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  1. We love videos

    Last TGIF, 6-15-2018:
  2. We love videos

    Some older stuff:
  3. We love videos

    More ad hoc videos:
  4. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    I plan on being there.
  5. We love videos

    Thank you.
  6. We love videos

    Another ad hoc session:
  7. Another video:
  8. Moving to new residence

  9. We love videos

    Last week's TGIF:
  10. Moving to new residence

    So, that's where you've been hiding!
  11. New Steel Beasts version soon??

    It's possible.
  12. Realistic? If you play the mission in the mission editor, ie test run it, you will be able to access that feature.
  13. We love videos

    What Rotar said. Gibson was hosting/playing (it was a “Friday” my time) so no TeamSpeak was recorded.
  14. Challenger 2 desertized

  15. Video Thread

    According to a post on another site the driver eventually stopped and was arrested.
  16. We love videos

    A couple of ad hoc sessions:
  17. History of US Tanks.

    I like the OD green but I wish they would get rid of the big white aiming points on the hull.
  18. We love videos

    What does the one about the Russians say?
  19. We love videos

    The third view of the last TGIF scenario:
  20. We love videos

    Deliberate Defense 03-4023-OMU-MAD.sce