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  1. When I look at a vehicle with FLIR, they often have graphical distortions such as the hulls becoming invisible. These distortions get worse the farther you get from the vehicle. It's hard to explain, but the videos and photos below should demonstrate the bug in action. The same issue occurs with the Spike's missile camera, so it may manifest with normal daylight optics as well. Here's a video of the bug Release 10.22.2017 -
  2. General Wesley presents the context under which the U.S. Army is developing the "Next Generation Combat Vehicle". Among others, Wesley focuses on the M1A2 SEP, and how it's increasing weight and the daily fuel consumption of the Armored Brigade Combat Team needs to be reduced to be deployable to a future theater of war. Also, enabling technologies of the NGCV are discussed, with a focus on APS, weaponry and power generation (fuel cells, electric/hybrid electric).
  3. UPDATE: The term for such armor seems to be "Keilpanzerung"
  4. Simple Question: Is there a German word/term for the Leopard 2A5/6/7's applique wedge armor on the turret face? Any term specifically for the Leopard 2's wedge armor would also be nice.
  5. This fits well when it's a an M1 vs Leopard 2 scenario.
  6. It would be nice if an English translation of "Leopard 2 sein Werden und seine Leistung" by Paul-Werner Krapke was available.
  7. Oh yes, the vehicle I shoot 100% with on the range
  8. Is there any quick way to override the commander as gunner to choose the ammunition type being loaded? I usually just hop into the TC seat right after a round is fired, command the ammunition type to be loaded while the loader is loading, then hop back into the gunners seat.
  9. Really interesting video of the cast turret Leopard 1 manufacturing process, we need more videos like these on the web.
  10. While I don't really know how the armor modeling in SB works, I can say that War Thunder does a better job illustrating to the player the post-penetration damage that occurs. However, WT has a much easier job to do, it simulates exclusively (as far as I know) simple steel armor arrays that are well documented in public media. Meanwhile, SB must simulate, in addition to those steel armor arrays, complex, modern composite armor arrays whose details are mostly classified. I wouldn't compare the two directly, they both have different subject matters for different audiences. Question: Is there any benefit to angling your hull in SB for additional LoS thickness, like you would in War Thunder? (depicted below)
  11. What are the differences between the M256 and Rh 120 L/44, other than things like breech design and recoil system?
  12. Is it for Milliradians?
  13. Version 1.0.0


    CIA document assessing the fire control systems of many MBT's from around the world. Page Count: 94 Publisher: CIA Publishing Date: Nov 1983
  14. I recently tried sharing my CM Dongle with a friend, following the wiki's article on License Sharing (http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=License_Sharing), however the licenses didn't appear on my friends CodeMeter Control Center after doing the process with and without hamachi. Can somebody help us get the license sharing running?
  15. I have a friend who would like to demo Steel Beasts, but the idea of having to pay for a month license is a bit off putting. Is there any demo available so he can try out SB Pro PE without making a financial commitment?