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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A skin in Danish colors and markings for the M113A3 ambulance.
  2. Let this serve as a bump; This should probably be in the Support forum ... Although, as Rangoon observed, there are other ways to get your hull facing a threat, it seems strange to me that the commander's view direction (white dot on the turret clock) rotates with the periscope of tanks so-equipped, but not with the commander's independent thermal sight. It's possible this was brought up before, but I can't find a post.
  3. Yeah, I read that thread, too. He thinks that if he sees a target of opportunity when he's in F7 view of the missile team, he has to switch to the map and set tactics for the unit in order to get access to the launcher. He is given a few suggestions relating to using the "e" key or setting default tactic/waypoint behaviors in advance. Maybe I wasn't clear. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THAT. In the 3-D world (F7 or F8 in this instance), click the missile team's icon (lower right area of the screen). This gives you several actions. One of them is "Engage here." (Another is "observe here" ... another is "Shoot at unit" ... they will work in this case, too.) Click that command and then place the white pointer on the aforementioned target of opportunity. Assuming the squad has not already seen the threat, it will stop (if moving), set up its launcher without looking for a better battle position, and shoot the target (assuming it has LOS and appropriate fire orders). You can access the weapon sight as soon as the weapon is operational. No map involved; no separate step setting tactics. What's so tough about this? It works for me. Setting "e" or BP tactics will not keep AI soldiers from trying to crawl off into a "better" firing position -- and missing the firing opportunity. Using the icon's context menu gets exactly what paradoxbox wants, when he wants it. It might also get his squad killed because of poor concealment, but that's his business, I guess.
  4. How about using the "Engage Here" command from the squad's icon in the 3D view? See a target of opportunity; click the icon; click "engage here"; point to the target. When I do this, the squad stops and sets up the weapon (and engages the target if I don't jump to the sight first.) I don't need to bother with the map or setting a tactic for the squad.
  5. Mirzayev, I just wanted to say I've only watched a couple of these longform mp videos beginning-to-end, including this one, and I was in awe of your ability to remain tactically aware in orchestrating what became a two-front defense while at the same time effectively fighting your own two tanks -- from the gunner's seat. I lost track of how many kills you scored personally. Quite a good show.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This AFV crewman wears M/84 camouflage, a flecktarn-style pattern in use from the mid-80s until replaced over the past few years with a multicam pattern. The skin uses the UStanker crew model rather than the default DEtanker, so the mission-maker must "set look of crew" for the appropriate vehicles. Readme instructions included. Offered to the community in the interest of adding to the immersion of Panzer_Leader's fine scenarios.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    An AFV crewman in woodland CADPAT similar to dejawolf's default Canadian infantry in SB4.
  8. The M/05 (current) camo is up now. Don't know what happened to the rest that were uploaded at the same time; I'll check with Sean. By the way, you don't have to wait for a skin mod to switch crew models. In the absence of a modded skin in the folder the sim uses a default, unmarked one.
  9. I went back and tried again with vsync off, and the result was the same.
  10. 35 with an i5/2500K @3.30Ghz. Vsync is on.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This package contains two options for AFV crewmen of the Finnish Defense Forces wearing M/05 Woodland camouflage, the current camo pattern in use by the FDF. They display the Lagus' arrows patch of the Armour Brigade. On one, I have tried to represent -- within the model's limitations -- the M/05 flak vest and a cloth-covered composite shell over his headgear. The other depicts the same two-piece uniform with the body armor under the blouse -- to prevent catching inside the tank -- and the covered shell removed from the headgear, as they are frequently worn. The second version (standing) requires the user to "set look of crew" in the mission editor. Readme instructions included. Special thanks to Zipuli for reference material and guidance.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This AFV crewman of the Finnish Defense Forces wears coveralls in M/91 camouflage, appropriate for the 1990s and early 2000s. Special thanks to Zipuli for references and guidance. ******** IMPORTANT: Because this texture uses the DEtanker crew model, to see it in-game you must "set the look" of your AFV crews in the Mission Editor. Readme instructions included.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This package contains two patterns of M/62 camouflage, appropriate for Finland armor crews from the 1960s through the turn of the century. Special thanks to Zipuli for references and guidance. ******** IMPORTANT: To see this texture in-game, you must set the look of your vehicle crews in the Mission Editor. Readme instructions included.
  14. We need a modern Iraq Army model. Unless one were willing to sub another nation to get a closer approximation of weapon and gear. For now, I've just been using a chocolate-chip pattern. Seen a lot of photos with them wearing this camo. Just about everything else about it is wrong, though. If there were at least an uncovered kevlar helmet option ....
  15. Yeah, I didn't mean for there to be a fuss. It's just an eye candy mod prompted by that little anachronism I saw. As Gibson says, maybe as a future feature it could be a tickable choice per side (or per unit) -- "Show stowed gear" ? But even in its current state, it's moddable. I present to you my newest product: Alice-B-Gone. Not only does it kick the bitch off your ride, it prevents her from climbing back on. The attached file will, through the use of alpha channels and Black Magic, render externally stowed Alice packs (and most other personal gear) invisible on vehicles belonging to the nation(s) in whom's folder it resides. It won't affect a nation if it doesn't live in its mod folder. IMPORTANT: The trick is to put a copy both in the nation folder (au in this case) AND in the theme folder (i.e. woodland) OUTSIDE of all the nation folders. Rinse & repeat as desired for winter, desert and fall. This is the same principle discussed elsewhere here about Challenger skirts, M1A1 tarps, the T-72M4 CZ and the MAN45's cargo. Note that this instruction applies only to Alice-B-Gone. The earlier file to change the color/markings on the bags is a simple drop-in mod. Alice-B-Gone.7z