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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Ai tanks : modernised Russian armor T-72b3, T80bvm, T90m
  2. ArmA

    Especially gonna be more interesting with the Tank DLC that BIS released earlier this week. Updated FCS and Tank interiors definitely makes Armored warfare Aspect of ArmA more immersive
  3. thats what tanks basically get used for low intesity conflicts where the enemy are rag tag milita groups with No armored vehicles. US and allied tanks in A-stan (and IRaq Post 03 invasion) certainly weren't fighting hordes of enemy Armored formations. UNless Convetional ware occurs Tanks will be largely left on the sidelines if they werent employed to support troops via Indirect or direct fire artillery. In all fairness Russians arent deploying thier best armored units to Ukraine. Seems they have deployed old and second tier tanks Ranging from pulling old T-64B's from storage or using unmodernised T-72B's from Reserve units. Naturally theyd be more vulnerable but then again Russia has massive stockpile of various old , but servicable tanks that can be sold off for en masse for cheap 9 if there are willing buyers) or put back into use for lower scale wars. Seriously with the 10s of thousands of T55/T62 and T64 and T72 tanks in storage Russia could potentially prop up a given underdeveloped nation to be next 3rd world Regional Power ( like IRaq once was) as a convenient way of Dumpig their inventories of old tanks they no longer need. Ofc that would be a diplimatic nightmare but i am digressing here.
  4. The Return Of The T-80.

    So they Upgraded the T80BV's but what about the T80U's? no upgrades for those? and yeah the T-80 despite its reputation from Chechnya was the better tank than the T-72 family of the time. Largely due to better FCS, and better mobility Amazing mobility that the turbine provide. good idea to upgrade these tanks up to more modern specs, and keep them around instead of retiring them.
  5. M1A2 Manual

    didnt find a "field" manual, but found a Manual Covering M1, M1IP, M1A1, & M1A2 Gunnery. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/293130713861980162/418544895276613642/M1_M1A1_M1A2_Abram_Gunnery_Manual.pdf
  6. M1A2 Manual

    Ok then thanks for clarifying then back to the Original question AS an Aside. If SB already has the M1A2 Sep v2 modelled I guess one can add M1A2 Sep V2 with CROWS as a viable request on the wishlist thread.
  7. M1A2 Manual

    M1A2 SEP v1 is sometimes just called M1A2 SEP The descriptions in Sb wiki implies this is a V1. V1 doesnt have Crows system . V2 does. otherwise minus CROWS from publically available info they are largely the same. IF something like a "baseline" V2 exists then basically a V1 then? No?
  8. M1A2 Manual

    So how did SB devs model the M1A2 sep v1? NDA to get temproary access to a manual? and other classified docs?
  9. History of US Tanks.

    just out of curiosity who was contracted and made the 1st gen Thermal imagers for the M1/M1IP/M1A1 family?
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    To actually be able to zoom up and see through the M60A3 TC Cupula view-ports by clicking on them like you can in other tanks
  11. Superbowl 2018 riot

    NO i don'. fly off the handle, hardly. I Just get mildy irritated at times by some your responses because I got the impression ( maybe misread) come off stating off your opinion with an air of superiority as if it were indisputable fact, like you've the only person the world who's got It all figured out.
  12. Superbowl 2018 riot

    Who peed in yours? we can't discuss or dispute on what others "think they know"?
  13. Its not jsut the PRessure affect the gun breach if M60s would be Refitted with the M68a1 i thought the issue is that the Gun Mount is also not rated to handle the Recoil Of the m900, whilst the m1 tank as platform could
  14. Superbowl 2018 riot

    you again with your philosophical ramblings It must be a lack of culture. AS i nor anyone within my immediate circle of friends or family are known to ever have behaved in such a way. There are simply SO many human beings on the planet though thats its impossible to expect everyone to Achieve Wealth, Fame, let alone a Lasting Legacy in History. AS even the despicable human beings are included in the History books. yup because DNA predicted he' be a Computer coder/ game designer specifically of all other fields. That sounds almost like something cheesy religious grandparents would say. Or maybe we dont need to to be and just accept the reality of things, and enjoy life in what ever way suits you.
  15. Depends on the Source. Many say 16mm not 20mm. Be it Steven Zagola, Or the GUy from the Tanograd blog based on his research. I see the 16mm source more often than the occiaional 20mm claim. 16mm seems to be the most common agreement