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  1. So I play this mission where you are stranded in a minefield and cant move past the circle, and enemy are advancing on 1) the remaining bridge 2) using bridge layers and also you have FASCAM arty which apparently does not work when called as a fire mission In this mission the enemy does not appear to have a finite number. Its like being a single tank against a battalion of a mix of BMDs, BMPs, T-72, T-80,... Would it be possible to re-tailor it to have like only 15 vehicles to contend with, instead of the battalion versus one tank trapped in a minefield "Gauntlet" type of missions?
  2. Nils, I'm a single A1 against a division. Anyways, there is no option for FASCAM after spending 25 minutes in the mission. I read wiki and its only off-map. By "off-map", this means that there is no physical launcher to be targeted in the map? and if so, would you mind checking how to activate FASCAM in this mission? Is it triggered? if so which one? Also, its not available in the call support menu for arty.
  3. oh , thats so genius, but now there is pulse rate per revolution...
  4. so is it possible to use knobbed rotary encoder with an arduino uno or a teensy to crank gun into elevation and azimuth?
  5. bob lee thwagger is in steel beasts 😂😂🍻
  6. Sorry no problem, fingers crossed and sure enough looking forward to it
  7. so any chance we would get the loader in M1A1 station animated from these contracts? Since you have access to vehicles IRL? 😂
  8. well I checked the mission editor and in fact in the mission Tanks again!, there is a hull down emplacement immediately southwest to the start position in AO Tango. I managed to fight my way there and unfortunately, the bastard attacked my from behind when I was in BP. I am not sure though as to being appropriate to selected trigger vehicle for this particular mission, but it did not stop a round from getting through the forward edge and I think it reduced the kinetic damage modifier so the hit effect on me was OK per AAR. Have to do more testing, but I also noticed that driving position is best to ensure I am really hull down, not flat though (meaning ass up or forward area up). So to answer my question, and, as others mentioned ever so kindly, yes, the hull down position is an emplacement. It can be one tier, meaning one level for hull protection only, or two tier (yes, you guessed it, like cakes) for hull down and partial turret down protection. It can be in a mission if you go F1 and scan area, or it could be added to mission by right clicking empty area on map then selecting emplacements. It can also be camo'd or non-camo'd.
  9. I dont know the term is it trench? DFP? and what can be used to dig it? And how to do it? Thanks
  10. you might want to try the support tutorial too
  11. thanks Mogwa really helpful tidbits. I also read last night the wiki page for arty and to my surprise there was the add and drop graphic which makes it easier for newbies like me visualise it.
  12. Its a great mission if you mean "tanks again!". I always get killed when passing outside the start location in this mission. It seems I need to map Shift+ Arrow keys to my hotas to tell the gunner traverse turret to left or right. I think if during traverse he spots something the turret freezes. I am currently also working my toes into arty but a few things come to mind with experimenting, left and right I think in meters of previous impacts. Add or drop is behind and before respectively, of previous impacts. What is baffling me is azimuth how can that be four digits in a 360° environment. Any pdfs on arty interface? the mils especially?
  13. will do. I might set the total red to nine tanks but maybe diversify their routes. Also what really troubles me is that inside the minefield area, AI have reached me without a penalty while if I were to attempt to navigate even at slow speed I get blown to bits, meaning the minefield does not target red vehicles or the tank is set to explode outside zone, probably on a random timer or fixed time. Can I use arty to blow a path through the minefield? Like, can artillery rounds blow up hidden mines?
  14. sorry my bad then.
  15. M1A1 M1A1 M1A1
  16. I'd like to know what the armor values mean in the pictures of M1A1 frontal view marked with different colors. Also, I want to know which part to hit for the ammo to explode without popping off turret. It happens randomly? Like the tank is moving and I fire, then a flame like a lighter appears from the top and its very satisfying, unlike the turret popping off effect. Any effects libraries to download too for more effects?
  17. Getting there... love this thing so much!
  18. thanks man
  19. ok how about the loader station? shouldnt there be animation for the case ejection and the loader opening (safing) the breech, opening ammo rack, pulling out the fresh round, loading and pushing it into the chamber, then lifting breech up then locking safety to the up position? or preferably interaction from loader station? Also, are there Sherman tanks or Tiger and Panzer tanks in the sim or as additional vehicle? Lastly, which part of binocular crosshair is considered the center of the screen and how is it used? how is it mil divided for rangefinding? What is the use of GPS blast door controls? Do position occupants automatically duck inside turret if the tank is under fire from an unbuttoned position? I sometimes hear the hatch close especially under fire. The manual states that GAS is used to check if the gun barrel has a clear LOS or actually clearing an obstruction immediately forward of it, how is this depicted? One last thing. If a target I spotted is to my 9 o'clock and the gunner is facing forward, if I want him to auto identify a target which is at 11 o'clock while I shift GPSE to 2 o'clock, does pressing shift and left arrow make him auto target the first encountered target azimuth wise from 12 to 9 front to hard left or will he just first slew turret hard left to hull, then start a scan and pick the one he thinks is imminent danger? Can I prioritise his targeting meaning if there are trucks and tanks, can I order him to target only tanks while I use the turret mounted snoring pig on top on said trucks? I think I will move to the mission Tanks again! in order to sharpen my skills.
  20. thanks buddy. so the black text is kinetic penetration, with numbers higher kinetically than specific armor values will enter that armor especially if slanted should the kinetic value be higher significantly? the orange one is incendiary effect and the red one is ? For the particle system, its not really what I'm after as I want other effects like maybe the hit turret main gun collapses or the tires pop off from PCs if hit by small caliber, or maybe bullet holes on trucks.
  21. great answer! 😂
  22. ok, how about the binocular view. I am playing in full realism, yet as I hold shift, there is a red hedgehog that appears with the command to mark position. I bet this is for unrealistic gameplay. My question is, if youre facing a specific area, and you spot a target with binos considering youre higher in the unbuttoned position, can you order the gunner to slew the gun to that position? even if he does not have a direct LOS to the target? Another thing is, how to return the gunner to search mode with the arc and tadpole so that he starts scanning the assigned tactics/RoE area. Alot of the times I find that the gunner might be stuck on old direction arc and even as I hit F5 and swivel arc to behind us, they still scan forward. Lastly, how to have the gunner scan behind I dont think there is a command, and what is the observe command with unit right clicked menu selected "observe here"?
  23. ok how about repairs. I cant find anything in the manual about them. What happens when you lose your LRF without a timer or countdown? Is the damage cumulative or the system is zeroed back to pre damaged state after the repairs? Certainly new to me that a tank would lose its track and be able to repair it on its own. So what do I do, find a burrow and shut my engine down? Lastly, the hit markers on models are green, red, or blue, what do these mean?
  24. So after playing around Air-Assault.sce today, I have a few questions. First, a medically marked unit should not be engaged by enemy. Is there a way to prevent AI from firing on said unit, unless being used to shield a regular? Second, for disabled tanks not destroyed, player controlled, can they be towed without tracks or do I need to park supplies and fuel next to them to initiate repair, or is it unlinked at all to said logistics?
  25. Gibsonm, dont take my words literally. Yes you're 100% correct as long as I see them they can see me. Its LOS afterall. Sure I'd love to join BG but not sure if my ping would allow it, as I'm in Egypt. Don't want to stutter the sim for you guys.