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  1. If Mirzayev is the XO I'll take B11 with Roerbaek in B14. Otherwise, please stick us in a platoon together.
  2. Computer is screwed. I will try to get it working. Just know that I might not make it tomorrow.
  3. Yes, especially me.
  4. This one seems appropriate for many Steel Beasts players (there is a translation of the lyrics in the comments):
  5. I like this one better:
  6. You could always look up Steel Beasts on youtube. Lots of videos there.
  7. If it's not, it should be.
  8. You're quite welcome.
  9. Better yet, this file contains the above listed and ones from '61 and '64... FM 17-12 Tank Gunnery.7z
  10. Here you go...
  11. The only reference I have is FM 17-95. It indicates that troop (company) level supply and maintenance trucks would usually be one or two terrain features to the rear of the troop. So maybe it's not so unrealistic.