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  1. Sorry guys, but I probably won't be able to make the game due to Work related stuff
  2. Just a heads up, i might be a few minutes late, 15 max, I have a hockey game in the evening
  3. Hello everyone out there! Just a heads up, 1CAN is back and will be starting our training sessions again this Wednesday, send a message and let me know what you if your joining. Also, I want to know what you guys want to learn, I'm going to start building simple Troop Level missions because I feel that as a group that is the best training. Once we are all happy in the turret, we will move on to 2 troop games. If any of you gents want to send up suggestions or even use a Sce you have made, feel free, just remember the main point to these games in training.
  4. 1/B please
  5. HAHAHAHA, "Hey man, you hear something?"
  6. Well done tonight for everyone, just to reiterate, as of right now, this was the last mission until Jan 2017 unless someone wants to take the reins over Christmas. If so, shoot a message up here and the time is 21:00 AST. If I don't talk to any of you Sunday, have a great holiday and I'll see you in the New Year.
  7. Alright people, same time as always tomorrow. Next week, Dec 14, will be the last match until January as I'll be on leave. If anyone wants to take the reins, feel free. Tomorrow's mission will be a straight forward advance to contact.
  8. I'll take your spot 12Afla, i got your back brother
  9. i can make next wednesday
  10. Better brush up on those drills gunner, the Leopard isn't as forgiving as the Abrams, haha