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  1. Hi Mark, still struggling with work/life balance in semi retirement! Will not be ablate make this or Next Thursday as away in Germany, but still up for helping out with Rolling Thunder.
  2. The Skin Catalogue

    the link seems to be broken - or is it me?
  3. should be there - happy to do homework or short missions.
  4. will try and make it - should be okay SnS

    Not sure if this is for Sunday 25th Feb? SnS
  6. Hi Mark, will be there this week. Stuart
  7. Golan Heights revised.

    that's great news - have an idea of a simulated campaign over a year at coy level using this map and historic forces so that would be perfect.
  8. Golan Heights revised.

    thanks Mark, I am trying to build a sce reflecting the 1973 operations around Mt Herman. Will let you now how it turns out!
  9. Golan Heights revised.

    OK so this may be a dumb question, but how do add buildings in the map editor to this great map?
  10. Israeli Skins circa 1973

    thanks appreciate the advice and points in the right direction.
  11. Israeli Skins circa 1973

    sorry, forget my last, found the standard skins - anyone make any MODS?
  12. Israeli Skins circa 1973

    Hi All, apart from the CENT does anybody know of any Israeli skins for the M60, Inf and the M113? I am creating a Golan sce and have the excellent skins for the Syrians & UN but nothing for the Israeli SnS