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    South east quebec where towns blow up
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    photography, music , paintball
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  1. For the Birthday boy
  2. Thats got to hurt
  3. Yup like last time , throw me anywhere like the used rag doll that I am
  4. You are just too eager that's why
  5. Don't you mean tomorrow evening?
  6. Yeah I know , I really Ducked up this time *sad puppy face*
  7. Thank him when the links work
  8. Is there a slot open with my old team mates? wink wink
  9. Not official yet , but my chances are good
  10. I should make it .... should so ... at Ducks mercy Or a bad Pun day game
  11. I should make it .... should so ... at Ducks mercy
  12. Will that be in US funds?