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  1. Video Thread

  2. We love photos

    Could we get this mod plz.....:)
  3. We love photos

  4. New player checking in

    Welcome, see you online soon.
  5. We love photos

  6. FN-FAL

    We do not use the M16, we have another version of the AR longer barrel, heaver, etc. We did use the FN, was my first service wpn, loved it.
  7. We love photos

    I think (would have to ck) that's from a Maple Resolve type EX in Wainwright. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJB-smayeKE
  8. Singleton Training Area Terrain Glitches

    Flat earthers like it.:)
  9. We love photos

  10. We love photos

  11. We love photos

  12. Protractor

    I to embrace realistic methods, maps, units, missions, etc. However, as we have seen its not for everyone, they want a game. Nothing wrong with that, just personal preference when using SB. For myself, I'll take realism , over gamy SB thank you.
  13. It would be dependent on your mission. Command will assign more or less depending on the threat they feel you will encounter from Intel. In a enviroment without heavy armour,most likely orders will state ATGM's will be at a minimum, if tanks are known to be in the AO, they will assign the supply to have the nessary wpn systems, (and reloads) given to your mission profile. That is how most orders work, in concert with the supply chain, all planed out days in advance for your tasking. Hope this helps.
  14. Team Yankee Mission 1

    Try local disk, program data, eSims Games, Steel Beasts.
  15. Do tanks have laser warning receivers?

    I think we are talking two systems here, one Lazar, the other RADAR.Most modern AFV have LWS The other, active protection (anti-projectile) has Radar IE RWS