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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Can you please send me the record file.
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Not sure what is the “real” policy of the developer in this matter. Every time I read in the forum some request like this the answer is they have not tech info about... I guess they have not neither accuracy info for AT-4s and AT-5s because I found them useless but IRL they seem useful to badly damage a tank
  3. do computer crews detect atgm launches too easily?

    I agree. To be fair this reaction must be random in favor the ATGM even when come front side.
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    better Russian made ATGM ammunition. See IRL video: The current in game russian ATGM are totally unreal for a simulator level.
  5. BRDM

    Can you post some pictures?
  6. 4.019

    The directx 9 error is solved. I did restart my computer and then install without problem.
  7. 4.019

    I have an error when install. error -9 directx non installed
  8. i will try make a exemption for codemeter in my antivirus. Anyway is the same antivirus I had in windows 8.1 without this problem. i have a license for a year, non mini stick one.
  9. I have this error after upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10 home. any solution at this point?
  10. guys the problem is still there. I have windows 10 Home. I did everything, also I did a try with Codemeter new version 6.40. My game does not launch at all. same error persisting. I sent an email to codemeter support as well to ssnake with zipped logs.
  11. SB Pro PE 4.010 Released

    ok I was out of games the last months and never fallowed the updates. I remember my last update was 4.004. Question? this Sim have a kind of autoupdate? all my config controls etc gonna be still there if I do a clean installation?
  12. They are good ideas. The problem is the mission I modified is for PvP. So the tank should be brand new when the other player take control. I set already medium in options but they are "ninjas" anyway. Change the ammunition could work, will work on this. this is a good wish list anyway. Setting skill is a good option. Probably Saudi Arabia have not the same skill than USA or Iraqi and Russians.
  13. Hi guys. Can I change the skill of the units? Yesterday I have not time with my Leopardo to hit a M1A1 shooting on me from 4km. I mean he hit me twice from 4km with one shot badly damaging me. Can I change this amazing skill or better I accept this super accuracy because is real so? Is possible change this in Mission editor? What is the best value for a real behavior in case we can set a value?
  14. Transferring a licence .

    I like this. Then I can buy some license to friend testing. So we make the gift by the CM?