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  1. Making History: The Second World War is in early access as of yesterday... Steam: Making History The 2WW Home page: Factus Games
  2. Field of Glory 2 has just been released... http://www.matrixgames.com/products/651/details/Field.of.Glory.II Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/660160/Field_of_Glory_II/
  3. It´s about the only mission I played as single player. Yes I agree too...
  4. Remember Armored Brigade? Well at last we have some screen shoots in it´s alpha version, looks quite nice... http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4357997&mpage=1&key=&#4358228
  5. My showcase of Gary Grigsby´s Battle of Britain, the prelude to what is Bombing the Reich/12 O´clock High. Showing it can be played on Windows 10, see link in discription...
  6. New update for GG´s War in the West v1.0.1.68 http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4355248&mpage=1&key=&#4355355
  7. Good news for us air-warfare fans... - "Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich" by Gary Grigsby has just received a beta update!!! This is a old but very well regarded "Air-Tactical" bombing wargame (also know as 12 O´clock High: Bombing the Reich)... Matrix Games shop: Eagle Day to Bombing the Reich Performance and other issues have been fixed! Forum and update: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4354679 Lately I have been playing the even older version of this game "Battle of Britain" v1.02 which I got to work in Windows 10, so this is very good news for me! This is some earlier (before patch) gameplay and with the map mod...
  8. Been a while as I had a minor issue with PoA2 that has been fixed. Scott has just sent me a fix and Iam happily able to say that PoA2 works just fine now
  9. No VR yet, but I do play Star Trek: Starfleet Command Orion Pirates (a port over of the board game Star Fleet Battles -1979-) Been watching this lately, Space Shuttle Mission 2007, It´s not as hardcore as "Orbiter 2016", although it can be in a way as it has different play mode´s. They are working on a version 2, not the best textures but this also supports VR... SSM-2007: http://www.space-shuttle-mission.com/index.html It´s real cool... "Black or White"? Well, I used to drink that when I was younger, and yeah some nights were either black, white or gray! I then discoverd "Jameson", then everything was green! Black and White Now I only do these things on Christmas... --
  10. Very nice!!! It´s great to have that feedback from a dev, not only that but to also get results! I understand his posture regarding his decision though, it´s quite difficult to balance historical with replay and/or playability altogether. Something similar happens with DC: Barbarrosa were Hilter is unable to decide what to do in the first week´s with "Army Group South" (historicaly), so as the German player you have a hard time on your first turns against Russia/south map. In this case, from the dev of DC: Barbarrosa... Replicating historical results is challenging. There were more factors at play than straight military match-ups. The problem with Barbarossa is the period immediately after the Battle of Smolensk. The Germans had exceeded all expectations and fully expected, in line with their pre-invasion plan, to have defeated the Red Army as an ongoing concern at this point. Game over. They had, in short, come to the end of their plan and were confused as to what to do next. Hitler spent the next five or six weeks flip flopping around until he evenutally figured out what to do - drive directly towards Moscow. To be fair to Adolf, the High Command was also split on a course of action and there were some serious logistical constraints hampering an immediate push onto Moscow. If the game was to reflect historical results it would have to enforce a similar period where the player's ability to take effective military action, eg. keep going straight for whatever objective they were aiming for, would be seriously constrained. Nobody would want that. Instead the early game is made a bit tougher than it may have been historically but offsetting this the Player isn't forced to spend 5/6 weeks with their finger up their bum wondering what to do next. Overall I'd score the game signficantly easier for Germans than it was at the time. That's a subjective opinion but it's based on the fact that the Germans can, and often do, succeed in the game. A top line German player will win more often than a Soviet one. It's not easy to do so but keep in mind that Germany was at the peak of it's powers when it invaded Russia and for all it's might and ability the best it could do was take ground. It didn't come close to destroying the Red Army, it's industrial capability or the rear area resistance or the will of it's people. -- It's an issue with any wargame that recreates an historical battle. Whenever there are significant factors involved that go beyond the straight military match-ups on the ground, eg. pretty much every conflict that ever there was, you run into the same problem. You could easily recreate the circumstances on the day but you'd end up with a straightjacket game that has very little scope for any outcome other than the strictly historical one. If you loosen the paramters somewhat to gain a measure of replayability from a game you're going to have non-historical outcomes as part of the mix. As mentioned above, the parameters that you probably want to fiddle with are the ones that are the intangible ones, like Hitler's indecision at a critical moment in Barbarossa. It's a balancing act with no perfect answer. -- None of this is black and white. There is a judgement call that is made to tweak the game in one direction or another. It's going to be contentious no matter which way I go. From a commerical point of view, it's a call that is going to go, all other things being equal, in the direction of offending the least number of people possible. This is a very small niche market and designing the game to deliberately constrain a player's freedom of action for a dozen turns in order to correctly model Hitler's indecision would only ensure that even fewer people bought the game. Making historical wargames isn't, sadly, the path to fame and fortune. If I take my designer's hat off for a moment, however, I can sympathise with your point of view. The reason you buy these type of games is for historical realism and anything that takes away from that is going to grate. Funny how they both used the same sentence "None of this is black or white", must be a dev thing
  11. Yet another hardcore Wargame simulation Battle Command by HSC (Historical Software Corporation), seems to be a ambitious project in the works with high potential in many aspects, among others are training, multiplayer and versatile tools for scenario creation. Willl have to keep an eye on this one! To bad the payment method is "Bitcoin" or I would have already downloaded this to my HD HSC Battle Command: http://www.historicalsoftware.com/ Videos: http://www.historicalsoftware.com/index.php/videos/ Care, Red
  12. SEP v3 Not much to see though!
  13. Just found this little turn-based tactical space gem called Concealed Intent by Jarrah Technology. A one man dev team with good intent, which has implemented in a good way stealth mechanics, the use of fleet´s and other strategy game candy to a space tactical turn-based game. One of it´s weak spot´s is it´s story line in the campaign, but the playability, skirmish mode and multiplayer make up for a boring story. I just finished the tutorial and find the game very enjoyable, being it turn-based makes it easy to relax and plan/play the game. At the sale price that it´s on at Humble Bundle (67% off - €4.94), it´s quite worth the try Humble Bundle (4 day´s left on sale): Concealed Intent Home site: https://www.jarrahtechnology.com/games/ Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/374150/Concealed_Intent/ Care, Red
  14. Thank you Mirzayev for your thoughs on DC Barbarrosa! I agree the series is quite different overall with regards to other Wargame mechanics, it´s one of the reasons I went for it, other is that I already have GG´s War in the West so I was looking for a change here. I also still have to read a book I got last Christmas, "Operation Barbarrosa" by Christer Bergström, so that will complement nicely with the gameplay. It´s not the only book that still needs reading unfortunately, ahh time is a bummer, I fall asleep to fast lately! The new community scenarios look real good too, so I look forward to getting into some of those aswell. I do have "Advance Tactics Gold" (same dev) also, so I new I was going to like this series. If anybody wants to jump in, it´s still on sale till the 21st at 40% off, see above link.