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  1. We love videos

    No problem.
  2. We love videos

    Because the thread got locked I am posting this here:
  3. We love videos

    Last TGIF from the blue side:
  4. First, I wish I had installed your paint job. My bad. Second in two parts: 1. One instance the .50 cal. didn't seem, to me, to be having any affect. 2. I was having so much difficulty seeing the infantry in the tall grass and only had a general idea as to where they were. I panicked and decided that charging at them with the APC would keep them from launching RPGs at me. I know it's a gamey move but I couldn't at the time think of anything else to do.
  5. Here is a video of my highlights of Rolling Thunder '18. I tried to eliminate most of my noncombat scenes. There is a longish (30 seconds or so) of blank screen at the beginning.
  6. Actually we used the gunners quadrant and the azimuth indicator primarily for shooting at night from a range card. There was a second, larger, quadrant we would have used for indirect fires that mounted, but not affixed, to the flat surface on top of the breech block (the mounting points indicated by two engraved squares). We were told we would be given an azimuth, an elevation, and how many rounds to fire. We were also told that ramps might be built for us to fire from as in a well known picture from the Korean war.
  7. We love screenshots

    I like the early '80s BDUs and helmet.
  8. I have a video edited but for some reason it won’t compile. It keeps getting hung at a certain point and I don’t know if it a software or hardware issue. I’ll have to put off working on it till tomorrow.
  9. Strange. They worked alright last night. Reuploaded.
  10. Sorry I put them in the other thread. I forgot this one was here. Thanks for moving them over.
  11. We love screenshots

    Some images from Rolling Thunder'18. The first and third picture are from RT-2, the rest from RT-1 Hinds trying to take out LAVs on Route White. Incoming! Ran headlong into six BTRs and while I ran around trying to stay alive Roerbaek killed five of the six. AI taking out a recon team by ricochet. Furia Killing a PT-76 by the airfield.
  12. Gudauta Map?

    That takes the Napanee height map which you should have (or can download). I do not know what the original terrain map the scenario designer(s) used. Since the file can be opened in the mission editor you can extract the map and use it to create a scenario.
  13. Gudauta Map?

    What scenario are you trying to open?