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  1. Same however particularly I would like to the see the M60A1 RISE Passive instead of the completely Vanilla M60A1, because the initial version Lacks any sort of stabilization and since IR lamps dont work in SB it would really have no effectiveness in night operations. Plus RiSe P could also come in the secondary version: USMC late 1980s - early 90s "flavor" covered in ERA like it was seen in the Gulf war.
  2. This guy i knew from my a summer job like 1.5 - 2 years ago when i was still in college, Was a polish guy. Said He during his time as a Draftee served as T72 Driver, in the late 80s just as the Solidarity movement was in full swing and taking control from the communists. Told me how then then how the Army and his unit was re positioned East against the USSr Border. The man was broad shouldered and at least 6 feet tall. ( just shy of my height; 6-1). Dunno he somehow fit inside T72 drivers position ( which is normally buttoned up)
  3. apples vs oranges comparison. Neither is exactly the same, although visuals are undoubtedly are better in VBS. Combined arms But more focused on Infantry ; VBS Combined arms with a stonger focus on Armored fighting vehicles simulation and tactics ( with good simulation of Fire control and interiors) ; Steel Beasts.
  4. man that really paints a dark picture.
  5. M1A2 Sep - still love my modern high tech tanks. this ones my favorite. M60A3 TTS - for cold war scenarios. I just like how on the exterior its retro tank ( Steel armor) but on the inside its reffitted with digital FCS, and a good thermal sight for its day. T-72B1 1985 - WHen playing as Soviets. Stillfun having control as gunner, and not having Commande telling me what to do. Plus it can eat HEAT due to ERA ( Kontact 1) and its the only Soviet Playable tank thus far that has an acceptable enough "FCS" for me to want to sim in in a 80s cold war setting. Still no dynamic Leading like nato tanks, but at least it displayed for the gunner in the corner how much lead he has to apply when lasing so intuition and guesstimating isn't necessary.
  6. well yea back in the day steel tanks could jujst be measured but not so easy with tanks like the Composite armored that have sophisticated materials sandwiched between various layers of plates or other stuff. Its not as simple as with basic Steel.
  7. at the same time does your average Enlisted tanks or even platoon grade officer know the exact composition and exact thickness of the Tank. That in itself seems like a big intel risk All KGB err i mean FSB ( or other foreign intelligence) guys have to do is Hack thier personal computers, Get a guy drunk at a local bar for a nice talk, OR if that fails Snag such a guy when hes on vacation ( or in case of a war capture a crew as prisoner) and after a few days in a dark dark Room theyl know the exact composition and armor protection RHAE equivalent and penetration values for the ammunition. AFAIK Tank crews dont go through SERE or arent trained to resist interrogation. These aren't Tier 1 Special Forces or Government Spooks with such training and possession of TOp level security clearance.
  8. lemme guess? 1.71 rumor roundup WT forums?
  9. Steel beasts site says this: The Israeli variant of the M735, nicknamed "Hetz". Several M111 rounds were supplied to the Soviets by the Syrians after being captured from the Israelis in 1982, which prompted the addition of a 16mm steel plate for the T-72, and a 20mm steel plate for the T-80, after testing showed it was unable to withstand the round. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=M111 IS this really the case? the M111 is a monobloc penetrator compared to the M735. In the Cutaway you can see the M111 looks different the M735. compared to M735 I think that's differentiation enough for it to be considered a more unique l in home Design rather than a Variation ( license built or even Minor modification of the M735.) Built under a different name
  10. Exactly Mutually assured destruction Besides from a SB gameplay perspective Nukes would be overpowered for the scale of combat we see in steel beasts on a 21 by 21 KM sized map.
  11. No you just think your right when its really just personal opinion and viewpoints.
  12. To each his own. It depends on your taste in movies. There are plenty drama films and or comedy class films that are not horror or violent. No we are were we re because adaption and relying on innovation. people have been farming food since the earliest of civilization, save for some aboriginal groups that remained as such. LOl humans are obsolete. K. WE won't be replaced. WE are at the top of the food chain, unless your implying we get invaded by species from another planet. No ones going to replace ourselves with machines as a succession civilization ( except for manufacturing and certain work roles) . That would be committing suicide of a species lol. Seriously now your just getting into over the top sci fi. Really, wow never knew that we would be overpopulated if we lived for ever.( sarcasm) Captain obvious mucH? No there really is no individualism. We just want to believe we are all somebody. Ironically individualism would have made much more sense in times when human populations were still small. We are not servants of anyone. We merely exist becuase of evoulton mixed chance. Again this really isn't going anywhere. Shall we talk about ice cream next?
  13. IPerhaps they chose to live a certain way, not that they failed to move with the times. Amish peoples for example chose to live a lifestyle of the late 1800's, and not move with the times. Sometimes a lifestyle choice, not a failure of evolution. Remember at the end of the day those aboriginals are part of a nation, and these days are protected. So an attack on them ( or for a group community of AmisH) would be an attack on the country of which territory they reside in.
  14. They can but Russians have proven they cant afford to build many of them. ( IE look at the Su35 and how few of them are) Pak Fa as a stealth jet is not expected to be as sophisticated as F22 or F35. ITl remain to be seen however IF theyl outproduce the F22 or F35 ( i have doubts) T14 armata tank looks impressive, but so far they have built a handful of them. I personally am supportive of the Multirole Fighter philosophy, and the importance of them. Even if you look from a perspective of darwinism. Specialized animals enjoy certain qualities, but the species that can adapt will be the best suited for survival Besides even during the cold war 8s period Americans were not totally blinded by High tech. They adopted a "high low mix" Philosphy. F15 as a dedicated and more expensive Air superiority fighter, with the F16 as a Smaller cheaper, and Multirole platform that could be more easily mass produced, but still held relevant technology from its generation. The A10 was adopted as a rugged, but inexpensive dedicated ground attack jet ( based on lessons learnt in vietnam from the A1 sky raider CAS and Sandy Missions), FOr busting soviet tanks and supporting troops engaged with enemy forces. However a nuclear exhcange would certainly devaste nations far quicker and much more than firearms would. It just hasn't happened, because of Mutually assured destruction. Nukes aside what i meant by the post was the scale of combat also translates into bigger losses when the enemy can field what you can field. . Also take into consideration is that modern militaries employ AP rounds for thier service rifles. Ceramic plates in military Body armor would not be as much of a life saver at it has been in these smaller scale wars against conventional rounds. Sounds just about right lol. But to degree one can always write it down to peace time economy. Just look at how most militaries looked before ww2, and during or immediately after ww2. UK was in a similar predicament prior to ww2. Even USA military was modest one, in no shape to fight a modern militarized power such as Germany or Industrial Japan prior to 1941. But as any nation mass mobilization and transformation to war economy can drastically changed ther military posture and their ability to project force.
  15. They are your opinions. This is not the only view held by you. AS other posters have quoted other authors. Understanding something, Does not alleviate an issue. A stealth bomber wasn't designed to Bomb Human waves or radical Militiamen. It was designed because other modern countries have Radars and Intricate Air defense network that have improved to the point that has rendered non stealth aircraft venturing into thier airspace inhospitable. All in part due accelerated of a Cold war that waged between USA and USSR. If there was just 1 country vs Entire world of Primitives, then there would be no need for stealth bombers, Hence a stagnation of technological innovation because it wouldn't be necessary. Even Post COld war you can see how the progress of technology has slowed down when the RED Menace was gone, compared to the fast pace of change of 20 or so years after ww2, vs 27 years since the cold war ended. When there was no threat there was no justification of as large defense budgets and innovation slowed down. in the last few years perhaps it has somewhat accelerated due to Russian ambitions, but still nowhere what it was during the cold war. YOu can go farther back through any wartime period and see this trend. Again IF all we fought were Barbarians, Or whatever or other such Primitive warrior chieftain, or Radicalism societies then our technological progression would be stagnant and move at a snail pace.