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  1. We love videos

    Youve never heard the saying " What does that have to do with the price of tea in China" ?
  2. We love videos

  3. We love videos

    Not a lot i can do about it really, as they re-appear when the 'artist' re-sends anything on the map. I expect that its too juvenile to really be offensive anyway
  4. We love videos

  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I wish that giving an 'engage' or 'assault' route would set fire control to 'fire at will' , just as giving a 'scout' route does the opposite.
  6. We love videos

    Last TGIF (23 JUNE) ; the '40 minutes late & hungover' perspective.
  7. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    Yes you could script surrendering, or you can make the victory/scoring conditions different, such that you dont have to drive around looking for a guy (who may not surrender until you find him and start shooting at him anyway!)
  8. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    I think they are pretty much synched up, but you can mod sound files easily enough to make every skirmish sound like a raging battle, if that blows your hair back
  9. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    Having some LMG's in the mix tends to raise the volume of fire a fair bit too. Also, you can equip infantry with under-slung rifle grenade launchers (by giving them ammo for it in the mission editor), but i dont think the AI will use them- a player needs to do it. While there is certainly 'room for improvement' with some of the infantry behavior, they work well once you know what to expect from them; not just with engagements, but also on routes and at waypoint tactics. Welcome to the forum anyway, maybe see you on the field if you get into the multiplayer side of it
  10. Worth noting here (if im not mistaken) that bumpiness determines how far the infantry 'sink' into the ground when stationary (simulating dudes getting into little folds and whatnot that isnt visually modelled on the terrain). More bumpy terrain=harder to kill troops
  11. The option to edit the actual properties of the theme (such as ground & water textures, foliage types and map colours, traction, dust etc. is available via the map editor. I find it helpful to have two instances of SB running; one with the map editor ( and the theme editor therein) and the other with the mission editor. Make changes in the map editor & save, then switch to mission editor and refresh map. You can then see how it looks, and 'test' the scenario to check how vehicles handle it. The time consuming part is waiting for everything to load each time you make a change ( probably less of a headache if you have SB installed on a SSD ).
  12. Actually i think the 'Hardness' slider does that
  13. I would just change the bumpiness, drag and traction options in the theme editor until you get what you want
  14. ETA on terrain patch?

    The old 'Just enough, but not too much" dilemma
  15. We love videos

    Final part in the Sinai campaign playthrough
  16. We love videos

    Part 5 in the Sinai playthrough
  17. We love videos

    Part 4.
  18. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Larger text in the briefing screen would be welcome ( I dont need glasses! Im not in denial! ) . The ability to include pictures would be nice too
  19. We love videos

    Part 3 of Sinai playthrough. It starts to hurt right about now.
  20. We love videos

    Are these Kanium sessions?
  21. We love videos

    Part 2 of Sinai campaign single player play-through
  22. Free games to a good home

    *-*-* tumbleweeds blow across the landscape
  23. WIKI snafu's

    In the interests of giving new players accurate info on important elements of the sim, i think this page on the WIKI should be updated a little bit (namely the descriptions of mounted infantry behavior at waypoints). Cheers http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes
  24. We love videos

    Playing the Sinai campaign single player. Part 1.