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  1. hind color test

    Is this possible to mod in SB? If so, how? Does it have something to do with the normal map files?
  2. The cupola (and commander figure) of these two tanks do not follow the turret azimuth. They remain fixed facing the direction the vehicle faces at mission start, regardless of hull and/or turret movement. In other words, if the vehicle begins mission facing east, for example, the commander and cupola remain stabilized facing east even as the turret pans and even if the vehicle travels north, west or south. The T-55A does not exhibit this fixation.
  3. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Have you checked the one posted in the downloads section? I don't think the model has changed. http://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/2080-mi24vzip/
  4. Hovering FO

    The observer in FO and FAC teams levitates when stationary. Happens when prone, kneeling and standing. The Sniper teams, with a similar configuration (rifleman and observer), do not exhibit this superpower.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Soviet Naval Infantry circa 1990. Package includes Infantry and AFV crew uniforms in TTsKO (tryokhtsvetnaya kamuflirovannaya odezdha -- three color camouflage).
  6. We love screenshots

    The marines have landed.
  7. Spanish infantry

    This bug has been present for awhile -- 2015, I suppose -- but I'll go ahead and throw it out there. Spain uses the usmolle infantry model and the sim looks for a usmolle.dds skin to cover it. But the default skins in the "es" camo folders are of the interceptordress pattern (body armor with groin protector; nightvision mount) and have the interceptordress.dds filename, so they are ignored. The (unmodded) sim then defaults all the way to the base season folder, where it finds a USMOLLE.dds skin, which is ... wait for it ... the same skin as the interceptordress skin in the es nation folders. The result is a skin that doesn't quite fit the model.
  8. Upgrade to Forum software?

    The "Awards" icons are the problem. The issue remains unchanged for me in Chrome. Since there are no other complaints about this, maybe it's a personal settings issue I need to investigate. I'm not seeing it on other sites, though. For me, whether logged-in or viewing as a guest, the Awards box (with icons flush-right) overlaps the last element in each post. Aside from being kind of fugly, it does create a problem with attached files. If the last element is a sig, it's usually no big deal as the sigs are on the left and the awards icons on the right. A thin, white border overlaps the sig image, though. If the poster has no sig, and the only element is his post text, the icon box overlaps that text. This is not usually a big deal, but the left white border of the box bisects the first letter in each line, and when the poster writes enough to fill one or two lines at my resolution, the end of the line of text is behind the icons. If the poster adds an attachment, the icon box overlaps that attachment. This is a big deal in the case below, for example, where I cannot click through the Awards icon box to reach the attached test-1.sce file. I agree players should be proud of having CO'ed multiplayer events, yes. But why not make those awards icons like the sigs: unviewable when not logged in and hideable when logged in?
  9. Crew

    By the way, pretty neat that ammo carriers now sometimes use packs instead of lugging cans. This new with 4.023?
  10. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    I watched the gunner for awhile. He was clearly following the horizon -- sometimes the tree line -- in scanning. Occasionally it was pretty severe elevation. I tried this, but it didn't seem to have any effect:
  11. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    Re: Mark's point No. 1, I wonder if it's related to this "bug" fix from the Release Notes? "Enabled a proper thousand-yard stare for computer-controlled crew (to scan the horizon correctly)" I just played through a familiar mission, and the tendency of my gunner to focus on the treetops was a bit irritating.
  12. Upgrade to Forum software?

    I see the same when logging in with Internet Explorer (which I don't typically use). Must be a Chrome thing. In Chrome the Awards box overlaps the last element in the post. When logged in, that's the sig (if the user has one). If logged out, or the user has no sig, the Awards box overlaps the post text.
  13. Upgrade to Forum software?

    When viewing the forums as a guest -- without logging in -- the box containing the awards overlaps the text. Moving them to right-align has lessened the problem. When logged in, they just overlap the sigs (which aren't there when viewing as a guest).
  14. Crew

    I don't see that when I test it. Maybe the mission maker intentionally/unintentionally set the look of that infantry.