. My Bradley got killed by Communist counterattack in mission 2, close to the end of the mission. Unfortunately I couldn't stay to play the 3rd mission but I plan to find enough time in the future to do all 3 missions for the next event. I would like to say Thank You and cheers to the organizers of the event as well as to everyone that showed up. :drink:
  10. Much appreciated!!!
  11. Count me in :drink:
  12. LOL, yeah ain't that the truth! Been there, done that and got the T-shirt
  13. I would like to see Leo 2A7 in the next release.
  14. Thanks Werewolf, I have been watching those 11 videos posted above...they help a lot! :drink:
  15. I have had the sim for about 5 weeks now, yes I a lot of single player it was one of the major reasons why I got the sim. I'm currently having fun with Beginner's Campaign, Assault on Radjic Town I had a lot of fun playing Advance into Radjic County. Cheers!