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  1. I think Mech Inf got short changed in it's load out. Mind you it would of changed the outcome in any way , but it was to have two spike team, it didn't have any. I played the game over after Sunday's session and nadda as for spikes.
  2. Bahahah it's nice to see someone else get teased for a change
  3. Do you Bark that out to everyone?
  4. It is a perfect position to 'stick' it to those you don't like and just say oops
  5. So , basically you feel like branching out?
  6. If Cimetar shows up he can take my CV 90 and i can join 2nd or 3 rd platoon
  7. Just press? you don't squeeze it or anything?
  8. I 14 or 2nd platoon maybe ... 1 st? tho 3 rd is ok too ..... have fun with that Duck
  9. Don't blame you , I thought it was the 17 th too
  10. Ummm DBoy this game ended like ......4 hours ago
  11. 8pm NY time just to be clear
  12. Good call , some tend to be anal about these details , even tho they are not involved in any way
  13. 3rd platoon 2 IC please Or recce ,if need be