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  1. We love screenshots

    Warrior. Out standing in its field.
  2. So, in line with the topic of the thread, what are the recommendations for a heavy snow environment? Especially regarding infantry? I experimented a bit on a copy of the "Realism" theme with deep snow shown above, and achieved what I consider more-realistic behavior (at least of wheeled vehicles) by adjusting the traction and drag. But I'm curious: Since the terrain type (grass, field, sand, rock, gravel, etc.) instead "is snow", do the variables apply to the "snow" or to the theoretical "ground" beneath it? Particularly I'm wondering about the "sink-in" effect of bumpiness, since snow also effects line of sight and infantry can only fire from the prone position.
  3. What about the themes that came with the sim? Have they been reviewed to ensure expected appearance/behavior? In the interest of easing Mark's task, if the "stock" themes have been vetted, adding snow to a map is very nearly as easy as "a simple check box": Just pick a map in the Mission Editor, select "Replace Theme", save the mission. That's what I did to get the above screenshot. (I'm not sure why Mark was forced to duplicate his map to get the desired result, but glad it worked out for him.) In my ProgramData directory I have 20 "Realism_" files. I believe those came with the sim as-is. I have 5 "FULDA_" ones, but I'm not sure whether I downloaded those. And I have a couple of user-made ones I downloaded. That's it. I won't even ask about the impact of the new terrain engine on all this. (Well, OK, I did.).
  4. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    I agree that what appears to be an RAF roundel would seem out of place on the front of any tank -- assuming the user is interested in historical accuracy. Even so, I have seen knowledgeable, respected players paste fanciful VU shoulder patches and markings on skins for their own use. Meh. What concerns me, however, is that hobbyists offering graphic mods for SB are in very short supply, and their work is largely unappreciated by the majority of the community. Rather than comments that can easily be received as ridicule and discouraging, I would prefer to see helpful advice -- especially from one who has so frequently been quick to volunteer valuable assistance to new players in the past. That being said, personally, I'd rethink the bull's eye on the glacis.
  5. You don't mention whether you've tried this one on your list, Mark, but, FWIW, the Realism_Winter_(snow-heavy) gives me the following result on the Hannover map. Rivers are unfrozen; paved roads have been bladed but remain packed-snow covered. Vehicles (like infantry) sink into the snow. I didn't compare traction effects, but wheeled vehicles seem to get around in it ok -- maybe too well, I don't know.
  6. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    That would be centuriontracks.dds
  7. How is it unrealistic? What sort of alien superpowers have your creators given you? Try this: Pick an object at arm's length. Lean toward it. Can you see its detail more clearly? Yeah, probably so. So it makes sense you'd be able to lean toward an object nearby in the turret. Now go outside and pick an object 50-100 meters (or more) away. Lean toward it. Can you see its detail more clearly? No. You need optics to augment your vision for additional detail. And I don't buy the bs offered by many flight sim enthusiasts that such "zoom" features for distant objects simulate some kind of intense focus available in normal life but not on a computer monitor. Besides, this is not a flight sim. Or a game.
  8. I use TrackIR, but an older version (without 6DOF activated) so I don't have this "zoom" feature. While I knew it was a capability of the newer versions of TrackIR, I'm surprised to see it works in SB outside of the turret, where the sim, rightly, does not offer or intend that sort of a view feature. This guy has latched onto an exploit and for some reason assumes it's a "needed function". My concern at this point is that this individual player's obsession and repeated harping about this superability has the potential to ruin access to TrackIR for the rest of us. Hopefully it won't be an all-or-nothing solution. ( I do note that Ssnake says he could tolerate the exploit's existance). Best case scenario would be that NaturalPoint can disable it in the integration. (We know eSim has no time to devote to such a fix). Otherwise, since militaries apparently don't use the TrackIR software, it's a non-issue for them. It's also a non-issue in single player: If you want to cheat yourself, go ahead -- cheat yourself. For head-to-head multiplayer, it comes down to whether players are OK with the honor system -- or don't feel the exploit imparts a significant advantage.
  9. Australian AFV Crewman (4.010

    Superceded by improved files in "Australian Infantry and Crewmen 1.0.0"
  10. Australian AFV Crewman - Desert (4.010)

    Superceded by improved files in "Australian Infantry and Crewmen 1.0.0"
  11. Strv 122 scenarios

    Click on the Subcategories areas in the Downloads section (Easy and Difficult for Single Player; COOP Large, COOP Medium, COOP Small, H2H Large, H2H Medium and H2H Small for Multiplayer.)
  12. Ammo change

    Which version of Instant Action limits your ammo?
  13. GTK Boxer

    It appears to me as though he's painting his mud above the detail layer(s) rather than below. It does, however, provide an illusion of dried, caked-on mud ... an effect that might be he helped by some edits to the normal/specular maps.
  14. Ammo change

    Not true. Although I believe it was in the early years; and it is still true on the gunnery range. I'm pretty sure now that in all the tanks, the default position at start of Instant Action is the commander's position. Both Gunner and Commander positions are available. (Not sure about driver). My advice to those who want to have control of ammo selection in vehicles where that is the commander's job: Play from the commander's position. What intrigues me is how the OP says he's being ordered to fire smoke shells at tanks. In all my years of playing every iteration of SB, I have NEVER ONCE had an AI TC order me to fire Willie Pete at anything. So I'd like to know how the OP achieved that.