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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    One can always print out a protractor of choice on transparent paper, and use it with the sim, and a standard one can be used also, done it both ways. It's just that simple, not to controversial(!) I would think, right?
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Ya, censoring, I know it all to well. As for the compass, if I may add my 2 cents. Arty is not a lazer wpn, that is to say: we in most (if not all armies) practice using fire and adjust for a reason. Now I know we have some high tech equipment to aid one to drop arty on a 10 grid map location. That being said , most all start out being taught to fire one round, and adjust. So I would say we have the tools in the sim to teach,learn, and use the arty as in real life. My unit used the sim in this way in real life before going to the range. So while I can see the additional request for a compass in the sim, for me I have all the tools that I require to land a 155mm round within a 10 figure grid with the standard method of "fire and adjust", just like when I did in the army. For my Regt it was off the tank range, as a secondary tasking to qual. I always held the belief that pointing to a area on the map in the sim to call arty , was , sort of , game-e. It gives a false impression of how in real life it is taught, and done. I have seen that only with specialized arty equipment, and , or a specified arty veh to lase the target does this happen as in the mouse over the map and fire. The day to day calling from most non-arty troops (without the needed equipment) does not happens this way, rather the fire and adjust method. I pretty sure NATO uses the fire and adjust , as I have been part of many arty training events at the lower level without the required Arty equipment in hand, though I will admit other nations could have and use other methods. Hope I have been clear as mud. as I step down from the soap box......
  3. History of US Tanks.

  4. Video Thread

    Tuesday 20 March 2018. There they go... Tuesday 20 march 2018.. Off they go.... (Dutch Leopard 2's sold to Finland)
  5. Video Thread


    Thanks for the offer Mark.

    I have come after many days of complementing options that, First Clash can not carry on with the imposed restrictions placed on its historical settings, and the lack of desire to play not following the core values of the Campaign. It will however continue with mission #3 as intended with the historical concept when a committed server that will will not impose restrictions can be found. It was my intent to obtain a partner that would follow through as agreed format for the Campaign, at this time I/we can not fulfill this basic concept. I will post when a partner(s) have been identified and a workable First Clash can be held for interested players. I apologize, and most importantly take full responsibility for this setback in the campaign. I would also would take this time to say a huge TANKS to those who played and made First Clash a great time in Southern Germany via 1980's battleground.
  8. Video Thread

    NP, just never seen a RWS on a cargo truck, that's not to say they aren't around
  9. Video Thread

  10. Video Thread

    RWS on a truck? really? never seen that used on a cargo truck, metal cupola sure. (sound as it hits the bridge)
  11. Can we play on?

    I, we have come to a decision point that was not foreseen at Campaign start. This is your Campaign, therefor I need guidance if you would kindly voice your views please.

    ALL Mech Inf units are ordered to return to their base.They were told they were no longer needed to defend the 4CMBG's line. The reports coming in to the media state, moral is very low for these warriors.
  13. Video Thread

  14. Video Thread


    Its is always to have both sides, we will use this format going forward. Think we have covered all points now. If others need to post don't have issue. The next mission will take place south of the 1st mission, just south of Favorite. If you played that mission you will have the map, time to study the ground, so when orders come down you are ahead of the curve. Warning order should be in the hand of O COY CO soon. If the Ptl ldr's from last mission wish to stay in that role PM me. Stay tuned, the Campaign continues.......