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    I'll take 4A Trp Ldr. I think Roerbaek will want to be my Trp Sgt.

    I shot 100% yesterday on the range.
  3. Problem with License

    Change this, "Ssnake at eSimGames .com," to an email address (eliminate the extra spaces and change the word "at" to "@") to email Snake.
  4. Here it is. BG Scenario 3 Operation Solemn Shield_19420_021818DESKTOP-4RR61301.7z
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Are you sure that's in the PE version?
  6. We love screenshots

    Some times even turret down isn't good enough.
  7. When I went through basic, summer of '79, they admitted that not much was known of exact details. T-64s, we were told, were not that many in number, prone to breakdown, dangerous to operate, and therefore mostly used in Russia. We were told there were more T-72s and how to differentiate between the two but not much else.
  8. Ammunition & Missile Effective Ranges?

    Not everyone can edit the Steel Beasts wiki.
  9. Here is mine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MCx2xAeyRCwbrnZC6MBp8-ZEI4-qyIOd/view?usp=sharing
  10. Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE

    Not quite. You need to run one instance as the host and the other as a client in a network session. This is the only way to see the map and the 3D world of a session at the same time in the same scenario. For editing it is as I described above although I suppose you could edit on one instance and play the saved scenario on another (this would require you to restart if you made a change you wanted to see in the middle of the scenario).
  11. Dual Monitor in SB Pro PE

    Yes. Open a second SB window and they will run simultaneously, but this only works for game play. It also makes a mess of the AAR (my experience). For mission editing a second screen wil allow you to edit the map at the same time so you can correct/improve it without closing the mission editor. Just have to edit the map then refresh the map in the editor.
  12. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    I have recreated the issue. When using the panel for gunnery at first everything is alright. When F1 is pressed, to go to the gunner's interior view, and then clicking the panel again the problem that is shown in Colebrook's video is evident. I found that if I went to another sight then pressed F1 then clicked on the panel the issue does not manifest.
  13. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Both, really. I'm having a hard time dealing with how editing text works now, as labels for other graphics and as free text. Thanks for that tip about the switch, it does make the editing process easier.
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Would really like it if text could be edited when making missions and plans instead of having to delete and start over.
  15. I would like 4-1A, please, but if no one takes it I will play as 66A.
  16. The first few, I don't know how many, had no TTS. The ones in the training battalion at Ft. Knox when I was there ( summer of '79 to winter of '80) had TTS. First 'A3s were made in '78. Don't know when they were issued for use in line units.
  17. Video Thread

    There is a higher res version on youtude that is posted on tanknet.
  18. Also, main gun rounds should be 2/3rds to 3/5ths M774 APFSDS and the rest M456A2 HEAT.
  19. Thermal and dynamic lead.
  20. If I remember correctly they didn't start to get Bradleys until '85. In '82 they still would be using the nine vehicle platoons (3 APC, 2 ITV, 4 Tanks). They still might have been using M60A1s in '82 as there were not that many 'A3s in country at the time.