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  1. More TGIF:
  2. I'm sure he was talking specifically about the "map" editor, which is separate from the mission editor.
  3. Could someone possibly download the AAR? My computer locked up before I could save it.
  4. I've told them about that one.
  5. Last Friday's session when it is done processing:
  6. The issue is that all the tanks are on the same side, they're all blue force. You need to switch to the Red force (upper right corner of the screen, arrow next to "Blue") and add tanks there and give them routes to attack the blue force. The T-tanks you have think the M-1s are on their side because they are.
  7. There was many times I climbed into my gunner's seat by going through the TC's position and I find it a little disconcerting to go straight to the gunner's sight without seeing the inside of the turret. But once there training, what little I remember of it, kicks in and it's keyboard and controller all the way. There are a few things that require the use of the interior view of the turret but I mostly do those as a personal exercise, ie. manually setting the range on the ballistic computers. I would be fine with vehicles without detailed interiors if it meant more vehicles to play. It would be interesting to shoot a PT-76 or BMP-1.
  8. I'll take a recon. Please let me know if the vehicles have a RWS.