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    Shame it's the RCDs...we would have won for sure if they were LdSH(RC) haha
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Agreed, the inability to rely on the inf to do anything really hampers mission design as well. I can't trust the inf to fight effectively enough to be reliable. I'll never build a mission involving urban areas because I've seen time and time again entire squads wiped out by a two riflemen in a building, or sending inf to clear a wood line and watch an entire platoon struggle to clear one section sized position.
  3. Kanium Sunday Event 20th of August

    For all those interested, the Event has been created on the Kanium Forum
  4. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    I won't be able to make it tonight, I need to pick the GF up from work, have a good match!
  5. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    I'll be there!
  6. Apocalypse Leopard 2 Sound Mod

    He's not wrong haha
  7. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    Who's joining in tonight?
  8. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    Heads up gentleman, I am sorry, but I can't host the 1 Cad Trg Session tomorrow. Work has come up and I won't be home at that time. We'll try again next week. Again, I apologize for the last minute cancellation but I got curve balled as well.
  9. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    Perfect sounds good, probably do a Sqn or Tp Level advance to contact
  10. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow will be a Troop (Platoon) level Battle run by moving from crest to crest. We will focus on Gunner-Commander communication as well as target Identification and Target Acquisition. Let me know if you'll be joining
  11. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    Its alright brother, looking forward to seeing you next week. Im excited to havr another guy in the hatch
  12. 14may17 KANIUM game

    That is the official road trip movie for LdSH (RC) Recce Sqn, one of my favorites