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  1. We love photos

  2. Video Thread

  3. Video Thread

  4. Are there other boys in the bubble, like me?

    Now you're rich and still play with yourself.
  5. Video Thread

  6. Video Thread

  7. Spanish infantry [FIXED]

    The bug should be fixed for the next release
  8. Spanish infantry [FIXED]

    Sorry about the time this took to reply to. Thanks for the report and we are investigating.
  9. The following is a representation of an Indian Mechanized Infantry Battalion from the early-mid 90s.
  10. UGV nitpicks

    Investigating, thanks for the report.
  11. Video Thread

  12. We love photos

  13. Video Thread

  14. We love photos

  15. Video Thread

  16. Video Thread

  17. We love photos

  18. Video Thread

    Reportedly a Leopard 2
  19. People Like me drove the GPU prices up ! Sorry !

    Just do what some enterprising individuals are doing and get other people to mine for you. https://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/malvertising-campaign-abuses-googles-doubleclick-to-deliver-cryptocurrency-miners/
  20. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    But you have to admit, it was a damn good shot.
  21. Video Thread

    Agreed, it was a good vid, keep up the good work Matsimus.
  22. We love screenshots

    The Valley of Tears
  23. The Christmas War - Finland Dec 1965

    The best nightmare I ever had. Very good mission.
  24. Video Thread

    Not tanks, but some of you may find it interesting
  25. 4.023 - Bridges in Map Editor

    They are rotating on my end too. Strange.