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  1. Expect to be there. Happy to do a variant on what I missed last week. Will look at diary for holiday season
  2. Unlikely this week I am afraid. Solicitors, carpet fitters etc etc.
  3. OK Mark thanks for telling us - have a good day!
  4. Hope to be there if you are able to run a session
  5. Hope to be there but don't wait for me
  6. Just want to clarify location of DK woodland folder
  7. I am 75% chance of being there - an will remember correct time - I hope. As ever what we do will depend on numbers. Happy to handle multi vehicles but you then have to accept that AI can sometimes slip out of your intentions briefly
  8. Regrettably not this week - have fun!
  9. Expect to be there this week. As to what we do will depend on how many we get. Hard to do bigger scenarios with 2 or 3 people. Something with opportunities to learn to fight rather than just mass shoot up.
  10. Will just be back from Italy so unlikely this week
  11. Sorry for issues - getting increasing micro pauses as game went on and then lost complete control. No ping messages and my network showing low activity so not sure what issue is. Hopefully won't happen when I see you in a couple of weeks. Hope mission went well
  12. Hi I am 50/50 depending on how getting ready to go to Italy is going.