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  1. Its taken 55 years but finally

    My Father, who joined the RCAF in 1942 and retired in 1969 didn't believe me when I told him things some of my friends and some of my troops told me when they got back... And leading up to it http://www.history.ca/100-years-of-remembrance/gallery/sector-sarajevo/
  2. Need a hand getting up to speed

    He's GMT +6
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Related: the ability to reorg your C/S to replace cas and regain some cbt effectiveness. For example, your troop is down 2 veh, one with turret damage and a dead gunner, the other has a dead cmd from small arms fire, the tk cmd from the damaged tk could replace the dead one in the undamaged tk and your back to 75% from 50%.
  4. Missed you by 20 min. not usually home in time for this but the Mess was closed due to water in the lower bar...Will try again next week.
  5. 1st Canadian Armor Division

    Yes, as I discovered last week for TGIF... And just to add to the confusion, AST is not currently observed anywhere, it is ADT now... UTC -4 is currently = EDT...
  6. Roger. Maybe the instructions should be updated? Anyway I will try to be there it will be easier to do an hour earlier than later!
  7. Well, I dug my old map of Gagetown out and dropped in to TS 20 min early to find the battle in full swing and did not want to drop in mid battle. Has the TGIF timing changed from 0300 GMT? Maybe next week I can get online in time. Cheers!