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  1. Hey gentlemen, sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks. My computer hard drive decided to die on me so Im waiting on a replacement. Hopefully i should have it fixed this week and we can get 1 CAD back up and running. Thank you all for your paitence
  2. Tonight's session will the be same as two weeks ago with the exchange of the Leo 1A5s in replacement of the Leopard 2 to have more talk between the gunner and the TC also, we might also probably do a breach.
  3. A11, i made sure I can make it this time
  4. Bad news gents, but I won't be able to attend the mission tonight, i need to push out to the field tomorrow. If anyone wants to host and play a match feel free
  5. Alright lads and Gentlemen, who is in for tomorrows mission? Tomorrow will be a fireteam (2 tanks) advance to contact with Gunner/Commander crews. I will demo how to adopt a position and then you guys will roll around doing bounding over watch. There will also be some practice with using artillery. Everyone at the session by the end felt comfortable about giving commands, now lets put it in to practice and cover the most important part, good positions
  6. alright gents, battle runs tonight, who's in?
  7. I might be there, I might not, If I can I'll join in and fall in where you need me
  8. Alright gents, this week's mission will be a Pursuit, something we almost never get to do in our normal games. The aim will be to get you gents faster at adopting positions and getting the balance of protection and aggression. Who's in?
  9. Sorry guys, but I probably won't be able to make the game due to Work related stuff
  10. Just a heads up, i might be a few minutes late, 15 max, I have a hockey game in the evening
  11. Hello everyone out there! Just a heads up, 1CAN is back and will be starting our training sessions again this Wednesday, send a message and let me know what you if your joining. Also, I want to know what you guys want to learn, I'm going to start building simple Troop Level missions because I feel that as a group that is the best training. Once we are all happy in the turret, we will move on to 2 troop games. If any of you gents want to send up suggestions or even use a Sce you have made, feel free, just remember the main point to these games in training.
  12. 1/B please
  13. HAHAHAHA, "Hey man, you hear something?"