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Everything posted by chrisreb

  1. Regrettably not this week - have fun!
  2. Expect to be there this week. As to what we do will depend on how many we get. Hard to do bigger scenarios with 2 or 3 people. Something with opportunities to learn to fight rather than just mass shoot up.
  3. Will just be back from Italy so unlikely this week
  4. Sorry for issues - getting increasing micro pauses as game went on and then lost complete control. No ping messages and my network showing low activity so not sure what issue is. Hopefully won't happen when I see you in a couple of weeks. Hope mission went well
  5. Hi I am 50/50 depending on how getting ready to go to Italy is going.
  6. In my diary if you run anything. No issues if not
  7. When playing an MP scenario today 3 players had issues with the reloading on the ASLAV. The vehicle would happily load all other ammo types except the main gun APFDS. Tried individual load that ammo type and Reload All commands.
  8. I expect to be there if you are able to run anything. Quite understand if not - the Country comes first!!
  9. Yes I know you were just dying to have a smoke grenade party!!
  10. Well I was concerned with you driving in front on my guns Great mission
  11. Also I think he was Danish?
  12. Thanks all - great game!
  13. In my diary so hoping to be there
  14. Thanks guys did enjoy testing the new scenario - I just wish those T55s weren't one shot snipers!
  15. Thanks again Mark - I get a lot out of these training exercises. Always worth doing
  16. Thanks guys - fun session even though we got our butts handed to us so to speak
  17. working on it - if I get sorted by 10.30 will try to join
  18. Looks like I am out - Teamspeak will not connect to any server except the main test one. Worked yesterday although I had mic problems