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  1. Mech inf please
  2. Mech inf please.
  3. Mech inf please - any where needed
  4. That is where I did check - no SBProxxxx.dmp files for that event - there is only one, from November 2016 (unrelated). [Start menu - Esim Games - SB Pro PE - Troubleshooting]
  5. Sorrry - do not have have a .DMP file for either original sunday game or test session. (Assume SBProPE64cm.xxxx.dmp is file to look for.)
  6. Here is link to scenario file: From my unit perspective, 1/E [End Game], I was unloading troops at grid ref 382035 - NW edge of Almhorst - on both occasions of server crash. Game was not running for more than 2-3 minutes on both occasions. (ref initial sunday game problems) Hope that helps.
  7. On wednesday, 11 Jan, Zaphod, Mirazayev, Speckfire and myself conducted 3 brief tests of sunday's Kanium mission - Swordsman 5ID Mission 1. 2-pies was hosting server. All players manned mech inf to test if dismounting infantry caused game crash. First test - mission as played without change. Game crashed after approx 2 mins while Zaphod was dismounting Bradley scout ATGM teams. Second test - Replaced Bradley scout ATGM teams with LMG teams (deleted original mount and replaced with new, dismounted LMG teams - started game dismounted as unable to remount). Game crashed after approx 5 minutes after 2-pies, Zaphod and Mirazayev has dismounted inf teams and moved into building cover. Third test - Replaced original Bradley scout ATGM teams with LMG teams (changed original ATGM mounts via Options - Troop Type menu and remounted recce teams). Game had not crashed after approx 10 minutes - all dismounts successful. Server terminated normally due to unrelated time limit.
  8. I will be there. Same time and place.
  9. Mech Inf - any - please.