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Everything posted by chrisreb

  1. Dedication and knew I would miss this week so wanted to get another session in as always good to learn stuff.
  2. Not this week as taking wife away from kitchen mayhem for a few days and poss next week as well
  3. I always enjoy the learning I get playing with you guys which is why I keep darkening your door! And No, I did not mean more fratricide
  4. That was a brilliant learning exercise and so sorry about friendly fire. More of this the better I think. Realized I am likely to be out for 2 weeks. Next week taking wife away from chaos here and she is on hol the following week.
  5. Thanks Connaugh and Zaphod for joining me! Mind you there is still that ominous spare spot.
  6. I hope to be there. However a 3 week kitchen rebuild starts today so participation depends on whether workmen need power off at that time which I won't know to late Wednesday.
  7. wherever you need me - although Zaphod said go 2nd Plt Co but that's only Zaphod :-)
  8. I'll make it easy = where you need me! (or even if you want me!)
  9. Shame I have to miss this week. Have fun!
  10. Thank you again guys for helping run my plan - first time I have done this and what a great bunch to do it with!!
  11. Quite exciting when we found enemy recon well off to our flank and slightly behind us early on!
  12. I enjoyed today and have tweaked my plan should it be used at some stage. Decided not to try to script every last movement as 'no plan survives contact with the enemy..'
  13. Thanks Mark! Just what I wanted. Looked and found how to rotate the text so that is done. If not clear to me now what that arrow then remove it!! The colours were to show which phase each operation belonged to but can easily be changed. Revisions attached should we ever use it. I expect to learn a lot of hard lessons and will be interested to see how others approach it. BG ANZAC Chong Ju 4_010.pln
  14. As mentioned to Mark the other day struggling with getting graphics on SB to do what I want. Anyway have done a basic plan which I want to see if it is understandable in present form. If not would welcome tips from the pro's. BG ANZAC Chong Ju 4_010.pln