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  1. Good fun and more new guys which is great. See you next week I hope!
  2. Shame I am away this week
  3. Did manage a session for some planning Chong- Ju. Need enough players to have a go, not necessarily this week. Question: assume I can re position artillery later in mission although appreciate will have bigger delay? Tried not to be too prescriptive on vehicle by vehicle moves and will brief intent and any latitude at the time BG ANZAC Chong Ju not so easy 4_010 CHRIS.pln
  4. I expect to be there. Sorry I will not have had chance to look at a plan for Chong Ju - too much going on at present. Happy to do Op Scorpion or if not enough some basic training.
  5. Where required - happy to work with Connagh if he is coming along
  6. Mark - good idea re people expecting to move so early engaging units filled and reserves partially manned until later
  7. We did some grand execution today. Apart that is from the BMP that took 4 hits to kill!
  8. I expect to be there. First choice - let's get Chong 'Ju finished if poss. If enough and no Chong Ju Op Scorpion
  9. Hope to make it next Thursday so seen you then!
  10. AAR attached JERXHEIM_hasty defense _platoon M1_22644_040617SNIPER1024.aar