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  1. Mark - will be in at least one scenario and happy to go wherever needed to get the manning correct. Won't volunteer to CO as need to balance this and Wife's wish to do other things. Great backstory!
  2. Hope to be there - agree once a month good for whiteboards.
  3. Understandable. Yes internet fine after my last re conect. Maybe my ISP was playing around at the local exchange. For me a yes to doing a perioc=dic whiteboard sesion. Really helped. Crossed bridges fine today - forests next!
  4. Had 2 really good goes at this mission. This time I was hit from 3 sides at once and overwhelemd
  5. Thanks Mark very very useful session. Realized afterwards we lost Rhys along the way?
  6. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Hoping for tomorrow evening your Morning i.e 20+ hours from now
  7. Hope to be there - would certainly like at least a few minutes on AI handling if possible. You know the crossing creeks/bridges, how to go into a woods with 4 vehicles and come out with more than 2...
  8. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Sad I missed it
  9. Expect to be there - yes let's revisit some of the previous scenarios to see if they have changed with the update
  10. Will try to join you before Dentist!
  11. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    I will play either or both ad hoc sessions. Only factor is time and making sure it does not clash with things like family duties etc. More people the better as very hard with 2 or 3 to exercise sufficient control over the units. I don't have the skills like Mark of producing those wonderful basic training missions that I played with ANZAC. They are on my drive so can be pulled out if real newbies want to participate with any of us
  12. At present 75/25 in favour of getting there. Will have a think about any prefs.
  13. Expect to be there. Happy to do a variant on what I missed last week. Will look at diary for holiday season
  14. Unlikely this week I am afraid. Solicitors, carpet fitters etc etc.
  15. OK Mark thanks for telling us - have a good day!
  16. Hope to be there if you are able to run a session
  17. Hope to be there but don't wait for me
  18. Just want to clarify location of DK woodland folder
  19. I am 75% chance of being there - an will remember correct time - I hope. As ever what we do will depend on numbers. Happy to handle multi vehicles but you then have to accept that AI can sometimes slip out of your intentions briefly