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  1. Video Thread

  2. Tactical FPS

    More info on World War 3, beta release etc... Red
  3. Video Thread

  4. Tactical FPS

    Making it in Unreal: Rainbow Six meets Ground Branch... https://www.pcgamesn.com/ground-branch/ground-branch-rainbow-six Red
  5. Wargames

    A follow-up on part-1 on earlier post... Red
  6. Hahaha, someday I´ll be good enough! A future CO once said
  7. I know its stupid to ask, but sometimes we forget... - Power button on the back chasis on? - PSU cables are plugged to the motherboard? - RAM well placed in it´s slot? Iam sure MD ran you through this but just in case. You know, PC repair shops are like car mechanics. You bring your car to fix something and they break another... Good luck, and will be missed if so! Red
  8. Tactical FPS

    Small update for pre-build Ground Branch... http://www.blackfootstudios.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9705-1020-testing-build-update/ Red
  9. Tactical FPS

  10. Video Thread

  11. Tactical FPS

    When you fall down, you get up and try again! Ground Branch... Red
  12. Tactical FPS

    This looks promising... Red
  13. Tactical FPS

    Insurgency: Sandstorm... Steam (pre-order): https://store.steampowered.com/app/581320/Insurgency_Sandstorm/ Red