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  1. Iraq vs. IS

    This looks really great. Any idea when you will be finished with initial design??
  2. Kanium Sunday Event 20th of August

    I have not been following this, but I really hope this can be resolved to everybody's satisfaction.
  3. I will donate my share SnS
  4. How to install skins

    Splash, mission achieved - thank you. I now have created my old Battle Group from 4 Armd Bde!!! If I was being picky - helmet and OSPREY would need a little work, but to be honest I am delighted with the overall look. Thank you once again. SnS
  5. How to install skins

    Splash, thank you. I am trying to use the MOD for the UK INF 4 Armd Bde. But all I see in the game is the woodland green camo for UK. I have both MTP and the BRIT INF MTP Camo 2.640 whith 4 Armd Bde anad 16 Air ASslt Bde in my textures/camo/uk/woodland folder. Should I delte the ones I do not want - I was under the impression I could select in the one I wanted using the civ character table - but obviously not?
  6. How to install skins

    All, I have loaded the various mods into the MOD/Textures/Camo/Country file for INF Skins and for vehicle skins MAD/Textures/Woodland/Desert etc/Country. However, when I am building missions I only get the option to set the camouflage to the country and not to the individual skins. I select options/Blue or Red Camouflage options, but he individual MOD skins do not appear in the available characters apart from the AFV Crew Mods that I downloaded. What am I doing wrong?
  7. D Coy CO if nobody else wants a turn. SnS
  8. Upcoming Ad-hoc games on wednesdays

    Good Idea - like the small team scenario - might try a head to head scenario as well to make it interesting more practice at writing Team Plans and Orders. Day is good for me
  9. 14may17 KANIUM game

    tank or mech not fussed. SnS
  10. Sunday 30apr17 Kanium game

    Brit please SnS