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  1. How to install skins

    Your paths seem correct, and there's nothing further to tick in the scenario editor. First, make sure the map theme you are using is woodland, not autumn, winter, arid or desert. (The woodland folder works with spring and summer woodland themes only). Second, double-check that the modded files are in the correct format and named correctly. (Sometimes I've skipped a step exporting, forgotten to flatten, etc ... or inadvertently added a space or other typo in the file name). If all else is correct, sometimes SB just needs to be shut down then reopened to force the change. (This used to happen to me a lot in 3.x ... not so much in 4.x ).
  2. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    I'm pretty certain the one available in the downloads section fits the current model.
  3. T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Yes, it's randomized. I ran into the same issue when doing my Finland version. The only workaround is to paint your national marking directly on the skin and alpha-out the T72M1 spot on the decal file.
  4. T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Specifically, the T-72M1 draws the indicated marking from the lower-left position on the default sovietdecals.dds. So that's the only one you need to change, unless you want also to affect the T-55, T-62, T-64 and other flavors of T-72, which draw from the other positions. If any other potential modders are interested, the graphic below shows the locations the various T-tanks draw their markings from. (This is for reference only, and not a moddable template).
  5. English Interior For Leo?

    Not unless you're suggesting replacing the stock textures in the main installation folder, which is generally not recommended. The mod folders do not work that way. Has something changed? In my installation, if I want to see a particular vehicle texture in all seasons (woodland, winter, desert, autumn) I must place copies of the texture in the appropriate nation folder within each season folder. I'm assuming the original poster wants to have his English interior whenever/wherever he plays a Leopard 2. A vehicle texture in the woodland mod folders will not be seen on a desert map. A vehicle texture placed in the woodland mod folder outside of the nation folders will not be seen anywhere. (Certain odd exceptions notwithstanding). For the stevieshae's benefit, I took a look at the textures available for download (from Alan323). It's the changertexture.dds that seems to cause the problem with the digital displays. So he should ignore that file and only install the leo2a5_hi1.dds and leo2a5HI2.dds and get most of his Leo2 interior in English without losing functionality. Some buttons/lights will be untranslated or unlabeled because, as I said, the mod hasn't been updated. He should install them, as directed in my earlier post, in woodland/us to be seen in the gunnery range, and in each season's other nation folders for which he hopes to see them.
  6. English Interior For Leo?

    If you're talking about the Leo2 HI-REZ Panels available in the download section, be advised they are obsolete. It would be nice if someone updated them, but the modding community here is rather comatose. The Leopard interiors have undergone a series of upgrades since those were made. They still work -- sort of -- but you lose some important display information (like the manual range readout) and the download package doesn't include all of the interior textures you'd want translated. If you want to try them anyway, it's harmless; you can always delete them. The files go in the nation folder(s) contained in your mod folder. In a Windows 7 system, that's here: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\theme\xx -- where "yourname" is replaced with your name ... "theme" is replaced with woodland, winter, desert and/or autumn ... and "xx" is the two-letter nation folder for the side you want the textures to appear in in-game. You'll probably want these in your four "de" folders. But I'd also include copies in your woodland "us" folder if you want to see them on the gunnery range, for example.
  7. Battle of Long Tan movie to begin filming

    I know I would watch it if it makes it to U.S. theaters. Unfortunately I'm afraid critics and American audiences might dismiss it as an Aussie version of "We Were Soldiers." The stories are eerily similar. I thought the documentary at this site was very well done.
  8. Yeah, I don't profess to fully understand eSim's reasoning behind the folders, nor am I necessarily a fan of it. I just try to work with them to get the look I want. Generally speaking -- and this is just my opinion -- I prefer the ru folder for late 80s-1990's Russians (whether late Soviet or early Russian Federation) and use the ussr folder for earlier depictions of Soviet troops. It would be nice to see a folder/model for more-modern Russian Federation forces. That's one of the things on my (unpublished) wish list. In the case of my Soviet Naval Infantry skins, I determined the uniform and equipment style of the "russian_barmitsa" model more closely matched the 1990 look of these marines and, more importantly, Panzer_Leader's scenarios set during this time period use that model and the ru folder. Although he didn't specifically ask for this one, many of the skins I do are from his suggestions. The fact that RT18 features Russian Naval Infantry in the same time period seemed to be a bonus. I'm not saying you should use ru instead of ussr if that's what you prefer. As far as the ramifications of changing the camo in a completed scenario, my limited testing took just a few mouse clicks and seemed to have no effect other than to switch the troop model and draw infantry and vehicle skins from the new folder. Force/weapons/ammunition compositions appeared to remain unaltered. But I don't want you to risk an unforseen glitch over such a trivial thing. Like I said, I'm happy you deem the skins worthy of suggested use. And I hope participants will download and use the M113, the AFV crewman and the T-55AM (and post screenshots). If I were playing, I would probably be content to stick with the stock USSR infantry skin for the dismounts because regular motor rifle infantry comprises the bulk of the invasion force. Furthermore, for those playing USMC in the third mission, I'll just throw out a personal plug here that U.S. Marines in that time period were wearing the six-color desert pattern known as "chocolate chip." I have a version of that available for download, too. (Assuming your Marines use the "us" folder, and not "us 1970" or "us 2000").
  9. Ah. That's a bit unfortunate in this case. RU and USSR use different troop models. (RU uses "Russian_barmitsa" and USSR uses "Uniform1970RU". Infantry skins for one do not work for the other; different troop model = different skin file name. (The tanker skin included with the infantry package will work fine for either). For the referenced infantry skin, I used the barmitsa model of the ru folder because that's the setup normally found in Panzer_Leader's scenarios employing naval infantry in this time period ... plus I personally prefer the barmitsa troop model for late soviet/early russian fed -- reserving the Uniform1970RU and its ussr folder for earlier time periods. I could look into putting the TTsKO camo pattern on the Uniform1970RU model and maybe just offer it for download here for this event if anyone's really into that sort of thing. I wouldn't presume to suggest you change the opfor to ru. Anyway, I'm thrilled at the suggestion some might get benefit from my skins in the campaign. Please take photos. But be sure to follow Gibsonm's direction and not the readme (!!) For the T-55: Put the skin and decals in mods/textures/desert/ussr. The AFV crewman would go in mods/textures/camo/desert/ussr. "Where we are, there is victory."
  10. We love videos

    It's easy to see how one style of gameplay does not mesh well with another. I hope the thread doesn't turn into an argument over which is better. I know which style I prefer, and if I were to get involved, these videos are a valuable resource.
  11. Russian Naval Infantry T-55AM

    Version 1.0.0


    This is an early 1990s paint scheme for the T-55AM tank in Steel Beasts. Made with Dejawolf's template from a model kit profile, it carries the markings of the Baltic Fleet.
  12. hind color test

    Is this possible to mod in SB? If so, how? Does it have something to do with the normal map files?