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  1. Merkava 1 was out of service as early as 1985?
  2. I find the assumption that GCV will only have to face insurgents in cities without ATGMs rather dubious given current events and developments.
  3. I really love the idea of 8 bit SB. I think the pics are awesome.
  4. +2 Especially BRDM-AT and Technicals - preferably also some with dismounts, DShK/NSV/Kord, Metis/Kornet etc. as well as M40.
  5. What I am finding is that the direct fire kills are logged as such, whereas the artillery are not counted toward the total but do appear as kills in the long report. I am finding I am "winning"* the scenario about one time in four with the M1A2 now. The NZLAV is actually easier to win with. The tactics I use are a bit "gamey", but I would be happy to describe/discuss them here if anyone felt there was any value in it. *As in I score well over 100 direct fire and arty kills combined and the enemy stop appearing.
  6. Calling in carefully selected IDF on a suspected or known enemy advance route, watching columns of smoke start to appear behind a treeline and reading the report after the battle to see what my DPICM connected with is one of the most pleasing things for me in single player.
  7. Would also need to model. 0.50 RMG used as weapon vs houses etc. as described in Simon Dunstan's "Centurion" I read that the RPG-2/B-40 was actually more effective vs M113 etc. due to its having a less efficient heat warhead that blew a much bigger hole in the vehicle's relatively thin aluminium armour and caused much greater behind around effects.
  8. In the instant action scenario, are you credited with kills of vehicles that do not appear on the map? I mean those that are caused by ICM behind a wood or speculative fire into a treeline that results in secondary explosions etc.?
  9. I would like to see crews bailing out of vehicles that are hit, as appropriate. Sombre perhaps, but it would add realism.
  10. Thank you Trackpin. I think the Russians hanging on to amphibious capability is twofold. 1. They have lots of old generation amphibious IFVs and APCs. 2. They will potentially train and operate in huge relatively undeveloped areas with rivers that have not been canalised and generally lend themselves more to crossing. However, I don't think the T-15 Armata IFV is amphibious and most (all?) HAPC's/HIFV's lack this capability - if so, going forward, tank formations will not have amphibious IFVs. The Kurganets 25 is amphibious, but I suspect only in its baseline configuration and not with the armour package that you see it wearing in most of the videos out there - interestingly the one video I found of it on Youtube swimming had the vehicle itself blanked out with censor boxes. The Bumerang appears to be amphibious in all configurations. So wheeled motor rifle formations or battlegroups will still have a wheeled APC/IFV element capable of river crossing. I do feel wheeled vehicles are the most problematic in terms of angle of bank, bottom substrate etc. however.
  11. Hi Trackpin Sure, you can rapidly remodel this side of the river, assuming it's not under enemy surveillance or covered by direct fire weapons. So you get across the river with some of your older M113 APCs and some mortar carriers with a significantly reduced ammo loadout. You have left your tanks behind - they are not amphibious and deep fording takes preparation and is problematic if you discount Soviet "How we concreted the Elbe" propaganda videos Your IFVs have been left behind too, unless they're Russian or Chinese of those nifty Korean ones with the inflatable sponsons. At the end of the day amphibious capability is a tradeoff against other things - and particularly armour protection because things that are heavier than the water they displace tend to sink and things without boat shaped hulls tend not to fare well hydrodynamically No Western Army that I am aware of still thinks it worthwhile. You also have no resupply except helicopters which may be problematic due to enemy AD systems or aircraft. Rather than make your armour (dubiously) amphibious, why not invest the money in more assault river crossing capability so you can get everything across rapidly? The transmission windup thing with FV6xx vehicles was annoying, but the thing I could never understand was why they never fitted them with cross axle diff locks. You could have all three axles have one wheel spinning and get stuck. Odd!
  12. Are you sure the M1064A3 is amphibious? There has been a trend to remove amphibious capability from vehicles for many years now - for the British Army this happened in the 70s. I can't see the point of a 120mm mortar carrier being amphibious if the IFVs and tanks it is supporting are not. Also could it carry anything like its normal ammo load and still be amphibious? As to the utility of amphibious capability, it really depends where in the world you are and how well you have reconoitered in advance. Many rivers have swampy banks with reed beds, or have mature trees along them or canalised vertical banks (to prevent flooding and facilitate use by watercraft) and vertical banks are not uncommon in nature. You are not going to want to go charging into a deep, lowland river in Western Europe. There is also the question of what you will do once you get to the other side as, in the UK and US armies, amphibious resupply vehicles were done away with decades ago. Here are some pictures of the Weser to illustrate my point.
  13. Mark, you also left out the shoulder fired MANPADs. We actually purchased something like 156 Self propelled starstreak systems to cover a force that was susbstantially smaller than we had in place in the Cold War. In 1991, hastily upgraded Tracked Rapier (added TI) from 12 and 16 AD Regiments covered movement of armoured units which is what they were designed to do.
  14. I think whether a tank battalion had organic AD is a bit moot considering that battlegroups would have been created with AD assets devolved into them. For the UK this would, at various times, have included Blowpipe (MCLOS), Javelin (SACLOS), Javelin S-15/Starburst (Laser Beam rider) and Starstreak (Laser beam rider) and Tracked Rapier (SACLOS with TI from 1991) and Stormer mounted Starstreak.
  15. Hi Ssnake. I have now managed to block and stop the enemy four times. The most kills I have ever achieved in doing so is 76. The blockage always takes effect between 61 and 76 vehicles. Additional artillery put down behind the blockage does not appear to cause more secondary explosions/fires/kills. Most recent attempt resulted in 62 kills.