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  1. @Furia Keep in mind that Iraqi Hezbollah is not necessarily Lebanese Hezbollah. Different leadership, experiences and origins. Though they probably have the same patrons. Kataib Hezbollah started out as a Shia insurgent group in Iraq fighting the occupation. It received support from the Iranians. After the IS invasion Kataib Hezbollah became a part of the militias (Popular Mobilization Forces) that the Iraqi government raised to try to stop IS' gains in Iraq.
  2. Send a message to Sean. Occasionally the site with do a temporary IP ban as part of its protection scheme. I think the ban is usually only a few hours.
  3. And I thought that SB was a little hollywoody in terms of turret pops. Apparently not... And something that some of you may find interesting
  4. OPFOR session for this date. Be there or be a back biting reactionary.
  5. Interested in Warsaw Pact equipment? Want to be part of a Soviet regiment on the attack through Fulda? Come pay us a visit. Session for this date, check the event schedule for exact times.
  6. OPFOR session for this date.
  7. Glass blocks view from thermal imagers also.
  8. Session for this date. Be there or be a Capitalist pig dog.
  9. Vegemite & American Cheese, best combo on earth.
  10. Session for this date. Be there or be a Capitalist.
  11. OPFOR session for this date, check the calendar for when we meet, it should be accurate for local time zones. Be there or be crunchy.
  12. We have two events scheduled for this date. 1. A short load test of Hedge's mission. Essentially we want to see if it may be too buku or not and how our host will handle it. If you are around for 15-20 minutes on saturday it would be rather helpful for us if you drop by for just a little to try the thing out. Any help is appreciated. 2. Our usual session.