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  1. Bug fixes and Easter eggs. And some day the new terrain engine.
  2. Can't you place then disable them in the mission editor?
  3. They're called "center guides." Keeps the track centered on the wheels and rollers.
  4. My memories of training at night are that, yes, we would have done night fighting. We trained using search lights, flares, and range cards (the latter two not requiring search lights). We did not expect to use search lights very much, not because of the risks to ourselves but because of the fragility of the search light. Leaving the motor pool with a working light was no guarantee that by the time you road marched to the range that it wouldn't have broken. I remember quite distinctly one gunnery exercise on which no searchlights in our platoon were working except mine, which was stuck in IR mode. So we had to switch to using mortar launched flares for the white light engagements (Using flares to illuminate targets at night is one of the things I hope gets implemented in Steel Beasts. Nothing so eerily cool looking as gunnery at night with flares and a slight ground fog). Firing from a range card was always complicated because someone would invariably forget to zero the azimuth or elevation indicator either while making the card or setting up to fire. Firing with the IR sight was as easy as daylight if you and the search light were pointing at the same target as there was really no indication using the sight except that the grey was a little lighter when you were getting closer to the illuminated area. I know I shot with passive sights when I was in Germany, I just don't have any recollections of doing so. I do remember many times sitting watch in the TC's hatch at Bergen-Hohne and occasionally using the night sight to view the surroundings. I was always surprised at the clarity of the view, even on moonless nights, and how far away I could make out details (It was really neat when the occasional shooting star would flare into view and then wink out just as quickly. There was one instance when a rather large meteor slashed across the view and I always wondered where it might have hit the ground as it seemed to be relatively close). I did see a picture one guy took of the tank in front of him through the driver's passive sight and the details were crystal clear.
  5. I would speculate that it is a left-over from a time when the Sagger and Spigot were not present in the game and the Dragon was used as a substitute.
  6. You must make sure that they are in this file path: C:\Users\"YourUserName"\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios Then you must make sure that they are unzipped/uncompressed (very few will be uncompressed when you download them).
  7. Don't know about M1s but M60s turret power switch only disabled the power traversing mechanism. All other electrical devices needed the master battery to be on.
  8. On the prowl.
  9. What Zero said. And the M60A1.
  10. I don't get hull invisibility in thermals but I do get terrain features, roads, and vehicle parts shimmering heavily when looking through missile sights.
  11. You could register. It doesn't cost anything and Google's translate function works reasonably well.