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  1. On the summer of 1970, the IDF used T-54 tanks for indirect fire (from special ramps) on Egyptian SAM batteries beyond the Suez canal. The advantage of a tank over the M-50 howitzer was the tank's armor protection, which allowed the firing ramps to be established very close to the canal. The 100 mm HE-FRAG could go over 20 km if fired in 45 degrees and was found more suitable for the mission than the M48's 105 mm HEP.
  2. Video Thread

    IDF Yom Kippur war veterans search for their old tanks in a tank graveyard. Looks like all they could find there were M48s from the post-war batch (with reinforced fenders).
  3. Video Thread

    IDF M60s in the Sinai pullback ceremony of February 1980 (as of 0:35): Note the ERA bolts. The ERA itself was removed for the ceremony, since it was still classified back then. High resolution pictures can be found here. Edit: the link for the pictures works well now. These tanks belonged to the 252nd armored division.
  4. Israeli Skins circa 1973

    What is Malachi? BTW, the IDF didn't have many M60s during the war, only 150 or so. The most common MBT on the Egyptian front was the M48A3 (with 105 mm gun), around 400 of them.
  5. Please comment

    Really fresh food supply?
  6. Video Thread

    Merkava mk 4 crew training company
  7. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    BTR-152 Wheeled APC without a roof, a bit different than all current vehicles in SB. Post WW2 vehicle, widely used by the Soviets into the '60s. Most common APC in the Arab armies during the 1967 and 1973 wars. A moderate squint would be enough when depicting similar vehicles like BTR-40s and halftracks.
  8. Israeli Skins circa 1973

    The tanks used by the IDF in the Golan during the war were Centurions (about 600-650 of them) and Shermans (about 150).
  9. Video Thread

    The missile's name is Gil with a hard G (as in golf), not a soft G (as in giraffe).
  10. We love screenshots

    Actually T-62s were also present, on the opposite side of course:
  11. Video Thread

    From Syria: an ATGM launcher destroyed by 12.7 mm fire
  12. We love screenshots

    Only Shot Cals saw action in the Valley of Tears (the bearded officer is Kahalani): All Magach tanks spent that war running along the yellow sand dunes of the Sinai desert
  13. Tanker Books/Novels

    Inside Israel's Northern Command: The Yom Kippur War on the Syrian Border, by Dani Asher
  14. After the 1973 war, the US army got captured T-62s from Israel for inspection. The T-62's smoothbore 115 mm gun and its APFSDS rounds were apparently highly regarded. Also see the remarks about the Arab Tank Forces on pages 46-47 in the following document: