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  1. We love videos

    And here is my humble attempt with the infamous M1A1 insta action mission, where I am trapped in a minefield.
  2. We love videos

    thought to try my hand in a T-72 B after getting bored of the M1A1. Its really challenging.
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    awaiting the Krakozian miracle 😂
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    That may be true but if that is the case why is there a get azimuth command and a corresponding mil/brg compass? If its feature rich landscape yeah but if not its like Nils said. Upto the Krakozian government contract to include a map screen compass really in a SB contract which may or may not reach the personal edition.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Indeed an in-game protractor for bearings would be needed in a vehicular simulator nontheless. Problem is I think devs are waiting for a specific military organisation request to include it and possibly many organisations dont or they dont have resources to put it on screen the physical thing. So until that contract comes, keep on trucking, Jack.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Its the one missing feature in a supposedly the creme de la creme of armored warfare simulations. I mean its in silent hunter, dcs thats water and air. I usually include a yardstick to my plan screen so I can roughly measure a distance off my monitor. I couldnt agree more. 👍🏻
  7. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    my German is non existent.. 😂
  8. F4 vision blocks view with binoculars enabled

    I was referring to the trackir lean forward and headbutt your screen zoom axis. Is there a keybinding to that function in eye view?
  9. Why in the unbuttoned view can you see with binoculars but not in buttoned vision blocks view? are binos that big to fit the hatch?
  10. Scenarios to practice hiding? Inert rounds? Sound question

    thanks guys. Sorry about the mix of new questions its a nasty habit of mine.
  11. I'd like to use flora and fauna to practice hiding from AI. Is it feasible? like are there scenarios to practice just that? Can AI see through bushes and trees if they are three layers in compact setting? can AI press numpad . and sharpen their TIS to see me through trees that dense? How about having inert rounds or laser tag for example rwr instead of incurring actual damages to work a situational awareness exercise? Sound: Is it a viable tactic to periodically shutoff the engine and depress palm key to hold turret in place and start listening to all four directions for direction finding? Can there be more audio settings sliders for ambient, turret, comms and weapons? like to adjust channels? Will buying a dedicated sound card provide better audio positioning experience? also, I could get a heart attack from the hit sound playing in my ear drums, that I have to lower the volume just not to shriek at first impact. Anyway to adjust only rounds hitting me impact sounds? thanks in advance
  12. Scenarios to practice hiding? Inert rounds? Sound question

    thanks everybody. In scenarios where tanks are far apart and not cluttered around I can usually pinpoint a quadrant with my mapped hat switch for TC face gun, aft, right and left of main gun. It works with me as follows: First shut off engine and start listening with palm switch depressed. I order gunner scan front to get gun forward and hold it there. Open hatch and be up. Next I use look forward and start listening. occasionally a whine comes in which I dont know what it represents maybe the oil tank or fuel tank distributor if any. Then with hat view I look back and sound which cup in my ear sounds more tracks. then finally look in that ear direction with the hat for forward or aft. Yeah I know grass does not cover its the slopes and ridges that provide protection and concealment (momentarily). The defilades or ridgelines. Can I set a specific enemy tank to only use the machinegun as weapon and not main gun? like my own failures settable can AI have a failed main gun but a working coaxial for example? In BG Anzac do you guys offer positional training meaning one tank multiple players one as driver one as gunner and obviously one as TC? About the sound engine how can I update or participate in beta if any? Will there be sliders with the new system? Essentially I was referring to trees. OK I know now that AI can not see past dense veggies if I am behind them and they are static not moving. How about cutting down trees? can I shoot trees with main gun to clear a balding on a patch of land to get better visual? should I reverse into trees instead? I tried driving full speed into them but driver gets killed. Backing up also gunner gets killed sometimes.
  13. I read the SB1 manual and according to this manual it shouldn't. I attach my AAR for your pleasure. Chime in will you? I suffered a catastrophic damage in transit from my right side it almost looks like it hit the skirts... really weird.. Tanks! Again v1.0_2828_032318ZAKHARYPC861112.aar
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Did I hear this correctly? Feer Neun kilometers? 49 km range?
  15. F4 vision blocks view with binoculars enabled

    Nils, which keyboard shortcut gives maximum zoom in at TC unbuttoned view? Eye view not binos?
  16. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    but it is cumulative if the surface gets hit multiple times in the same spot?
  17. 911: a threat to SB-PE and your computer?

    thanks Rotareneg and Nils.
  18. HELP re codemeter

    will do. Thanks Nils.
  19. 911: a threat to SB-PE and your computer?

    AMD also affected? I'm 8150(2011).
  20. App to help with vehicle recognition in Steel Beasts

    nice one. Here is my score 60%.
  21. HELP re codemeter

    can I post that I have two instances of codemeter appearing on the taskbar? Ver 4.23 and codemeter runtime 6.60b or c (latest). Maybe because I placed it by appearing on taskbar from the previous runtime? Apologies to OP.
  22. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    Guys it was the version preceding the current .23 I have unfortunately updated to .23 so I guess more tests are in order. However one thing happened today that made me weird, and I will post a screenshot. The BM-32 hit the area between the main gun and the turret on the right side and it did not cause damage (AAR said OK). By looking at the BM-32 APFSD-S ammo table, kinetic penetration was not performed at the junction of the 346 and 420 region on the exact line between green and teal in this image for the M1A1 Abrams. The angle was almost perpendicular. Let me post a screenshot this time. Now I dont know the intricacies of a kinetic penetration but at least some damage to the gun would have been feasible, especially that its 540 on the kinetic penetration side of this bad boy. Let me post the screenshot then lets discuss it.
  23. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    version 4 I will post the screenshot the exact version number and the AARs again.
  24. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    its this sce I will post a screenshot when I can. The idea is that its the skirt and not for example the ammo rack or the FCS unless some wires run at the skirts. It was also a slanted shot about 30 degrees iirc not perpendicular on the surface.
  25. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    the map is the scenario Tanks! again you should find it at the downloads section (not my scenario). Today the exact opposite happened as I was chasing a guy behind the trees on the same map and he was very close I hit him three times and he me two times both under 1000 meters and he nailed me. Check my aar and I’ll post the newer one when I can. Thanks Nils