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  1. Video Thread

    The missile's name is Gil with a hard G (as in golf), not a soft G (as in giraffe).
  2. We love screenshots

    Actually T-62s were also present, on the opposite side of course:
  3. Video Thread

    From Syria: an ATGM launcher destroyed by 12.7 mm fire
  4. We love screenshots

    Only Shot Cals saw action in the Valley of Tears (the bearded officer is Kahalani): All Magach tanks spent that war running along the yellow sand dunes of the Sinai desert
  5. Tanker Books/Novels

    Inside Israel's Northern Command: The Yom Kippur War on the Syrian Border, by Dani Asher
  6. After the 1973 war, the US army got captured T-62s from Israel for inspection. The T-62's smoothbore 115 mm gun and its APFSDS rounds were apparently highly regarded. Also see the remarks about the Arab Tank Forces on pages 46-47 in the following document:
  7. The Battle of the Bulge Movie 1965

    Panzer IV, StuG III and others were used at that time by the Syrian army, taking battle positions on the heavily-fortified western slope of the Golan heights. They probably were too busy for film-making, as they were tasked with guarding the heavy equipment involved in the Arab water diversion effort, as well as targeting Israeli villages, farmers and fishermen from time to time. Some of these vehicles are still present in their 1967 positions: BTW 1: the German and the Syrian armies are the only ones who have used all 3 of the German-made Panzer IV, Soviet-made T-34 and US-made Sherman. BTW 2: the heavy equipment used in the Arab effort to dry out the Sea of Galilee was contributed by a wealthy construction contractor named Mohammed bin Laden. Osama was his son.
  8. Video Thread

    Destroyed M48s near the pier stronghold ("Masrek") of the Bar-Lev line
  9. M-48? Toy Conversion to Plastic Model

    Reminds me of this pencil sharpener I saw a while ago. Apparently an IDF M60A1 with ERA, but lacks a road wheel and the bore evacuator is not in place.
  10. Desertt T-55

    A color picture gallery of captured Egyptian and Syrian vehicles in IDF hands, taken in 1973-1974: http://id.lib.harvard.edu/images/JPCDISUN46561/catalog
  11. 1973 war IDF damaged tank survey

    ASSESSMENT OF THE WEAPONS AND TACTICS USED IN THE OCTOBER 1973 MIDDLE EAST WAR https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/LOC-HAK-480-3-1-4.pdf Armor and anti-armor weapons are discussed on pages 41-56. An examination of 119 heavily damaged Israeli tanks and 435 captured Arab tanks, by US military assessment team sent to Israel in 1974, is discussed on page 47.
  12. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Apart from more realism, IMO bailing crews will also have training value. A trainee would make an effort to end the mission with all his men accounted for. Officers jumping from tank to tank would also add to realism. Even though no one is waiting for him, an officer whose tank broke is ordered to get back leading his formation ASAP. However, implementing this may not add much training value. One can just wait a bit before he clicks "Next Vehicle".
  13. Video Thread

    Egyptian 4th armored division new camp
  14. Picking your fight?

    Dangerous to use in combat, but that large Xenon searchlight may save your tank from getting penetrated, if it takes the hit by itself. I heard of several cases in which Xenon searchlights were blasted to pieces by Egyptian Saggers during the 1973 war, while the M48/M60 kept going intact.
  15. The Beast - T55 version

    The movie was filmed in the Judaean desert, not far from the Dead Sea. The tanks used were ex-IDF Tiran 5. At that time (mid-late 80's) the IDF had phased out hundreds of Tiran 4 & 5 tanks due to budget cuts. Their IDF numbers can be seen on steel plates welded to the front hull: 130300, 130545. 13#### means they were captured during the Yom Kippur War. An IAF SA-321K Super Frelon helicopter also participated the movie. These were taken out of service in 1991.