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  1. Graffenwehr Map

    Check...Esims folder/docs/SBMaps for lists of maps.
  2. BATUS

    Thanks for the kind words, hope you all enjoy this version. I have also not been there, one of our few here I haven't been to, close, but not there.
  3. http://www.fmv.se/sv/Nyheter-och-press/Nyheter-fran-FMV/Rubrik/?fbclid=IwAR1w-UiMRMiesxbLaz8aaPiy6DtyzKq5JOD_wveQNVnjtuoVGQZ4eAujtgk
  4. Exercise Trident Junkture.

    I would think they are allowing another EU nation to drive on their infrastructure. I found Sweden very friendly in 2016.
  5. Exercise Trident Junkture.

    British AFV's rolling thru Sweden on the way to Norway
  6. BATUS

    Thank you, feed back is welcome .Any oddities seen should be reported back to me for improvements/fixes.
  7. BATUS

    Still "Pending approval"

    We in Canada use the sim, and for comms we use our Mil radios for the simple fact, that we have them, good trg on given equipment.As for online playing TS works without any issues (generally). Again welcome , hope to see ya online.
  9. BATUS

    New map BATUS in download section. CFB Suffield trg Area Mil map. Non-Mil map upon request. SS_19_28_42.bmp
  10. BATUS

    Post was, (and this might have been lost on some) the height and terrain files are in the download section under maps. Nothing more.
  11. RADIOS

    Welcome. Yes we use TS with whispers if required.
  12. BATUS

  13. BATUS

    In DL section...
  14. BATUS Terrian

    Version 1.0.0


    To be used with BATUS Map V4.23 Located in Southeast Alberta, approximately 50 kilometres west of Medicine Hat, CFB Suffield has been the site of military training in the region since 1972. CFB Suffield is host to the largest military training area in Canada, conducting the largest live-fire training exercises in the country. The Manoeuvre Training Area covers 1,588 square kilometres of a 2,700 square kilometre base Home of the British Training Unit in Canada SS_10_19_59.bmp