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  1. SBProPE64cm.exe Start error

    Hi. I purchased SbPro last year & have had no problems with licence or codemeter stick.Yesterday I ungraded to Version 4.00 and purchased a 1 month Licence planning to upgrade fully at end of month. I received my licence and everything worked fine, but today i get an error message:- One of the following licences is required CodeMeter 100146:11101 Failure reason CM Container entry not found error 200 CodeMeterAct 500173:71091 Failure reason The CmAct Licence has to be activated again error 263 When i activated the new licence my codemeter stick was not plugged in as i thought time based licenses were stored on pc Any help would be appreciated Many Thanks Michael Worsnup
  2. New player in UK

    Thanks for your replies. Downloaded Camp Horfelt & will try some of the other recommendations. Still working through tutorials and memorising key strokes but thoroughly enjoying the experience. Mick
  3. New player in UK

    Hi. Been looking at buying Steelbeasts for a while & after finally upgrading my PC I`ve taken the plunge. Just working through tutorials & downloaded Wiki recommendations got lots of reading to do! But always liked realistic sims I would appreciate any scenario recommendations that prove a challenge but are not to complex. Hope to try online play in the future. Many thanks Mick