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  1. Notice for anyone that wasnt here last week and may not be aware; TGIF starts an hour later, ie; in a little over an hour from the time of this post
  2. Rotar really should get a forum 'medal' for his bug spotting prowess!
  3. Is this a 'known' issue? I guess the best fix would be to just make them crewable hey!
  4. Fair enough
  5. I mention the terrastan map because i have had similar issues to the ones described here with that map, and have been told by other users that it has been problematic
  6. Terrastan per chance?
  7. You can check here occasionally to see whats current http://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1390
    Another nice one from Panzer Leader, i enjoyed the focus on reconnaissance in this one, and the small force size makes it fun. Nice map/setting and vehicles too. Personally i wouldnt call it a 'difficult' scenario though. Thanks for the Upload
  8. The 'Ignore User' function available on this forum is pretty handy!
  9. Nevermind, i didnt realise you were asking a redundant question
  10. I think the importance of scoring depends on your intended audience, if its a TGIF scenario for example, you should have clearly defined and accurate scoring because people like to know if they won or lost in a MP game
  11. You can already specify the weapon type/ammo for infantry mortars and ATGM.
  12. Hey wildbillkelsoe, theres a 'wishlist' thread over here http://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/4546-steel-beasts-content-wish-list/?page=223
  13. Haha i was watching that infantry encounter on the hill too, pure hilarity! A truly 'Head To Head' battle
  14. The option to specify the cargo in the ammo truck, or perhaps just the option to exclude certain types, such as ICM or ATGM.
  15. Outlandish Wishlist entry inbound-brace yourself! ; A basic set of ww2 kit consisting of a medium tank, an APC, a tank destroyer, a (towed) anti tank gun and an infantry AT weapon (and skins) each, for US Russia and Germany. I bet noone has wished this before! Cheers
  16. I dare say this will be covered in the release notes when the time comes
  17. Thanks for that Gibson, i appreciate the offer but i cant guarantee ill be there as im almost always still at work at BG ANZAC start time. Ill try to make it, but dont put yourself out on my account. Cheers
  18. Im looking for a way to make infantry more relevant/important for region scoring. Ive attached a screenshot to show what im trying at the moment. My question is; will this method still use the standard region scoring criteria (3 to 1 ratio required for change of ownership, with AFV's being 'worth' 25 troops) as well as the condition i have put on it, or will the region score be determined purely by the specified 'Apply If' condition? Any feedback and or other known methods would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  19. Thanks for the info Volcano, much appreciated. I did open that TGIF scenario you mentioned in the editor to see how you achieved the inf/afv scoring parity but i wasnt able to 'reverse engineer' (read; blatantly plagiarise ) the method- it seemed to work by conditioned 'events', which im not yet familiar with. I think the conditioned region scoring i have setup will have the desired effect for the scenario in question, ill probably ask you a couple things after TGIF if possible. Cheers
  20. I wasnt aware of that...bummer
  21. Thanks for that Ssnake. I think that will work for me then, and ill just put a few blue troops in the regions, and set 'ownership player if mission time>10 seconds', thus activating the sub score...i think!? Cheers
  22. Yeah this would be handy. (Although having the Map editor open in another instance of SB and alt-tabbing to make map changes, then refreshing map in the mission editor works fairly well/quickly too). Having these things as deployable objects in the planning phase would create some possibilities too.
  23. You should have a look at the Mission Editor wildbillkelsoe, its quite the sandbox