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  1. TGIF from a couple of weeks ago (when it finishes processing);
  2. I think your stuck with the F7/Q/Q combo. The Alt-F views I think depend on the vehicle and how many views are needed. For example the M60A3's F2 view for the gunner is the GPS thermal view and the Alt-F2 view is the GPS daylight view (the TC's views for the same are the thermal extension and the LRF view). F3 for the TC is the daylight sight for the M85 and Alt-F3 is for the passive sight of the M85.
  3. No experience with them to form an opinion.
  4. Atlantic Standard Time (AST) is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). So 2100 AST is 0100 UTC.
  5. If you would, please put Roerbaek and myself in a tank platoon together, or in the recon platoon. Thanks.
  6. This week's session: (when the processing is finished)
  7. TGIF session:
  8. Shots of the day by Wiglif:
  9. Try at 0130 GMT (20:30 CST). That will get you there 30 minutes early.
  10. New video from Inside the Chieftain's Hatch, STRV-103C:
  11. Tank BDUs. Who would have thought it?
  12. Great work, Dark. Thank you for your efforts.
  13. Roerbaek and I would like a couple of Leos in the same platoon, please.
  14. Please put me and Roerbaek in a tank platoon together. If the list fills up enough we will gladly take 1st recon platoon.