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  1. Well I enjoyed the immersion and civilian traffic is pretty realistic. No harm in trying these things and then taking the lessons from them as long as everyone enjoys it. I did even though I didn't fire a shot and lost my gunner when Short n Sweet de- synched and his tank leapfrogged over mine hitting it on the way!
  2. Fantastic session guys - many thanks. Looked at AAR and can see why it went quiet. We wiped them out apart from a couple of inf squads. My boys got caught trying to withdraw with empty ammo racks having kept disobeying withdrawal commands to turn and fight! Still terriifc execution by all units.
  3. Tank first choice this week but if not then wherever I can be of use
  4. Sorry I could not complete the mission owing to ping issues but would like to thank Mirzayev for an interesting and well prepared mission.
  5. Glad to join you on engineers - we can help each other along as I think we may be busy on this mission!
  6. Cannot find this in my missions on PC - I there anywhere I can download as need to go through some of this again? Thanks
  7. Oh blimey! Sounds complicated! And even worse very important for this mission
  8. As drone taken (not that I knew how to use it) if you need me in engineers say or anywhere. Assume engineers is recovery and minefield breaching?
  9. Anywhere you need
  10. Another big thank you for a valuable session. I will certainly take account of the difference between orders and self driving! Will report back on the tutorial scenario in next few days I hope
  11. Thanks Mark for taking us through what must be pretty tame stuff for you. All this helps for the more complex stuff.
  12. Another great session thanks! Learned lots this week. Have a great Xmas and see you next week
  13. Mark Very many thanks for the extremely useful session today. In all the scenarios I have cannot remember what the name of the training one was? Will be reading through the info in your pdf and will share with the other guys. Hope to be there on Thursday