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  1. Shame away next 2 weeks just as others might be coming along.
  2. Good fun again - hopefully some new recruits to at least leaven the Euros !
  3. seems half our contingent has switched to Arma and no longer doing SB
  4. In my diary. Another bash at SOSRA if anyone ready and enough turn up. If not then one of our previous missions - we had one ready to go last week. If I think of any basics training in the meantime will shout.
  5. Count me in: If possible some AAR on RL as I missed last 45 mins of mission 3. Happy to do another homework solution. If not enough then revisit a small scenario. Must remember later start!
  6. Great fun - lasted until 45 mins from end of Mission 3 when I ran out of timee. 3 great missions thanks
  7. I am sure that will be fine - he has an 8 hour return trip to do first so his arrival is variable as to time
  8. @Assassin 7 Arrived back from Italy a few hours ago and just catchihg up on stuff. Confirm that in UK had no issues with any strange behaviours in a couple of tests we did. Hope to conincide - doing mission 1 , hopefully most if not all Mission 2
  9. Really great background stuff and lots of great prep - looking forward to it. Will read up all the orders when back from Italy - off to bed now for a 3.30am alarm which I know is nothing to you hardened troopers!
  10. Mark thanks. Nothing yet so looks like off although will check for next 2 hours. Cannot make next week as in Italy and week after depends on what I have to get done when I return on the Wednesday.
  11. Mark as it is only me it really doesn't seem worth you taking the trouble to set everything up remotely as I am not going to do a scenario with only me in 3d as a waste of your valuable time.
  12. Will be there - usual caveats as to what we do given numbers. After this week will be away for next 2 weeks.
  13. Thanks guys fun but hard mission!
  14. Will be there. Do Homework if enough, otherwise test RL and revisit a mission
  15. Oh well removed them anyway. Also increased mission time from the daft 45 mins it was. Oh well off to do some snow shovelling!
  16. Thanks Mark for the session this morning - very good as always. Have made some minor amendments to the scenario from this morning as per have amended today's mission to make it playable. Red had 3 batteries of Arty and we had none! Red had IEDs on first bridge and we had no engineers and IEDs not visible. I now have no IEDs and only 6 tubes arty per side which should make it playable Bridges at al-Taibiya with arty.sce
  17. FC Campain mission 4.sceFC Campain mission 4.pln FC Campain mission 4.pln
  18. BP training fine if small numbers - will be there disasters excepting

    Great to hear OPFOR viewpoint - thanks