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  1. I will be there - if not homework then sce 3 of Rolling Thunder sounds fun!
  2. Thanks once again Mark for running this
  3. Battle of Ilovaisk by swordsmandk.sceLast week's mission
  4. Ok I will stick my neck out if you like. Assuming enough people there. Others can then learn from my mistakes
  5. Great session - thanks Mark. Planning for next one in process!
  6. Cannot sign up for this one as up at 5AM next morning - sorry.
  7. 23 or 24 for now but happy to go elsewhere if it helps later
  8. That makes sense - 2 1/2 hours of mayhem!
  9. I am planning to be there
  10. Hi - as mentioned I have a TV engineer due Thursday some time between 8am and 5pm local. If they get a more accurate time that is away from my morning then fine otherwise won't be able to make it this week
  11. Hi Mark - I think I did my reply via e mail but repeated on poll thread and again here a first choice, b second c third although might be away anyway.