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  1. I reckon the PT 76 and Scorpion being crewable to some extent would be a lot of fun. Or any of the existing vehicles really
  2. Turning off the post processing reduces the glare/saturation a lot
  3. That is probably true for modern equipment, but older stuff like the Scorpion, AMX13, PT76 etc, not so much. Also, i think the CR2 in SB is a good example of a modern vehicle that is playable with very little switchology. (which can be added over time as information becomes available)
  4. I have a scenario to try out if theres players/interest enough
  5. So perhaps the solution is to just not have any windows at all, given that they serve no purpose anyway? Cheers
  6. @Kev2go So if, say, the BRDM2-AT was crew-able without interiors (just optics and commanders peri/ unbutton view etc)-then you wouldnt use it? I guess that would be your prerogative, but personally id love to see more of the existing vehicles get more functionality, with or without detailed interiors. More is better than less!
  7. FO isnt able to 'lase' when inside buildings
  8. Yeah thanks i was tired. Unit Templates are great, im a bit surprised there aren't more being published
  9. Thanks
  10. Great scenario, i really enjoyed the scale of that one. Cheers
  11. Thanks for that
  12. I think it would add a lot of depth to Multi-Player to have more of the (currently in-game) older generation vehicles as 'crewable/semi crewable'. Personally i dont mind if vehicles are modelled with a low fidelity intererior (or none). The 'eye candy' can be improved over time if theres energy for it Also, why have one MG on shoulder when you can have two MG in armpits...
  13. Interesting, do both/ either side have any human players?