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  1. Credits Slideshow Music

    Maybe we will get a seventh funny enough i was one of the people who made such a post in the past
  2. History of US Tanks.

    As a curious question Does anyone know hoe many vanilla M60A1 and M60A1 AOS remained by the 1980s ( if any)? that werent yet upgraded to M60A1 RISE or RISE passive or M60A3 in US service, based on numbers i found on varying sources I tried to do the math, although i dont have documentation from the amount of M60 converted or produced to M60A1 RISE standard from 1975- 1977 Source : max produced M60/M60A1 series by year 1980 ( hunnicut) : 7948 Based on this document shows how many M60A1 RISE & RISE passives were coverted or produced from 1978-1980 and as a Bonus for me where they were Deployed. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a141935.pdf A book i had read on the M60 MBT history by Richard Lathrop wrote that that aprox 5,400 M60A3's were produced total only 1,700 were brand new factory fresh with the rest being upgraded from M60A1's. SO with that information know this is my Mathemetical work how i attempted to determine how many M60A1 and m60A1 may have been in service. ( to restate i dont know how many were converted/produced from 1975-77 to RISE standard so the number is certainly going to be smaller than the one i come up with) in 1978-1980 there are 1,523 RISE & RISE passives. ( we do not have 1975-1977 numbers unavailablefor but missing) There are 5,400 M60A3's produced , only of which 1,700 are factory fresh. 3,700 M60A3's are Upgraded from PRe M60A1 RISE series. WE also know that 874 Patton went to Foreign military sales, and 578 of various iterations were sold off to the USMC ( Which also included the RISE and RISE PAssive) According to Hunnicut a total of 7,948 a total of M60 series of tanks were produced by 1980 ( which finally ceases with the Last RISE passive) 7948 - 874 ( FMS) - 578 (USMC) = 1,452 1,523 ( M60A1 RISE/RISE passive) + 3,700 ( Pre RISE M60's upgraded to M60A3) = 5,223 Now lets subtract total production of M60A1 built with the total of M60A1s Upgraded TO RISE/RISE passive and M60A3's. 7948 - 5223 = 2725 Now last but not least to SUbtract that number further with the ammount of M60A3's that were produced in factory. which would have replaced obsolete M60 Tanks ( pre RISE) not upgraded. in Europe. 2725- 1700 = 1025. NOw to add upgraded M60a3s ( formerly built M60A3's) with new produced M60A3's, combined with known number of Upgraded M60A1 RISE/RISE passive ( 1977-1980) 5223 ( combined number of modernized M60A1 and M60A3) + 1,700 ( new produced M60A3) = 6,923 To check work subtract MAx production of Various M60 patton family by subtracting it number left from non upgraded pattons 7948 - 1025 = 6923. TO Reitarate again. This only with what information i had available, I know i am lacking information on how many M60A1s were converted to RISE between 1975-1977. IF there are any further incorrect wih my reasoning i am glad to be corrected. Thats ultimately why i ask the question as well hoping anyone could fill in the blanks with regards to 1975-77 production/ upgrades.
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    agreed this would be a pretty desired modernization as imo one of the main Reason i prefer M1A2 SEP over any of the comparable era Leopard 2 series currently represented is the Superior Thermals Resolution and Magnification for them. This would go along ways fro the 2a5 and 2a6 without having to introduce an entirely different Leopard Mark
  4. History of US Tanks.

    as a general question(s) 1) were there any Original M1's were Refurbished to M1IP standards? 2) or any M1's and M1IP upgraded to M1A1 standards? ONly asking becuase In turn a overwhelming Portion of M1A2 series of tanks are not Factory new But Old stocks of M1A1 and M1A1 HA sent back to General dynamics to go under a vast upgrade process to have the Protection and newer FCS ETC, that were brough upt brought up to M1A2, and subsequent M1A2 SEP standards.
  5. History of Soviet Tanks.

    While this thread did cover T80U tank ( and T80Ud) Are there more than 1 type of T80U tank? The general consensus by this Information provided by Damian90 ( and even other sources ive read such as Tankgrad oR Zagolas Publicattions) that the T80U had T80BV hull and the Turret with those Case Cells until the T80UD Ive had someone claim to discover there were multiple iterations of the T80U within its production run. and make this 3d drawout. 1 Is T80U Mod 85 ( same Hull config as T80BV) , a T80U mod 86 which is slightly modified to include 1 layer of space, and then the T80U mod 89 which incorporates Ceramic Hull layout like the T80UD. Just asking here for more reputable information
  6. ETA on terrain patch?

    Its alright I understand not giving deadlines. Sadly like the aforementioned ED example some people will mercilessly complain any time a "perceived" deadline is missed, Hold that grudge against a "perceived broken promise" even If there was a good explanation for why new content isnt released yet. SUch people will continue to bring up as Ad hominum argument for forum discussions for other content that is announced for development. ON the other hand some community memberss will complain if there is no transparency or News of progress re Development Cycle. So really you cant win Guess you have to go for something in between. Personally i appreciate you taking the time to explain things and reassuring us things are being worked on.
  7. ETA on terrain patch?

    IF you would think twice remember that They never said 2 weeks.... And they "delayed" it for good reason. To Upgrade the Game engine which would have been far more overdue if they opted to do it later( which was paid off TBH despite the long development time. look at 1.5/2.0 and the recent 2.5 Merge release). and started Nevada map from scratch in a much more Hi res Model and much more representative of Vegas Something you seem to forget. quite a selective memory. But then again this is why ED has stopped promsing anything and not sharing as much with regards to development process, people like you who complain any time a perceived deadline is missed ( again there wasnt a specfic release date noted anyhow)
  8. ETA on terrain patch?

    NO actually. dont recall any content being promised in 2 weeks by ED and being overdue by 3 years. ED doesnt give exact dates either, only "end of the month (or season) deadlines" if content is deemed far along to be sent to Pre purchase status and generally it is has been thus far to such rough deadlines.
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Ai tanks : modernised Russian armor T-72b3, T80bvm, T90m
  10. ArmA

    Especially gonna be more interesting with the Tank DLC that BIS released earlier this week. Updated FCS and Tank interiors definitely makes Armored warfare Aspect of ArmA more immersive
  11. thats what tanks basically get used for low intesity conflicts where the enemy are rag tag milita groups with No armored vehicles. US and allied tanks in A-stan (and IRaq Post 03 invasion) certainly weren't fighting hordes of enemy Armored formations. UNless Convetional ware occurs Tanks will be largely left on the sidelines if they werent employed to support troops via Indirect or direct fire artillery. In all fairness Russians arent deploying thier best armored units to Ukraine. Seems they have deployed old and second tier tanks Ranging from pulling old T-64B's from storage or using unmodernised T-72B's from Reserve units. Naturally theyd be more vulnerable but then again Russia has massive stockpile of various old , but servicable tanks that can be sold off for en masse for cheap 9 if there are willing buyers) or put back into use for lower scale wars. Seriously with the 10s of thousands of T55/T62 and T64 and T72 tanks in storage Russia could potentially prop up a given underdeveloped nation to be next 3rd world Regional Power ( like IRaq once was) as a convenient way of Dumpig their inventories of old tanks they no longer need. Ofc that would be a diplimatic nightmare but i am digressing here.
  12. The Return Of The T-80.

    So they Upgraded the T80BV's but what about the T80U's? no upgrades for those? and yeah the T-80 despite its reputation from Chechnya was the better tank than the T-72 family of the time. Largely due to better FCS, and better mobility Amazing mobility that the turbine provide. good idea to upgrade these tanks up to more modern specs, and keep them around instead of retiring them.
  13. M1A2 Manual

    didnt find a "field" manual, but found a Manual Covering M1, M1IP, M1A1, & M1A2 Gunnery. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/293130713861980162/418544895276613642/M1_M1A1_M1A2_Abram_Gunnery_Manual.pdf
  14. M1A2 Manual

    Ok then thanks for clarifying then back to the Original question AS an Aside. If SB already has the M1A2 Sep v2 modelled I guess one can add M1A2 Sep V2 with CROWS as a viable request on the wishlist thread.
  15. M1A2 Manual

    M1A2 SEP v1 is sometimes just called M1A2 SEP The descriptions in Sb wiki implies this is a V1. V1 doesnt have Crows system . V2 does. otherwise minus CROWS from publically available info they are largely the same. IF something like a "baseline" V2 exists then basically a V1 then? No?