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  1. Video Thread

    Audio works here for me too
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Wishlist; drivers of vehicles with NVG enabled to have NVG. Also; the ability to disable the thermal optics for infantry FO's. Cheers
  3. M60A3 Night Ops, Driver NVG's, formations and slow speeds

    Things drive slowly in SB at night, ive encountered this too, i believe its just how it is unfortunately. You can try changing the time of day/night to be a little brighter, ive been able to set it such that you can use the NVG's and drive at normal speeds (early morning), but its light soon, so only limited time with NVG
  4. BMP-2 BOOMS!!!

    OK - good argument there. I personally have never ever had any problems with that not even in the big games or singleplayer. But with the new terrain patch that is coming out, then I am unsure if that might change? Well ... sorry to hear that. And I fully respect your position. But my Graphics card, RAM and processor are all old ... and I have had zero problems .... and that goes fro Multiplayer sessions as well Meh
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Yeah as others have mentioned, snipers are available, and they will only engage units designated as HVT's, but you cannot designate crews in vehicles, or vehicles themselves, as HVT's. Cheers
  7. Main Menu Redesign

    I think the larger,bolder text looks pretty good, but i personally prefer the menu groups being offset to the left and right of centre
  8. We love screenshots

    How about that, coincidentally historically accurate
  9. Africa Rebel Infantry Platoon Cloaking

    Thats correct, the units in question were part of the 'RED/Insurgent' teams reinforcements; rifle teams ( with carried troops appearance set to 'black mask' ) mounted in technicals (option 2 / trigger 7). Tankhunter might be able to shine some light on it, given that he made the scenario...who made this shit!
  10. Wargames

    I had a copy of that once upon a time, the first tactical board-game i had. I dont have the game anymore, but i do have this nice framed picture of the box-art
  11. We love screenshots

    Thanks for the info Iarmor, nice pictures too. The inclusion of the M60, and a few other vehicle types like AMX13 and T62 in the scenario were 'artistic license'.
  12. BMP-2 BOOMS!!!

    Too much burning shit is bad for framerates too
  13. We love videos

    Game audio only...are you getting shy Rotar?
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Someone mentioned this recently after a TGIF game, and it seemed like a good idea; Limited 'burn time' (perhaps 5 minutes or so) for things that can be set on fire (vehicles, houses namely). Frame rates really do take a hit when you have entire towns churning out smoke and fire. Also; 'burnt/destroyed' textures for vehicles and buildings would be nice (if even possible i dont know). Cheers Also also; Crewable PT76, AMX13 and Scorpion!
  15. Is there any game implications of doing well in Tank Range

    From the Manual; (emphasis added) " Tank Range missions yield a “Gunnery Score” which, in Offline Sessions, determines the gunnery skill of all friendly vehicles. " I dont believe this has changed