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  1. SB 4.023 - Sniper / HVT problem

    Shades of Sergeant York. He would shoot the enemy starting from the back and work his way to the next forward enemy.
  2. Hi z. H. Nils H Many thanks for the eSimGames greeting card which I received today! I was taken by surprise... a nice surprise. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 to you and your families too. Your actual family and the eSimGames family. And the Community family. Cheers Frankie Kam Malaysia
  3. Aquino tank show Oshawa Ont May 27

    It's expensive to maintain a car. How about a tank? And how about maintaining a whole bunch of tanks?
  4. eSimGames logo is iconic and brilliant

    SBL Fansite here. Just saying, not promoting. Cheers.
  5. 4.019

    Hi n3kkb. Use Internet Download Manager. It will install a large File with stop and resume even if your Internet connection breaks or is interrupted. Plus, it will always guarantee the integrity of the final downloaded file. Hope this helps. Frankie Kam.
  6. A visit to Spain

    Post processing. Using a process to transform photos from what was captured in a camera either to be closer to what our eyes saw, or to alter the image artistically. http://improvephotography.com/31639/post-processing-photography/
  7. ITEC 2017 Rotterdam.

  8. A visit to Spain

    Thanks for sharing Ssnake. And KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  9. +1 What are the hallmarks and characteristics of a matured community? I''ll volunteer one answer. Mutual respect at all times (yes, yes, I know, respect has to be earned not demanded). Okay another one. No tearing down, but rather building up and encouraging each other. One more, last one: since one day, we are all going the way of our ancestors (back to dust), inclusion and acceptance of all human being, regardless of background, race, colour or creed.
  10. 4.019

    Finally(!) managed to download and install the 4.019 installer today. I welcome the 4.019 post processing feature as it makes the screen brighter compared to SB Pro PE 4.010. I do notice that the slider shifts between the two values of 0 and 1. In effect the slider acts more like an digital one/off toggle, instead of a slider with discrete segments. IMHO, it would have been better if the slider were to move horizontally in discrete segments - perhaps in 0.1 increments - provided, of course, that the post processing implements in corresponding increments of light intensity as well. That way the Post Processing effect will not be so pronounced if the slider could be shifted to, for example, the middle (0.5) position.
  11. Hi Gibsonm. Thanks for the advice and warning. I'm only using Reshade for single player and not for multiplayer. Sad to hear that cheating happens in games like chess and even SteelBeasts. Sucks the fun out of the game, especially when others are playing honestly and fairly. I haven't come across any feature or setting in Reshade that will selectively color the enemy's tank hot pink or some other stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb unnatural colour, whilst leaving the other vehicles and environment untouched. Reshade paints the entire screen with the same brush. E.g. if I choose Sepia, the entire output becomes Sepia-fied. Come to think of it, hypothetically speaking, if I had a virtual death wish and used a mod to color my vehicle "Manfred von Richthofen Red Baron" red, that wouldn't be considered cheating - would it? Is committing virtual suicide cheating?
  12. Kraze, strange that your Reshade gets blocked. Like thewood said, reshade runs fine with Steel Beasts Pro PE. I am using SB Pro PE 4.010 and I can change the colors by using the ReShade software injector method.
  13. 4.019

    I took my time to read through the SB Pro PE 4.018 Release Notes. All 20 pages. I couldn't help noting the following notes. Page 9: Artwork/Render Engine We had a lack of glow, and the only prescription was more cowbell. Page 10: ASCOD Ulan: o Fixed a tpyo in the label of the 'manual range' button in the ballistic computer Page 12: o CV90/35-DK: Applied hair conditioner for the rear towing cables, to give them a smooth appearance … and that silky sheen CV90/35-NL:  Scrubbed the tracks to bring out their texture  Fixed bug #5056; purple mesh, begone! Shush! Page 14: M60A3: o Adjusted loader 3D character’s position as if the laws of gravity wouldn’t apply to CPL Lookatme–Icanfloat (Yes. That’s his name. I looked it up.) Mi-8 HIP (Troops): o Group mage applied a counterspell to shadowcasting by rocket pods that aren’t there in the first place. Spooky! Page 15: 1.2t Technical-T (60mm mortar): o Applied psychotherapy to treat insane recoil level VEC-M1: o Applied some digital sandpaper to fix “a smoothing problem” Page 16: • Fixed a rather complex issue with unbound hotkeys of Steel Beasts under Windows 10. The programmers’ best at-tempt to explain it to me could have been taken straight from a dialog between Humpty Dumpty and the Cheshire cat, “SB asks "What is the value of potato?", Windows 10 responds "Maybe"” • Fixed a bug with the spawn start- and end conditions o Fixed another bug with the spawn start- and end conditions. Also improved the associated condition dialog o Fixed a third bug with those wretched spawn start- and end conditions o Fourth fix is a charm o Make that the fifth fix • Fixed crash that would occur when replacing a scenario's map with one that was smaller than the existing one Applied a first the pants, then the shoes Gary Larson memorial check. Page 18: • Fixed bug #5076; told LMG teams to stop playing Rambo and only fire the rifle or the MG • Fixed bug #5142; TOW missile team soldiers will no longer stake the team leader’s heart with the tripod, no matter how much they hate setting up and disassembling the equipment. It just wasn’t civilized. Also, the leader wouldn’t die from it, so why bother • Fixed bug #5174; opening the oxymoronic "Set Party Camouflage Options" dialog no longer erases previous settings. You gotta love the Greeks for inventing words like oxymoron, which is surprisingly anaerobic (not the sports) • Fixed bug #5177; asked the LMGs to “work with the F1 camera, show your gorgeous LOD_H.X, baby!” • Fixed bug #5218; prone infantry no longer performs a backflip animation when dying • Fixed bug #5225; Tree #67 was ordered not to disappear just because his stem wasn’t being looked at, to which he replied “I am Groot”. We took that as a confirmation Page 19: • Fixed bug #5240; screwed on crew soldiers' heads more thoroughly • Fixed bug #5247, where particles continued to get generated even after it had been, in Bill Paxton’s words, “GAME OVER, MAN!” • Fixed bug #5324; space roaches wearing human bodies as a costume will now properly animate when dismounting • Fixed bug #5327; in the Assembly Hall, really long unit names may now bleed over into other areas; suck it up, we’re not going to fix that anytime soon. Page 17: Fixed bug #3210; Civilians have better haircuts now Humor cuts through the nomenclature and helps me understand the points. Noted the references to pop culture. Can't wait for the next release notes.
  14. 4.019

    Homer! Thank you for introducing me to ReShade. I have installed it and have enabled to on SBProPE64cm.exe (Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.010). Simply amazing! Tweaking away. Oh that's just me playing around with ReShade 3.07. Now all I need is to find the pixellation function to change the image to Minecraft's blocky graphics.
  15. Steelsbeasts Legacy old forum

    Charles Bronson.