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  1. FN-FAL

    Still, the shape of that rifle makes one look like they came from 3018.
  2. After firing a round the gun elevates. why?
  3. FN-FAL

    Be that as it may, I like how it looks. Wonky. I believe also a bullpup config helps with stability. What really worries me is the gripping. Too much sliding I assume.
  4. FN-FAL

    Correct. I meant Belgian army uses the 2000 model.
  5. FN-FAL

    I just love the FN 2000 rifle for its weird shape that looks like futuristic and also Splinter Cell. I think Belgium uses it considering FN “Herstal”. Sorry to derail OP.
  6. Using SB on a second computer

    Excellent! thanks Mark. I dont think there would be internet where I am going abundantly. So I will just take the SB stick, my user saved games folder and the zip archive for SB downloaded parts and get it going.Oh and TIR too.
  7. Using SB on a second computer

    I am about to depart on a work trip and unfortunately I cant take my rig with me. So if I take the CM stick and buy a laptop where I will work, can the CM stick be used on the new laptop? Or shall I deactivate my license on the current rig? How can I do so if its the latter deactivation? Also this means the license will stay on the stick for a new computer to plug it into? Do I need to send computer identifiers to you Nils so you can pair the stick to the new laptop?
  8. Gunner controllers

    that must be a fortress then
  9. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    thanks I know. It is a general question.
  10. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    is there any tank with a fully modeled driver compartment? one where you can interact with controls by mouse?
  11. Gunner controllers

    so it is like a top loaded washing machine held by a bike lock. Sort of makes me think what if someone decides to prank the occupants so they could like dump a bucket of doo doo and then seal it up so when the tank captain (like plane captain) walks to ready up he would be surprised. Nah it is not that easy. It cant be.
  12. Gunner controllers

    aha so you want us to buy the container or the control handles? I’ll just await a 3D printable handle and see where I go from there.
  13. Gunner controllers

    I dont know.. I never saw a real tank even upclose. So that padlock youre referring to is some sort of a chain between the hatch and the hatch negative. so you secure the hatch like subs and then put on a chain and a lock like a bike?
  14. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    Thanks ajax
  15. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    as always, Mark to the rescue 👍🏻
  16. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    I tried aiming in chinese farm with shot kal but failed miserably. kentucky windage helped but I yet to know which of the meatballs or the other shenanigans on the GPS to use for engaging. Hell I dont know what is the difference between a HEAT and a HESH round. Gotta read some.
  17. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    aha so its on a need to know basis 😂
  18. Gunner controllers

    so without derailing thread, is there a key to unlock the tank? like a car key? or do you require perhaps a specifically machined crowbar to the lock specification so you jam it somewhere and it magically unlocks the tank?
  19. why Leopard barrel elevates after shooting?

    I’ve done surgeries easier than these procedures. my god youre supposed to memorise all that?
  20. Gunner controllers

    Add to that a manual fire control mode couple of wheels with pulses and you can kiss the military hardware need goodbye (I hope). Its really easy with an arduino and a magnetoresistor.
  21. Gunner controllers

    I have no idea about half of what you wrote. AIM? IP? Instruction Practice?
  22. Gunner controllers

    exactly my sentiment. I mean if that is the case then also thrustmaster, logitech, etc.. should be under the same rule. Except, they develop wonky looking products that appear as props in primetime or unofficially, but officially endorsed by armed forces entertainment and practices act (bullshit et al 1886). With all that said, if a 3D schematic could be printed that would eliminate the need for surplus purchase. It could be because IFV/AFV/MBTs are more liable to fall into enemy hands than aircrafts. Its a good thing he or she did not give me a number to call for violating that hocus TFR.
  23. LOS tool application below average vehicle height?

  24. I would like to know the use of the 0.5 meter minimum for the LOS tool in planning. I personally dont find it useful as no vehicle exists in game with a height less than 2 feet unless its an R/C toy. Speaking of which, that would be awesome if a mod could exist for a R/C tank to be used on battery basis to cover a battlefield.
  25. Gunner controllers

    I think a bit of 3D printing, some hall effect sensors, an arduino, a few buttons and switches and some coding experience is what is needed. In flight sims the market now has alot of DIY and offshelf products that rival by a mile existing thrustmaster products. I hear you that it beats using a flight stick to control a tank turret but so far nothing appeared and existing stuff is under military control. Like it could be a PS4 controller mounted on a swiveling neck.