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  1. Try the Wayback Machine. https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20170307203943/http://www.steelbeasts.com/
  2. SNAFU in the upload last night. Should be available soon.
  3. SB is a simulator -- a training tool. I don't agree with the implication that a map is not a worthwhile project if SB does not model the vehicles involved in an actual event that took place on that terrain. Can nothing be gained from employing other assets in an accurate Vietnam-era environment? Assets appear to be available to create that environment. DarkAngel's reluctance, on the other hand, seems to be based on the amount of work required. I can't speak to that, since I have no idea what "digitizing" means in relation to SB map work. Either it's more intensive for this particular project than for others .. or there are other factors at play here. I just don't see the point in trying to shoot down a map request based on vehicle selection.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A MAN SX45 for British service. The separate cargo portion of the skin has been modified and repainted to represent a covered load.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Created with Dejawolf's template, this SX45 is painted in Australian Army "Auscam" camouflage. The separate cargo portion of the skin has been modified and repainted to represent a covered load.
  6. And black squares where the markings should be indicates the alpha problem is probably with your decals file for the vehicle, and not the vehicle skin itself.
  7. Right. Not that precise. But I can tell if it's closing or moving away (assuming its moving). And I can get a general sense of direction by turning my head.
  8. -0.5 I don't find this to be the case in single player. (Haven't done multiplayer). In a nonscientific test on a small, otherwise-unpopulated forested map, I hear the modded Leo 6 at about the same distance/loudness as the M1. Maybe just a little farther -- a few seconds -- but it's a louder tank, no? Then I remembered I was using an exterior rumble mod for the M1 also. So retested without, and same result. Also tried an M113 and an M60 (no sound mods). My lone soldier in a field could hear each approach at roughly the same point as the Leo. Maybe it's a personal setup issue? I use headphones but don't have a dedicated sound card.
  9. Ah, but it doesn't work the way you've explained. It's more like [Mods](theme)(nation) (theme)(nation) (theme) (woodland)(nation) (woodland) If there is no skin in the correct mods folder, the game will not look in any other mods folders. the path does not lead back to the mods directory after it goes to the main game directory. So your example on a desert theme with a US 1990 side would be: Mods Desert/us Desert/us Desert Woodland/us Woodland Boom. If you don't have a skin in the mods/theme/nation folder, the game goes to the main installation directory and does not come back to mods. It won't look in your mods/woodland folder for a desert theme. The takeaway here is that if you're in Deputy's situation and want to use the same M1 skin all the time regardless of season/theme, you need to drop a copy of it in multiple mods folders.
  10. Version 1.1.0


    This M113 Ambulance is painted in Australia's AUSCAM pattern as a proxy for the M113AS4 Ambulance. The package also includes an unmarked M113A3_2015 in AUSCAM and a decal file.
  11. Version 1.0.1


    This tank crewman has traded his eSim-issued green uniform for Sweden's M/90 camouflage.
  12. Hey, thanks. I merely stand on the shoulders of giants.
  13. I can certainly make the vest camo. I can try to add some straps and zippers to 'suggest' the presence of that style of armor ... but I cannot make the model something it's not. Stay tuned.
  14. Check the PM I sent you March 2. I could do that.