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  1. ETA on terrain patch?

    that was funny
  2. Defence in Sector

    the file isnt a .sce file....am i missing somthing?....gaaah im an idiot... I apologize
  3. Operation Scorpion Mission 3

    wow great job on these missions.love the voice over work.excellent job lots of fun
  4. Russian Recon

    nice mission lots of fun..got some surprises too
  5. Two key location questions.

    what about the rate of fire for the marder?
  6. Two key location questions.

    is it page down?doesn't seem to work for me.
  7. Other games you play at the moment

    great sim.many many hours of fun .AI is awesome for the most part.
  8. did not know that.....i've wasted more then a few rounds not getting my turret high enough lol..