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  1. I enjoyed today and have tweaked my plan should it be used at some stage. Decided not to try to script every last movement as 'no plan survives contact with the enemy..'
  2. Thanks Mark! Just what I wanted. Looked and found how to rotate the text so that is done. If not clear to me now what that arrow then remove it!! The colours were to show which phase each operation belonged to but can easily be changed. Revisions attached should we ever use it. I expect to learn a lot of hard lessons and will be interested to see how others approach it. BG ANZAC Chong Ju 4_010.pln
  3. As mentioned to Mark the other day struggling with getting graphics on SB to do what I want. Anyway have done a basic plan which I want to see if it is understandable in present form. If not would welcome tips from the pro's. BG ANZAC Chong Ju 4_010.pln
  4. Thanks Mark - have enough annotated on the map with the symbols so at least there is the basis of a plan. Next week I could possibly do something one morning my time but would not wish to impinge on your time.
  5. I am doing a plan but am struggling more with my limitations on the graphics than with what I want to do. Seems no way to have test at a sensible size or even right way up in some cases! Resorted to Test to remind myself of what I am trying to do. If I continue to struggle would there be time on next session I attend to discuss? Cannot see a good guide to this stuff
  6. Thanks Mark will see if I can do a plan
  7. Tank this week please
  8. Sorry cannot attend this week but hope for next week. I tried to open scenario to make a copy to start a plan but it asked for a password?
  9. Mark Was going to do a plan for this scenario. Tried to open it to make a copy and it asked for a password.
  10. Glad to see you here Domestos - enjoyed our practice the other day - we will do mech inf next. Oh I see you might be in my platoon!
  11. Not got time before Sunday to really practice Centauro . Can do basics in a Pizarro.
  12. Thanks for a thought provoking and fun session all in one.
  13. Wherever needed
  14. Whatever it is best wishes for Mjr Duck. Thanks to all who put so much work into a great mission. Was full on commanding a platoon and helping a new player at same time (helped in second incarnation of platoon brilliantly by Zaphod so I could listen more to Company orders)
  15. Tank first choice otherwise where you need me
  16. Well I enjoyed the immersion and civilian traffic is pretty realistic. No harm in trying these things and then taking the lessons from them as long as everyone enjoys it. I did even though I didn't fire a shot and lost my gunner when Short n Sweet de- synched and his tank leapfrogged over mine hitting it on the way!
  17. Fantastic session guys - many thanks. Looked at AAR and can see why it went quiet. We wiped them out apart from a couple of inf squads. My boys got caught trying to withdraw with empty ammo racks having kept disobeying withdrawal commands to turn and fight! Still terriifc execution by all units.
  18. Tank first choice this week but if not then wherever I can be of use
  19. Sorry I could not complete the mission owing to ping issues but would like to thank Mirzayev for an interesting and well prepared mission.
  20. Glad to join you on engineers - we can help each other along as I think we may be busy on this mission!
  21. Cannot find this in my missions on PC - I there anywhere I can download as need to go through some of this again? Thanks
  22. Oh blimey! Sounds complicated! And even worse very important for this mission
  23. As drone taken (not that I knew how to use it) if you need me in engineers say or anywhere. Assume engineers is recovery and minefield breaching?