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  1. That was a common practice in Vietnam too, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in Korea.
  2. I'm not sure about other nations, but American tanks were frequently used to deliver indirect fire in WWII, Korea and I believe Vietnam. It was most common in terrain where mobility was quite limited, like mountains or impassible mud. These necessities are why later tanks like the M60 received azimuth indicators and gunners quadrants to permit adjusting for indirect fire. Does anybody know if the M1A2 SEP can display the information necessary for indirect fire?
  3. Why was the ammunition hatch welded shut in the Leopard 2A3?

    Where did you learn so much about terminal ballistics?
  4. Shot' Kal ammo indexing?

    I just hop into the TC's position and double tap the Insert key to manually load sabot
  5. The Battle of the Bulge Movie 1965

    I disagree. In the brief shot of the loader loading the 76mm Gun M1A1C/M1A2, you can see what appears to be M62 APC or M93 HVAP being rammed into the breech. Given how rare HVAP ammunition was, and the fact that the TC commands to load AP, it's more likely M62 APC. When the 76's hit the Tiger, they are firing at about 600m (according to the estimation given by the Tiger TC), and they are approaching the Tiger's front plate from about a 20-30 degree angle (based on the fire commands given by the Tiger commander and the wide shot of Fury and the 75 splitting up). Under these conditions, the 76mm M62 has about a 50% chance of penetrating 96mm of armor in good conditions, given how American penetration tests were based on a 50% successful perforation rate. That's just short of perforating approx. 102mm of RHA that is possibly face hardened. On a side note, the commander commanding the loader to load "AP" is technically incorrect, it was referred to as "Shot" at the time.
  6. The Return Of The T-80.

    Any transmission changes?
  7. Why was the ammunition hatch welded shut in the Leopard 2A3?

    Reminds me of the Panzer IV's turret side hatches compromising the ballistic integrity of the turret, it's surprising how that small ammunition hatch constitutes a threat to the turret ballistic protection.
  8. Gudauta Map?

    What about the Lithuania map used in the recent Solemn Shield Kanium games?
  9. M1A2 Manual

    Are they MEMS gyroscopes?
  10. M1A2 Manual

    How many sets of gyroscopes relating to the FCS does the M1A2 SEP V1 (without CROWS) have? Also, congrats on 1000 posts.
  11. Why was the ammunition hatch welded shut in the Leopard 2A3?

    As far as I know, the Rheinmetall 120mm L/44 was used from the start with combustible cases. I could be wrong, but it doesn't make much sense to use full metal casings as standard ammunition on a gun designed for combustible cases.
  12. One of the distinguishing features of the Leopard 2A3 from it's predecessors was the fact that the ammunition loading hatch in the left side of the turret was deleted and welded over. Above is the old ammunition hatch on a 2AV and a crewman passing Sabot to the loader through the hatch. Below is the remains of the hatch welded shut on a Dutch 2A6. Does anybody know why it was welded shut? My best guess is that it promotes damaging of the fragile casing, thus creating a fire hazard. Has anybody seen 120mm ammo damaged during loading that spilled propellant?
  13. Gudauta Map?

    Relief to Defense 01
  14. Gudauta Map?

    Can somebody post the height and terrain files for the Gudauta map here or in the downloads section?