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  1. ULAN systems

    Well... I come from flight sims where we have deep simulation of f18, F16 and other aircrafts. Of course secret systems won't be simulated, but the rest yes and we always have the developers to provide information, and the community. But anyway...
  2. ULAN systems

    Yes.. I see a shame not simulate this systems.
  3. Ok i will take a look when i can. Thanks
  4. Ulan bugs

    Hello. These are little bugs that if the esimGames team will take some time in future, would be nice to be solved. 1. Computer balistic on/off switch don't work correctly on the Commander position, it just resets and start again. It is correct in the Gunner. 2. Deactivation of tower big mushroom button makes correct noise and deactivation in the gunner position. Not in the commander one. Just reset as point 1. 3. The gun pannel only selects single and 3 shoots in commander position. In gunner single-3-5 and 10. Don't know if this is a feature or a bug. Thanks.
  5. Ok.. will wait that Ulan master reply. thanks.
  6. ULAN systems

    I see....
  7. ULAN systems

    Well.. I tried and I don't see any change.. but for sure the ones that should know if affects or not are the people that made the simulator. Not me. I would appreciate more information about systems that the different vehicles has. Even if they are placeholders. Usually all are good in the SBWiki, but in some cases like this, there is no way to know where to look for, because even in the forums there is nothing about this talked... or at least I couldn't find it. SteelBeasts is a Simulator, and not a game, and I love to get deep in systems and understand them. And usually in all kind of simulators I play I usually don't use them. I just love to understand how things work, and then explain to others in my videos how they work.
  8. Hello! I am trying to understand complex range finding without Laser.. so for example I put a vehicle at 1500m. Then in the ULAN with the NATO reticle I determine that is more or less 1500 (imagine I miss and set 1400m). Ok.. How do I match that distance with the reticle? The MZ ranges in the card graphic, are 700 and 1400m if I don't remember bad. I press the GEFA button and it sets the distance to 830 to MZ. If I put the sight in the 1400 line, then the shoot will pass over the target. I imagined (because I didn't find anywhere explained) that those 830m is the range set as "Zero" calibration for the main gun with the MZ, so if I want to point to a 1400m target I have to look the 1400-830 = 570m. So I will need to look for a 570m calibration (something upper than the 700m KE calibration in the graphic). And that way I hit the target.... So my question is... why to set 830m and not set 0m as battlesigh default distance, so I just can target a 1400m target into the 1400 line, and I don't have to make the difference calculation? Or I am totally wrong here and I must do other way.... Would appreciate some help. Thanks!
  9. NATO Reticle explained?

  10. NATO Reticle explained?

    That is what I saw Rotareneg. It is wrong.... and I have put the correct ammunition to checkout.
  11. NATO Reticle explained?

    Gracias Colebrook. Confusion everywhere. If there is no documentation that explain these reticles, then I cannot figure what are the longitude of the little bars. Also I have seen a problem or bug with Pizarro. If I am not doing wrong, you go to page 33 of the pizarro english or spanish document included. First I don't know the longitudes of all bars there. Capturing them in photoshop, they are totally different each ones (the one in the simulator. Not the one in the document), so I cannot make a measure of targets to know distance.... BUT the worst is that when firing an objetive that is 1800 meters measured with the laser, I have to put 1500 in the line of the APDS and more than 1900 in the line of TP/MP. Or I am doing something wrong, or the Pizarro day commander reticle is wrong in the sim.
  12. NATO Reticle explained?

    Yes.. that is what I did... but always is better to have the full documment. I don't want to register, because usually they annoy me with spam, etc... What I saw with the NATO reticle is that the one here shown in this documment is different than the Leopard one. Here all the lines are 2.5 mills, but in Leopard are 2.5 and 5 mills also.. and even 1 mill ones. So I am a bit cunfused.
  13. TrackIR question

    don't know.. but wish they would include more axis (there are 4 already, need pan-view and instead of zooming going forward and backwards with head. We know can pass over 3D. We do that in flight sims for years (if they do not include a hit wall)) to trackir in future 4.x update. Dream is free.
  14. NATO Reticle explained?

    Not asking too much. Just the correct mills that are each line just to compare with vehicles. Find that FM 3-20.21 is hard to download but this page (but I don't want to subscribe) https://es.scribd.com/document/289273591/Heavy-Brigade-Combat-Team-HBCT-Gunnery-FM-3-20-21 Ok.. found the information in page 229 and 716 of that document . Will see if I can download it somehow without registering... Thanks!