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  1. WIKI snafu's

    And then theres this
  2. WIKI snafu's

    Ironically, the WIKI page for editing the wiki doesnt seem to explain how to actually go about it. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=SBWiki_Editing One of the pages linked from there says this; " Q: How do I edit an existing page? Each Wiki page that can be edited has an edit tab near the top of the page, and may have edit links to the right of each page section. If you wish to edit various parts of the whole page, click the edit tab at the top. If you only wish to edit one section, click the edit link to the right of that section name. " I dont see any such tabs...
  3. WIKI snafu's

    I dont think i have Log In credentials for the WIKI. I would be happy to change it if i can get to it
  4. Sharing some reading on Soviet forces, i got these from here; http://coldwargamer.blogspot.com/2014/09/review-web-resources-essentials-of-cold.html Some good reading there. Enjoy SOVIET OPERATIONS & TACTICS.pdf SOVIET SPECIALISED WARFARE.pdf SOVIET TO&E's.pdf
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I dont need in-service vehicles. Adding playable crew positions to older epuiptment would be of much greater 'value' to me. BMP1, AMX13, PT76, Scorpion, BRDM2AT etc
  6. We love videos

  7. We love videos

    True most of the time, unless the infantry has spotted something, in which case they will not go into kneel or stand (rather annoyingly) unless you make them run/sprint
  8. We love videos

    TGIF 26 MAY 'Deliberate Defense'
  9. Are there other boys in the bubble, like me?

    @Azure Lion TGIF in 20 minutes from time of this post...
  10. We love videos

    It still hurts
  11. We love videos

    From the other side
  12. confused on what lisence I need to buy here

    Have you actually tried reading any of the above? This forum is very helpful, but you need to help yourself a bit too mate.
  13. We love videos

  14. We love videos

    That might be a record; 3 videos of the same session
  15. We love videos

    From blues perspective
  16. Multiple weapons (ATGM/ main gun/ MG)

    Assuming that remark is directed at me, i didnt say i thought it would be easy for esim to add the mounted ATGM.
  17. Multiple weapons (ATGM/ main gun/ MG)

    Well what i meant was that the scenario designer could just choose between it being mounted OR dismounted (if it were modeled with FCS etc). Ie; If you want it mounted- dont give the dismounts a milan. If you want it dismounted- disable the vehicles milan and give the dismounts one. I realise you couldnt have it both ways but at least you could choose- whatever floats your boat
  18. Multiple weapons (ATGM/ main gun/ MG)

    This could be remedied by the scenario designer fairly easily
  19. ETA on terrain patch?

    Theres an article here with a little info. Nothing new really. Basically- its coming along nicely, but its not ready yet. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/01/12/the-flare-path-hows-it-going-2/
  20. From the second TGIF game today; BOOYAH! http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Battlezone#CURRENT_HIGH_SCORES

    Open Playtest of 'South African Border War' type Scenario, SADF meets FAPLA at the river Lomba. (based on these events; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cuito_Cuanavale) TGIF style format H2H, map updates on. 100 minutes. (Large Forces) All welcome, meeting time in TS for this event is 2.5hrs PRIOR to TGIF meeting time.
  22. Are there other boys in the bubble, like me?

    I agree, but a mission designer can put a value on resources with scoring

  24. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    I Guess not!
  25. Challenger 2 Woodland Modified 4.010

    Nicely done