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  1. As an enlisted tanker I knew the exact composition of our tanks. Steel. Enough said, from my perspective. If I really wanted to know the thickness of the steel I'm sure I could have cobbled together a set of calipers that would have been decently accurate but that is something that never concerned me. I was much more concerned about not being seen too easily as we rolled across country. And while we had no formal SERE training it was an often discussed subject, not as much as spot reports or calling for fire, but often enough.
  2. Nice picture, Rotar.
  3. I think they're going a little overboard with those remote weapons systems.
  4. Thanks, Rotar. Missed that one when I down loaded the maps.
  5. Interesting map. Is that something you are working on?
  6. You are correct. The TC is the one who read the range displayed on the range finder and evaluated the return. To do this in the sim you either need to be the TC or multicrew.
  7. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  8. That is the purpose of the AAR and would defeat the purpose of this being a training simulator.
  9. Yes, especially me.
  10. This one seems appropriate for many Steel Beasts players (there is a translation of the lyrics in the comments):
  11. I like this one better:
  12. You could always look up Steel Beasts on youtube. Lots of videos there.
  13. If it's not, it should be.