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  1. Thanks for joining sparty. Its worth mentioning in case youre not aware; you can be 'given' more units during a Multiplayer scenario, just let it be known that you have nothing and youll either get some units, or you may be able to jump into a vehicle with someone else if theres a shortage. Cheers
  2. I may not be able to attend due to participation in Rolling Thunder. Will be a late night game for me, so may be too tired
  3. I guess there will always be 'room for improvement' with a game of this scale, but to be fair, there have been some nice improvements to infantry (among other things) recently.
  4. Cheers!
  5. A 'Guard' type Battle Position with a 'Retreat' route leading back from it might suffice? Some info in the WIKI, http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes however i believe some of the infantry mounting/dismounting behaviour's described there are not correct. Cheers
  6. Thanks maing.
  7. Thanks DUKE, sorted
  8. Thank you sir
  9. I tried replacing the voice file RvatCP.wav ("we're at our checkpoint") found in the SB Pro PE\loc\English (US) folder ( i do have this localisation selected in the game), i replaced it with a squelch sound, and still got the original in game. I also tried deleting it and still get the original voice in game. I did this with the UK and AU folders too, with no joy. Any ideas what im doing wrong here? Is there another location in the install that the game is 'calling' this sound from? Any advice appreciated, cheers
  10. Looks good...im still keeping an eye out for a 'saturday' event (=very early sunday for me). I would definitely be interested in playing as an OPFOR handler (If possible) in some of these sessions, but the time-slot is prohibitive for me.
  11. I suppose that would go into the breech of the gun?
  12. Red briefing appears to be missing some notes regarding disposition of units and spawn/arrival conditions. Also, Manual Azimuth Determination? Yuk!
  13. I think this is also a contentious point, surface vessels are very vulnerable, and would probably be destroyed quickly in a conventional war.
  14. Awesome i like it! Will be there 'with bells on'
  15. Set the difficulty to easy when youre experimenting/practicing with arty, and youll see the impact area of fire missions denoted on the map by a red box. Personally i just call large (400x400) missions if the targets location isnt well known/its a smoke screen/harassing fire, or a smaller one (<200) if i have good target info. Thats not science though. If you want Science, check out the WIKI http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Artillery_Guide