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Everything posted by Zaphod

  1. Nope none at all
  2. we need more Wiglif comments
  3. Windows 7
  4. And they say German have no sense of humor
  5. That is the style for TGIF Kanium likes to use different channel set up, that is their style
  6. We have 1Cad training sessions on Wednesday 8 pm NY time You don't need an invitation
  7. Not really . more you play online the faster you will learn
  8. No , just make sweat a little?
  9. We have a tradition , new guys CO
  10. That depends on what you eat and how well it is cooked
  11. In my case it was the dragon team ... will have to ask Abiddon what he dismounted
  12. we think it has to do with dismounts. In the error that came up , my name was the cause. That is exactly when I was dismounting a dragon equipped troop from an M3. Abbidon and someone else tried it and the error came up during the dismount .... error , i mean crash
  13. Sure I could try drone , have practiced a little bit with the portable one in the scenario and a bit with the uav .... will need a bit of practice .... PS do like Duck and just throw us in where you want ... I usually don't push to talk when I am swearing
  14. Same here , anywhere ....seeming there is already a co
  15. What does the writing say ?
  16. I have a feeling 2017 the sale of popcorn will sky rocket as we will have lots of things to sit back and watch happen.
  17. I can just hear the TS chatter now Fog Cutter this is Road Runner , can't hear Nymph Voice over Exotic Dancers manouvers , Night train is over watching Night Owl with Eagle Eye with no End game in sight , Thunders actions are disrupting Night Life's battle position
  18. Going to change it up and go for the Bradly recce Once dead ..... where you need me