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  1. We love videos

  2. Wargames

    Its a shame there doesnt seem to be a quality 'Squad Leader' inspired game on PC. Such a great system, so much detail. I always enjoyed the Scenario card design too. Im going to make a SB scenario out of one of these two (or both, if they're kept simple).
  3. A suggestion regarding region names; having the names 'North/East/South/West' seemed to cause a bit of confusion, perhaps just using the names 'November/Echo/Sierra/Whiskey' would be better. Cheers
  4. We love videos

  5. Excellent scenario, look forward to seeing that one again
  6. We love videos

    Youve never heard the saying " What does that have to do with the price of tea in China" ?
  7. We love videos

  8. We love videos

    Not a lot i can do about it really, as they re-appear when the 'artist' re-sends anything on the map. I expect that its too juvenile to really be offensive anyway
  9. We love videos

  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I wish that giving an 'engage' or 'assault' route would set fire control to 'fire at will' , just as giving a 'scout' route does the opposite.
  11. We love videos

    Last TGIF (23 JUNE) ; the '40 minutes late & hungover' perspective.
  12. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    Yes you could script surrendering, or you can make the victory/scoring conditions different, such that you dont have to drive around looking for a guy (who may not surrender until you find him and start shooting at him anyway!)
  13. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    I think they are pretty much synched up, but you can mod sound files easily enough to make every skirmish sound like a raging battle, if that blows your hair back