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  1. Truck tyre simulator 2017
  2. Thanks for your efforts, ill take this one for another spin
  3. Nice screeny there Rotar, love that Syrian camo
  4. Notice for anyone that wasnt here last week and may not be aware; TGIF starts an hour later, ie; in a little over an hour from the time of this post
  5. Rotar really should get a forum 'medal' for his bug spotting prowess!
  6. Is this a 'known' issue? I guess the best fix would be to just make them crewable hey!
  7. Fair enough
  8. I mention the terrastan map because i have had similar issues to the ones described here with that map, and have been told by other users that it has been problematic
  9. Terrastan per chance?
  10. You can check here occasionally to see whats current http://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1390
    Another nice one from Panzer Leader, i enjoyed the focus on reconnaissance in this one, and the small force size makes it fun. Nice map/setting and vehicles too. Personally i wouldnt call it a 'difficult' scenario though. Thanks for the Upload
  11. The 'Ignore User' function available on this forum is pretty handy!
  12. Nevermind, i didnt realise you were asking a redundant question
  13. I think the importance of scoring depends on your intended audience, if its a TGIF scenario for example, you should have clearly defined and accurate scoring because people like to know if they won or lost in a MP game