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  1. Some kind of UI function that would list all units that a player has under their command/ownership. (For Multiplayer). Also, a text and/or radio filter for contact reports, so that players arent constantly overwhelmed by irrelevent/less relevant information (again this is with Multiplayer in mind) ...and a crewable AMX13, PT76 & Scorpion light tank?
  2. Ill CO Orange (Insurgents). Alla Snackba.
  3. The Card is Dead. Long Live the Card!
  4. The link to the scenario seems to be broken, can you repost it please Con?
  5. The 'Allied If' option (configure party in editor) may be what youre after
  6. It will be posted here just before the event. (The upcoming scenarios arent posted well in advance anymore.)
  7. Seems Legit.
  8. Thanks for the upload Rotar, i missed that game, looks like an interesting Scenario
  9. I think you can achieve something like this with 'embark if' conditions and relevant route/BP tactics
  10. Dust clouds from helicopters and rocket artillery would be nice. Also, a list of 'who-owns-what', and the ability to divide units during the planning phase in multiplayer would save a lot of hair pulling. Cheers.
  11. You can pretty much do that in the current SB version. Heres a very neat list of whats in there now (courtesy of Rotar) ;
  12. I dont see how graphical indication of hits defeats the purpose of anything, but it is well captured by the AAR
  13. Youre missing out! The weekly TGIF sessions are definately worth checking out
  14. The ability to make elevated terrain for roads and railways in the map editor would be sweet. Basically something like making a wadi, but an elevation instead of a depression. This would probably be a bit rough, (as are wadis currently) but perhaps the upcoming terrain resolution update would make this a viable feature? Cheers
  15. Im a big fan of the older vehicles too, and whilst having more variety of kit like the stuff mentioned in the OP would be most welcome, i personally think that adding more functionality/ crewability to the currently modelled stuff (ie; scorpion/chieftan/pt76/t64/amx13 etc) would be better 'value' and add more depth to multiplayer games. And yes, i have 'wished' this in the relevant thread