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  1. In terms of hardware they are very far from being the same, same applies to the rest of FCS. Just my personal observation.
  2. Speaking of panoramic device at loader's station on command tanks, it is not reliable ID feature, since regular "line" tanks had dummy installed sometimes(in order to conceal command vehicles).
  3. This depends from production batch. Some had observation periscope in the turret hatch cover, some had periscopic sight, some had both devices.
  4. Both, but AFAIK periscopic sight provided less accurate lay on target because of backlashes in traversing head and it's gear
  5. Gun itself is balanced(within certain margin), but turret is not. Since gun barrel weight diminishes due wear with each round fired, gun balance should be checked periodically and adjusted by addition or removal of counterweights.
  6. LAV-25, T-80 and T-90 are not fully playable currently and their crew positions can not be accessed by human player, but this does not applies to ASLAV-25, which is fully-playable and is used by some mission makers as LAV-25 substitute.
  7. ...Also a number of available priority and FASCAM missions is always limited by scenario designer
  8. Well, comparing SB and WT is like comparing apples and oranges. DM of each product meets specific needs dictated by market, target audience and software limitations. No, WT DM is not more advanced or realistic when it comes to simulation of terminal effects of munitions and variety of possible damages to vehicles systems. Yes, WT damage model is definitely more spectacular and entertaining; features like "kill cam" or visualization of armor thickness can lead to not so correct conclusions.
  9. United States, if I'm not mistaken...
  10. 36-37 with i5-4440 @3.1GHz; VSync is on.
  11. Judging by the color of unit icons, custom party was created or party dispositions were changed accidentally during adjustment of icon color for Blues.
  12. Right now plow can be manually lowered only from driver`s position by pressing "Space" key; there is no such hotkey for GNR or TC. Only way to lower plow from gunner`s position is to switch to map view and plot a new route with "breach" tactics. Player on TC`s position, while in unbuttoned eye view, can set an end waypoint for lane to be plowed by left clicking on vehicle icon(map symbol with callsign) at bottom right of the screen and selecting "breach to" option from pop-up menu.
  13. Correct links for all 5 parts: http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part1.exe http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part2.rar http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part3.rar http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part4.rar http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part5.rar
  14. Hey, you forgot folding bikes for dismounts, added on special request from 1st TSG (airborne)