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Everything posted by chrisreb

  1. Thanks again Mark - I get a lot out of these training exercises. Always worth doing
  2. Thanks guys - fun session even though we got our butts handed to us so to speak
  3. working on it - if I get sorted by 10.30 will try to join
  4. Looks like I am out - Teamspeak will not connect to any server except the main test one. Worked yesterday although I had mic problems
  5. Was not expecting a mission this week. I can only say 50/50 if attending - apologies
  6. Tank in C1? If not wherever
  7. You missed a great scenario! Blue joined us as well.
  8. Glad I could unexpectedly join you - was good to see new players
  9. Hope you get some takers for this. Probably too early for me.
  10. I hope to be there. If not enough for a mission then I think last week shows we can learn a lot from practice sessions
  11. Sorry I missed you - back too late. Joined but you were obviously in game
  12. Real shame cannot make it this week as we have visitors. After last week wanted to get on a roll. Still expect to be with you week after all being well
  13. Unless something unexpected comes uP (will say if it does_ I will be there
  14. Quite understand - no one else on TS so I would head back to bed if I were you
  15. Sorry Mark I only got clear to join at that time - to be fair I do not think I had not indicated I would be there.
  16. Mark seems like no one else about tonight so I guess you get to go back to bed!
  17. Big thanks for trying today Mark. Very frustrating I know with endless connection issues.
  18. Not 100% but hope to be there. For my Chong Ju plan I sent in we do need sufficient exprienced members so might hold on that a few weeks. Happy to do Brilliant to Basics as I always learn lots but if not will go with what others /majority want