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  1. Infantry that can become invisible to simulate taking cover. At the moment infantry - even very well equipped ones - are inevitably killed by vehicle MG fire if they stay put, once they have expended their AT weapons. Yes, it would make sense to retreat and take up another BP elsewhere, but that's not always possible. Just looking at the relatively open terrain around my home in Orkney, there are plenty of places where infantry could take cover out of LoS.
  2. Small and nano copter UAVs and ones that drop 40mm grenades fitted with shuttlecock tails.
  3. Word!
  4. I know this is an old chestnut, but I'd love to see the helicopter damage model revamped as helos can now take an amazing amount of hits from the frontal arc and stay airborne and fighting. This is what it took to take down two Mi 24s in a recent scenario - they were a few hundred metres from the Finnish defenders and one ended up hovering over them at treetop height. One took 11 x M430 HEDP hits (all frontal and all outside minimum safe arming distance so functioned as normal), an NLAW/Storm (again outside minimum safe arming distance) and infantry 7.62 SA fire (the latter from directly underneath which eventually took it out). I have had hinds survive three RBS-70 frontal hits undamaged. Helos seem realistically vulnerable from angles other than frontal, so I assume this is either a glitch or done intentionally to make them more survivable for training value.
  5. There was a lot of debate here about our potentially pulling out of Afghanistan after insurgents took out ONE Warrior IFV.
  6. The ability to make speculative platforms by modifying existing ones - put a 57mm gun on CV90 for example - and experiment with terminal ballistics, fragmentation radii etc. I know that's a big ask. Sorry!
  7. Vehicles to show damage in places where they are hit as in a popular alleged tank simulator/MMORG/FPS...
  8. A few more (apologies if these already appeared anywhere on the previous 209 pages!). 1. The UAV to fly a lot higher and be much harder to shoot down. 2. Markings on vehicles to reflect their call signs. 3. SmArt, Bonus, SADARM type top attack munitions to make up for treaty bans or self-imposed rules on DPICM by most countries. 4. Artillery call for fire procedures to follow the three main methods currently employed/taught. 5. Deployable camouflage screens. 6. GMLRS.
  9. Thanks guys. What I found in the top toolbar was "Default behaviour in buildings". That worked a treat, thank you!
  10. I set them to defend and set out their engagement templates. Is there another form of adjustment I'm not aware of, Grenny?
  11. What is the deal with HMG and AGL teams moving to the nearest building where they cannot set up their weapon? Even those a fair distance from buildings will run and hide. I have had this happen consistently over a few games now. Is there any way to turn this behaviour off? PS: I am really enjoying some of the subtle changes in 4.019. Great work and really appreciated.
  12. No one has mentioned South Korean K2 or Japanese Type 10 on this thread which strikes me as surprising.
  13. Changing from Chrome to Windows Explorer sorted it!
  14. This is the error I get: Extracting from SBProPE4_019.part1.exe Checksum error in SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin Unexpected end of archive Packed data checksum error in SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin Extracting from SBProPE4_019.part2.rar Unexpected end of archive Packed data checksum error in SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin Extracting from SBProPE4_019.part3.rar Unexpected end of archive Packed data checksum error in SteelBeastsSetup-1.bin Extracting from SBProPE4_019.part4.rar Checksum error in SteelBeastsSetup-2.bin Unexpected end of archive Packed data checksum error in SteelBeastsSetup-2.bin Extracting from SBProPE4_019.part5.rar Then it says that some files were corrupted.
  15. I tried downloading from the above twice and got the message that some of the installation files were corrupted and to try downloading again. Late edit: I had the same thing happen when I tried to install from the dowloads page - it fell over when I got to Part 4.