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Everything posted by Zaphod

  1. Yeah I know , I really Ducked up this time *sad puppy face*
  2. Thank him when the links work
  3. Is there a slot open with my old team mates? wink wink
  4. Not official yet , but my chances are good
  5. I should make it .... should so ... at Ducks mercy Or a bad Pun day game
  6. I should make it .... should so ... at Ducks mercy
  7. Will that be in US funds?
  8. yay because in two weeks I will see the light at the end of this tunnel .... cross my finger it is not a train
  9. Military down sizing?
  10. Something came up we have noticed. In multiplayer , head to head last Friday , it was the leo's against the Abrams. Those who had the leo sound mod on the Abrams side could hear the Leos from far away.... the sound volume may be a little too loud... just as single player it did seem so when playing another tank type.
  11. There is also Opfor on Saturday afternoon maybe 5 pm east coast time seeming that i forgot that too. all these have different styles and different approach to SB , all good
  12. Sorry that would of been my fault.
  13. Our Co for 1Cad training is not to be heard of lately. There could be a possibility to have private sessions to bring you up to speed. My connection is limited for hosting and I see the SB TS is down. Will see where things are tomorrow also there is TGIF which would start 11 pm 12 ish your time and there is sunday's game at 4 pm your time with Kanium. That would be great training
  14. Said like that . it works for me , thanks P.S SB TS is down btw
  15. Example ..... you are in lead of your platoon , in marching order, you cross a bridge the others don't follow. And or , when you plot to cross a bridge in map view and it decides to go swimming instead.
  16. So the inability for the AI to take a bridge match real life military incompetence?