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  1. Thanks for posting that. There must have been a lot of pucker factor during that airborne assault on the airfield. That was a lot of choppers. A couple of comments: First, that M113 is in dire need of an Auscam paint job. If only one were available. Second, you just about lost me as a viewer after what seemed like several minutes watching you do donuts in the tall grass trying to chase down crunchies. I've seen that tactic in a number of videos. Why not use the .50? They weren't that close in.
  2. We love screenshots

    IMHO, previous experiments in rendering vehicle elements transparent (deleting side skirts, cargo, fording tubes, etc) have been completely harmless because, being purely visual mods on the user's frontend only, they have no tactical relevance. This, however, crosses a dangerous line, I think. I agree fully that the sight unrealistically blocks the user's view, and making it semi-transparent is closer to real life. But a user mod doing so gives an advantage over anyone not using such a mod. That's bad juju in a multiplayer situation. The genie might already be out of the bottle, but I think something like this should be instituted at the sim level -- like the similar effect we now have with ground cover, buildings and such. Just my thought ... as someone who has been guilty of dabbling in this particular black art.
  3. We love screenshots

    Thanks. And for anyone who hasn't noticed, it's available in the downloads section. Enjoy.
  4. Shot' Kal ammo indexing?

    Workaround for that is to press the "hold fire" key when the sce starts. The loader will continue to load sabot. The TC won't call out targets for you and will keep saying "Cease fire," but you'll be free to plink away at targets with sabot to your heart's content. You didn't hear this from me, of course.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This skin represents a period of transition in the early 1980s where the U.S. Army adopted M81 Woodland camouflage BDUs for possible combat in Western Europe but had not yet fully replaced the M1 "steel pot" helmet with the new Kevlar.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    OK, so I'll join the party. Here are a dozen or so "I'd Like To See" items from my wishlist: Nation-specific mod folder paths for normals and speculars. Adjustment of the mod path hierarchy to include a query of mods/textures/woodland for vehicle textures before proceeding to the main game installation textures. Inclusion of all available infantry models in "set look of infantry" and "set look of crew" options. Additional infantry models: particularly UK (Cold War and modern); modern Russian Federation; and modern Israeli. And maybe some additional nation folders for present-day potential hotspots that also feature vehicles in SB -- Ukraine, Afghanistan (ANA), Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Poland, the Baltics. A separate, less-hot TIS file for vehicles pre-placed on maps as "destroyed." It would also be great if they would use the already-included "destroyed" skins. Updated models for remaining ASLAV family. A T-50 turret option for the M113A1. An A-CAV option for the M113A1 (twin M60s with shields mounted on the troop hatch). Crewable USMC LAV25 Animated water, rather than a static texture. Ability to display animated flags and pennants from armored vehicles. Ability to have troops mounted on outside of vehicles.
  7. We love screenshots

    If you're referring to the modded grass files, no. But the thread about them is here: I was asked to take a look at them and offer feedback. Even though, as noted in the above thread, they might eventually become obsolete with a future major terrain update, I suggested he upload them as they are quite good and realistic -- and easily reversible if you like variety in your SB flora. But that's his call.
  8. We love screenshots

    Some shots from a fictional 1982 matchup near Suwon, S. Korea. From a single-player mission dpabrams is working on. Skins are (mostly) stock; grass and terrain are mods by dpabrams.
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    IL-2 graphic need IL-2 engine. SB not IL-2. SB graphic not IL-2 graphic. No IL-2 graphic. Edited 5 hours ago by Bond_Villian more stupidity Um ... I don't see the problem.
  10. How to install skins

    Your paths seem correct, and there's nothing further to tick in the scenario editor. First, make sure the map theme you are using is woodland, not autumn, winter, arid or desert. (The woodland folder works with spring and summer woodland themes only). Second, double-check that the modded files are in the correct format and named correctly. (Sometimes I've skipped a step exporting, forgotten to flatten, etc ... or inadvertently added a space or other typo in the file name). If all else is correct, sometimes SB just needs to be shut down then reopened to force the change. (This used to happen to me a lot in 3.x ... not so much in 4.x ).
  11. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    I'm pretty certain the one available in the downloads section fits the current model.
  12. T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Yes, it's randomized. I ran into the same issue when doing my Finland version. The only workaround is to paint your national marking directly on the skin and alpha-out the T72M1 spot on the decal file.
  13. T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Specifically, the T-72M1 draws the indicated marking from the lower-left position on the default sovietdecals.dds. So that's the only one you need to change, unless you want also to affect the T-55, T-62, T-64 and other flavors of T-72, which draw from the other positions. If any other potential modders are interested, the graphic below shows the locations the various T-tanks draw their markings from. (This is for reference only, and not a moddable template).
  14. English Interior For Leo?

    Not unless you're suggesting replacing the stock textures in the main installation folder, which is generally not recommended. The mod folders do not work that way. Has something changed? In my installation, if I want to see a particular vehicle texture in all seasons (woodland, winter, desert, autumn) I must place copies of the texture in the appropriate nation folder within each season folder. I'm assuming the original poster wants to have his English interior whenever/wherever he plays a Leopard 2. A vehicle texture in the woodland mod folders will not be seen on a desert map. A vehicle texture placed in the woodland mod folder outside of the nation folders will not be seen anywhere. (Certain odd exceptions notwithstanding). For the stevieshae's benefit, I took a look at the textures available for download (from Alan323). It's the changertexture.dds that seems to cause the problem with the digital displays. So he should ignore that file and only install the leo2a5_hi1.dds and leo2a5HI2.dds and get most of his Leo2 interior in English without losing functionality. Some buttons/lights will be untranslated or unlabeled because, as I said, the mod hasn't been updated. He should install them, as directed in my earlier post, in woodland/us to be seen in the gunnery range, and in each season's other nation folders for which he hopes to see them.