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  1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CEZAli17OARJA3cJomSqnDxUskcVHhNb
  2. AI wish list or suggestion. Seeming the AI can be a pain in the ass with targets it would be nice as a CO of a platoon to designate target priorities... also as a gunner instead of the ignore option give a target a lower priority, as in 'no I have a tank over here and those infantry can wait till i am done with this threat'. Also , if immobilized , next target... if combat in effective , next target. Traffic clusterfucks when two or more groups or tanks create a traffic jam like crossing a bridge and such or even turning your platoon unit around down the same road then sort it out by call sign priorities... depending on the mission certain platoon or platoon types be given priorities Internal damage needs to be tweaked down when hitting trees from a stop position to a 5 and 10 meter bump into a tree.
  3. I like KT's swearing when he hit a tree
  4. Is it long or is it brief? Make up your mind
  5. Looks like home here
  6. Next time we will crowd him and have a smoke party
  7. Yeah add to my housework burden why don't you !
  8. umm Vietnam
  9. No but I was old enough to see the news feed after supper
  10. Shit I am letting this play , one oldie after another , awesome
  11. Would of been complete if your car was an eclipse too
  12. Didn't we say it was tuesday? damn reunion tonight
  13. C'est pas si bon que ca si il faut compare a un char de cent ans passee
  14. I'll poke Spec I should say that several times really quick
  15. No surprise meetings so yeah I can
  16. Love the Narration , again .... makes it more interesting for those who weren't there. A couple of notes, as a CO you were much busier than my unit and [platoon put together it seemed. And .... 12 Alfa sounds celestial
  17. damn meeting tomorrow , unexpected last minute thing
  18. Oh yeah I like this ...except the screaMING
  19. Just like the beginning of your video you were drawing it out and explaining at the same time. It would be nice to have the briefing like that before the mission starts. Sometimes you have to search for reference points, positions , and objectives while the briefing is being told to you.
  20. I think it is a great idea you get the ...this scenario for dummies approach In a few seconds I knew what I needed to know. to bad there is not an animated version for the briefing
  21. anyway we can get a copy of this mission , for those who were not capable of being there? Oh , and Mir great narration for mission deployment
  22. this is when steroids meets speed