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  1. HeightMaps

    Okay thank you for your fast answer. Greetings
  2. HeightMaps

    Hello, as I saw the map editor is quite powerful because it is so easy to use. On the other hand I did not realy understand about .hgt files. Is it possible to generate them in the internet? Like with Google Earth or something? Or are we (SB 4 Pro PE users) limited to the given .hgt files? PS: I did understand it correctly that there is no way of adding heights to the map without a .hgt file, right? Like a small hill or something? Greetings
  3. Infantry fleeing

    Okay, thank you for your help Gibsonm! I'll try it out tomorrow. Greetings.
  4. Infantry fleeing

    Are you realy sure this is working? I've just tried it out and they're just looking at me in a prone position. Also there is an 'Retreat if' option (which I already have tried) but it is not working. What I have done: placed infantry on the map. gave them a 'march' route. then gave them an additional 'retreat' route (instantiate as third waypoint). on the retreat waypoint I declared the condition when to retreat.
  5. Infantry fleeing

    Hello Guys, is it possible to make the infantry fleeing? I realy don't like the typical scenario where a lot of infantry is getting engaged by a heavy tank and they're just looking at it. My goal is to avoid that scenario and make it look realistic instead. Speaking about the 'Mission Editor'. Greetings.
  6. Gamepad Axis

    Assassin, that is correct. I am not speaking of the commanders view. PS: That is why I wrote: not via GPS.
  7. Gamepad Axis

    So, let me clear my point of view here. I've just bought SB Pro (full license) couple of days ago. Installed it and mapped my controller. I tried to find a view and turret setting in the controls but I did not find anything so I jumped into the range to see if it was mapped automatically to an axis and yes, it was. Then I saw a PiP feature in the M1A2 (exactly the tank I have joined to test if the axis was automatically assigned) so I thought it has to be possible. It is pretty disappointing that I have to read that this is not possible. I am sorry but for a simulation which cost around 120€ this is a huge weakspot in my opinion. I don't know any other simulation where this is not possible. The absolutly "no go" here is that you as a developer cannot admit that this is just an old design pattern which is out-dated (probably SB1 area). I don't want to fight against the SB community. I know - you love your sim, you are a small community and anything but cm'on. No seperate view/turret setting for joystick/gamepad users? 2016? It has absolutly nothing to do with entertainment. It is just the fact that you cannot seperate a view/turret axis in a tank simulation.... It is like Major_Fubar has said in the post which Splash has referred to. It gives you a better situational awareness, you are not forced to have a huge green monitor infront of you all the time and as a "entertainment" plus, it adds more immersion to the simulation. Even if it does not apply to every vehicle which don't have any PiP... I can just repeat myself: You should be able to seperate view and turret control in a tank simulation which costs around 120- 130€.
  8. Gamepad Axis

    It has absolutly nothing to do with "entertainment". It is like Splash has mentioned. The PIP is already there, the only problem is we cannot use it because of the strange control design. I mean there is already a lot to configure in the controls, it is just strange that you cannot change any turret/view axis. I think to add a function for it is not comparable with changing the whole sim into an arcade game.
  9. Gamepad Axis

    Thanks. Just saying, not speaking of WoT Style. Speaking of controlling the turret while in first person view. Like there is picture in picture support, why not use it? ;-) Would be nice to see that feature in the future. To basically seperate the view axis from turret axis.
  10. Gamepad Axis

    Hey guys! Just have bought Steel Beasts 4.0. Is it possible to control the turret while NOT looking through the GPS? It would be much better when I can actually change the axis which is controlling the turret. So it is not the same as the view axis. Especially in a tank like the M1A2 Abrams where you can see your sight without looking through GPS. And until now I have nothing found to configure 6dof view and map it to the axis of my gamepad. If this is not possible, it would be nice to see that in the future.