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  1. DCS 2.5 Released

    oh yea 2.5 is glorious. though i mostly play in DCS to for the aircraft simulation experience ., not for dedicated ground forces/ combined forces play, which is tad but too arcadey to replace let alone rival Steel beasts Now with 2.5 out, Hornet anticipation time.
  2. People Like me drove the GPU prices up ! Sorry !

    . I never said Crytos are more stable than the long established currencies , at least not right now, or that its entirely going to replace it, But you are wrong in dismissing that this isn't a future wav, where it wont become more prevalent. Because it is. Online Vendors like Paypal are currently accepting Crypto currency now as a form of payment alternative to Fiat currency. The only reason Crypto isn't used by most people yet is because its just starting becoming a thing. Its still not yet mainstream. Its not something that would happen overnight, You just aren't looking far ahead enough to realize this. The investments you speak of. I suspect you imply IE investing FIAT into stock market / NO one can truly predict stocks either. But unlike Stocks, they are not a currency. Cryptos are leading up to be used as form of currency beyond speculative trading. There are pros it. It eliminates intermediates likes banks its essentially can be used as a hedge fund for ever more increasingly inflating Fiat Currency. But again i don't see the problem here, AS people who made significant profits from Cryptos can in the meantime exchange it for Fiat and use that for daily routine spending. Even banks are strongly considering introducing their own crypto currencies. THe Governments can hate it all they want. But they cant shut it down. You cant kill something that is decentralized. its blockchain is based on a Mathematical Algorithm (cant cheat the system) and who's protocol source code is open, meaning audits by any human . The only way to kill it would be to shut down the internet ( or rather peoples access to it). Again fat chance. Unless your living in a heavily authoritarian country. Lest i quote Michael Crichton. all those people didn't think of the tomorrow. Thier mindsets were stuck at the present.
  3. People Like me drove the GPU prices up ! Sorry !

    People have still made money off it economic bubble ,even if its stable long term investment . It was a an opportunity to take advantage of, and actually make money when Crypto currency was cheap. My dad knows at work who took 100K loan from the bank , Invested in the stock markets, SOld his shares, Paid off the Loan + Interest, and thus had a bigger down payment for a new home worth 850K. So mock all you want. Crypto currency isn't any more fake ( or Real depending on your perspective) than USD. the US dollar for eg isn't even backed by gold or silver anymore since 1973. Its just a piece of paper that some influential people who aren't officially part of a Government Authority ( Federal reserve) are deciding is still worth something, and other nations followed suit https://www.coindesk.com/information/what-is-bitcoin/ Crypto Currency is here to stay its going to be a far more prevalent use in transactions in the Future.
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    well I was reffering to the T72B1's model that dont have AGTM's? Any versions of those fitted with Kontact 5? IM sure player here would still be happy with a T72B1 with addon K5 (if those existed). There are already playable T72B 1984 ( without Kontact) as well as T-72B1 with Kontact 1.
  5. yup not to mentions some of his arguments which he tries to pass off as facts , are factually incorrect. SOmeof what he uses to pass of as "facts" are selective proof, Arbitrary weighing, and at time pure conjecture. I agree it has cost savig merits to an extent. but Cost alone doesn't hold merit against many of his arguments, especially if the cost effective vehicle in question is hands down inferior to whats replacing it , Or even the tanks it would see in combat at that point in time ( T64,T72, T80B series). its hard to assume whats going in his mind but its almost as if its war gamer logic: M48A5/ M60A1's cost 2 resource point and have a strength of 5. M1 cost 5 resource points and have a strength of 8. If I spend 10 points on M48s or M60 I have a unit with a strength of 25. If I spend 10 points on M1 I have a unit with a strength of 16. Therefore, M48A5 & M60A1 are better!
  6. Found these on the net after some sleuthing around. Pierre Sprey's Presentation 1982 http://pogoarchives.org/labyrinth/11/12.pdf Pierre Sprey's PDF 2007 http://pogoarchives.org/labyrinth/09/07.pdf
  7. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    good suggestion. Would love to see a T72B with with Kontact 5. Would be the same FCS for respective tanks just kontact 5 layer on the exterior. Sounds like Good way to expand protection of a Redforce vehicles thats also common. It just requires the Kontact 5 layering. FCS could be directly ported to save development time and im sure the devs have estimates since they do have other Ai vehicles with Kontact 5 like the T80U and the T90S.
  8. Virtual Reality support?

    ??? I think you are took what i said the wrong way. to my very general statement not aimed at anyone in particular except maybe the users who keep trying to tell others 'vr sucks or is not yet mature enough technology for gaming when its contrary to the case . It's no different than what some others are saying. There is nothing for me to tone down. There is no aggessive rhetoric i am escalating. Yes I know it's not ready with sb nor will benefit as much as one would think hence my initial opening statement of ackolwegement. In that post you quoted.
  9. Virtual Reality support?

    While there Vr might not work with SB right now, its incorrect for people here to BASh VR headsets as not yet being capable enough for gaming. Current Commercially sold V.R headsets are not the same Early limited sale Developer Model headsets of Oculus or other brands that were being sold a Few years ago which were less mature state. One also has to remember that next Gen V.r Headsets are already in the works. For EG with HTC Vive 2 already teased being unveiled later in 2018 . So V.R is a Worthy Investment by this point in time. Vr works fine for DCS from the Main ones already available. And alot who have bought it actually prefer their headsets to Track IR.
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I agree crew bailing i also something id like to see. Even if its not as simple as it sounds. Steel Armor Blaze of had that feature and it was very immersive to see troops bail out when the tank was disabled, run, then go prone with thier Carbines ( or in the latter case, well.....)
  11. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Same however particularly I would like to the see the M60A1 RISE Passive instead of the completely Vanilla M60A1, because the initial version Lacks any sort of stabilization and since IR lamps dont work in SB it would really have no effectiveness in night operations. Plus RiSe P could also come in the secondary version: USMC late 1980s - early 90s "flavor" covered in ERA like it was seen in the Gulf war.
  12. Real Life M1A1 TC, how do they do ?

    This guy i knew from my a summer job like 1.5 - 2 years ago when i was still in college, Was a polish guy. Said He during his time as a Draftee served as T72 Driver, in the late 80s just as the Solidarity movement was in full swing and taking control from the communists. Told me how then then how the Army and his unit was re positioned East against the USSr Border. The man was broad shouldered and at least 6 feet tall. ( just shy of my height; 6-1). Dunno he somehow fit inside T72 drivers position ( which is normally buttoned up)
  13. SBPro and VBS3

    apples vs oranges comparison. Neither is exactly the same, although visuals are undoubtedly are better in VBS. Combined arms But more focused on Infantry ; VBS Combined arms with a stonger focus on Armored fighting vehicles simulation and tactics ( with good simulation of Fire control and interiors) ; Steel Beasts.
  14. ETA on terrain patch?

    man that really paints a dark picture.
  15. M1A2 Sep - still love my modern high tech tanks. this ones my favorite. M60A3 TTS - for cold war scenarios. I just like how on the exterior its retro tank ( Steel armor) but on the inside its reffitted with digital FCS, and a good thermal sight for its day. T-72B1 1985 - WHen playing as Soviets. Stillfun having control as gunner, and not having Commande telling me what to do. Plus it can eat HEAT due to ERA ( Kontact 1) and its the only Soviet Playable tank thus far that has an acceptable enough "FCS" for me to want to sim in in a 80s cold war setting. Still no dynamic Leading like nato tanks, but at least it displayed for the gunner in the corner how much lead he has to apply when lasing so intuition and guesstimating isn't necessary.