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  1. Can you post some pictures?
  2. The directx 9 error is solved. I did restart my computer and then install without problem.
  3. I have an error when install. error -9 directx non installed
  4. i will try make a exemption for codemeter in my antivirus. Anyway is the same antivirus I had in windows 8.1 without this problem. i have a license for a year, non mini stick one.
  5. I have this error after upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10 home. any solution at this point?
  6. guys the problem is still there. I have windows 10 Home. I did everything, also I did a try with Codemeter new version 6.40. My game does not launch at all. same error persisting. I sent an email to codemeter support as well to ssnake with zipped logs.
  7. ok I was out of games the last months and never fallowed the updates. I remember my last update was 4.004. Question? this Sim have a kind of autoupdate? all my config controls etc gonna be still there if I do a clean installation?
  8. They are good ideas. The problem is the mission I modified is for PvP. So the tank should be brand new when the other player take control. I set already medium in options but they are "ninjas" anyway. Change the ammunition could work, will work on this. this is a good wish list anyway. Setting skill is a good option. Probably Saudi Arabia have not the same skill than USA or Iraqi and Russians.
  9. Hi guys. Can I change the skill of the units? Yesterday I have not time with my Leopardo to hit a M1A1 shooting on me from 4km. I mean he hit me twice from 4km with one shot badly damaging me. Can I change this amazing skill or better I accept this super accuracy because is real so? Is possible change this in Mission editor? What is the best value for a real behavior in case we can set a value?
  10. I like this. Then I can buy some license to friend testing. So we make the gift by the CM?
  11. Probably we better wait until logitech reset their own production line for Saitek. They can bring some new toys or better mods that fit for SB. Read here: http://blog.logitech.com/2016/09/15/creating-immersive-gaming-experience-logitech-acquires-saitek/
  12. I have two question about this video. I guess this is a M60 with TIS. 1- I see in this video a side movement of the sighting system. This same behavior happen to me last time I took M1A1. Why do this side movement while lasing? 2- we can see the gunner never targeting right over the tank to target, but anyway he got to hit the target well. I guess the right/down correction is ballistic calculation cuz the wing/temp right, but Down? Maybe a ballistic error and the gunner made a manual correction? Anyway I never see he got aim on this tank and was a good hit.
  13. No, I don't want you give me something. If someone ask for a realistic improvement is for the simulator, the community and the developers, as well for the enjoyable in a simulated battlefield for modern units. Otherwise we need to set in opforce side TOWs and western hardware. I personally don't like this mix. will be fair enough spot an AT-5 and kill them with artillery, or ambush them with another infantry squad, or just shoot a round. If they keep only with AT-3/4 then they are not a real threat for our modern tanks and probably we better ignore them. Although AT-4 are good to kill a PC, but not enough for a 21 century MBT. Also I use to play with a buddy against AI, but mostly we want a personal confrontation with tactic movements. Really nice, I love it. I prefer PvP than AI as enemy because is more personal. When I tested the T-72B1 I convinced very soon I can't face the M1 with such old unit, Then I try a Spanish Leopardo but western vs western have not sense. Probably if we get the Russian T-72B we can simulate a more balanced battlefield for PvP battles. Don't sure if we get only a sighting system difference for ATGM. Anyway will be a great add for the Sim because bring a more balanced PvP option. As I said before. I prefer PvP over AI coop. I never got BMS Falcon because this. I enjoy more PvP challenge. Thanks
  14. You wrong. I am a customer I don't need to provide anything to the developer to get a balanced and realistic product. thank you for the invitation, i don't want be your hero.
  15. But the question is. How can you know eSim have not data for AT-5? You all work for eSim? I suspect you are trying to convince the eSim community that AT-5b is not for in game playable because just eSim have not info about this missile/launcher. But in this case it is in game and playable, but only for BMP-2. BMP-2 is an easy target for MBT with TIS units, so the threat is solved. But in missile team they can keep hide like in real life. Every time I take the M1 I know all the ATGM man portable are only 520mm RHAe. Then I feel this is so easy. I always end mission as a winner very quick and easy. I wanna fell the threat for real, otherwise all we have at the other side is obsolete from 70's. I was trying to change my enemy hardware in mission editor and all I find there is obsolete hardware from soviet 70's era with some exemption like T-90 and T-80 and some other downgraded hardware for export. Will be pretty good improve the OPFOR forces.